What should be avoided to eat for breakfast?

Maria Cristina N.
Hello there, I would recommend to avoid sugars and saturated fats, highly processed foods and juices.
Try oatmeal with seeds, nuts, avocado…
Avoid white bread!
Michael O.
You want to have something that does sustain you, so go for a fibrous cereal like porridge or weetabix and a banana rather than cornflakes or toast. Have a glass of fruit juice with a cooked breakfast particulary, rather than milk, say. It'll be less gluggy with the dairy or meat (or their veggie or vegan subs) and with help you digest better.
Heidelinde F.
Steer clear or processed & simple carbohydrates aka "junk food". They do not provide you with sustained energy or keep you full, leading you to crash and burn.

Do go for complex carbohydrates, protein, nutrient dense fruits and/or vegetables, healthy source of fats, and fiber. These will fuel your body and keep you full for the morning snf into lunch and keep you from reaching for junk snacks.

Examples: fuit, veggie, yogurt and protein powder smoothies. Yogurt, granola ans dried fruit. Egg, veggie and cheese frittatas, avocado toast with boiled eggs and toppings.

Hadrien Y.
Try to avoid products with sugar. This is because if, for example, you eat too many donuts then first, you would be positive at first, but this is only a temporary happiness. Because your body will then increase your insulin flow, making you tired in a very short time.
Marlene P.
I would say a healthy breakfast filled with protein and fiber is very nutritious. So avoid anything processed or anything packed with fats and sugar.
Palmira S.
Cakes, sweet foods and carbs with a lack of protein because they give you a short burst of energy and then deplete it throughout the day, leaving you feeling sluggish and tired.
Kayla Z.
Anything with lots of sugars should be avoided. Even fruits. Berries aren't a bad choice though if you want to make fruit a part of your morning. High carbs are another thing to avoid. Substitute toast for some avocado or use a sweet potato cut lengthwise as your toast. Eggs are an excellent source of protein to help you stay full until lunch
Armando N.
Personally I avoid greasy and heavy foods as they require longer digestion time and digestion makes me sleepy naturally.