I travel a lot for work. Do you have any generic recommendations for breakfast on the road?

Valerie L.
Just a quick and simple egg in a nest. Ya know, a piece of bread with a hole in it and an egg cracked in the center. Simple and filling way to start the day!
Bela X.
If you stay in hotels grab a balanced breakfast if you have time. If you are rushed grab a piece of fruit a to go cup (waffle batter cups work good) and have some cereal or put a scoop of eggs and sausage inside the cup. If there is no complementary breakfast go to a nearby store the night before and purchase some easy food for the morning. Be sure to set it out the night before if you think you’ll be in a rush.
Jezabel P.
I think stopping at a grocery story before you leave is best. Grab some on the go fruit and veggies like apples, oranges , carrots and celery. Find a saladand some nuts . If you're traveling for days look up fastfoods that you like and look at their menu before hand to pick out the healthier options on the menu.
Ryszard E.
Try to eat eggs whenever you can, they’re useful and relatively quick. An omelette with veggies can be a good way to start the day.
Leonaura A.
I usually go for a quick oat cup with mix nuts. I also carry my own coffee plunger and coffee ground to make myself a cup of coffee in the morning. Usually the hotel has a kettle in the room, so you can make your own healthy food in your room before going out. I also carry fruits and mix nuts in my bag for snack.
Ahmed Y.
You can make over night oat pot add milk and rolled outs and fruit and put it in a sealed container and you are good to go in the morning. 🙂
Ella N.
I would say you can prepare a smoothie in a travel cup, or take an apple and a banana with you. Sometimes you may take a pack of nuts, like peanuts or other most of them are rich with protein and subsequently give you energy
Meinrad X.
Bringing a breakfast is probably the best way to ensure a healthy breakfast, as you are not guaranteed to find a place that's good. You can chop up some fruit, bring a hard boiled egg or two, maybe some oatmeal in a thermos flask or something. Bring some water or juice or a smoothie or coffee or whatever you drink in the mornings. Other tips I would have would be maybe find a bakery or something to buy good breakfast. Hope this helps!!
Carolyn S.
I like having a yoghurt with some nut mix, but some bread with peanut butter and anything you want to drink is a good idea, i think
Eliza U.
I'd recommend a quick smoothie made the night before or one of the quick breakfasts that you can mircowave and eat on the go.
Lenny O.
Fruit is always great. If you don’t have time to cook, just eating a banana or apple can be just as good! Also consider “liquid breakfast”. A healthy smoothie can be much easier to drink on the go than eating fruit (and worrying about where to put the core)
Milton F.
Yogurt and banana are my go to, I’ll sprinkle in granola or oars when I’m feeling hungrier but these staples are always available at the counter or nearest grocer
Jeanne T.
Something that you don't mind having cold. Use a thermal flask to keep milk cold and have another container filled with cereal?
Lucena S.
I usually make a breakfast smoothie when I'm in a hurry. 1 cup of almond milk, 1/2 cup of oats, 1 banana, a handful of berries, some protein powder if you have it (or try a spoon of peanut butter), and blend it up. Hope that helps.
Edna O.
A basic protein mix is good for traveling. Many are available in pocket size servings. Protein bars as well as oatmeal bars can be a good choice, you can get those in nearly any convenience store. There are individual sausage packs as well as beef yerky tuna and dried fruits and dehydrated vegetables.
All are good on the road foods and can be easily found in nearly any small town or city.
Gisbert F.
I take a container with full fat Greek yogurt, fruit and nuts (flaked almonds or pistachios) into work every day and a teaspoon. Travels better than you might think. Certainly by train. For flights – but eggs at the airport. They fill you up and are healthy.
Tristan Y.
You can always prepare overnight oats before going to bed. Various kinds of toppings can complete your week without repeating recipes.. my personal favorite is putting in fresh bananas and some sliced almonds on top. On better days, mixed berries with honey. Feuits are very healthy and will igve you all the nutrients and minerals your body need.
Sarah C.
I use to travel a lot for work also so what I use to do was pack fruits with me for my journey to last me a few days until I was able to get more. I use to also get some protein bars to take with me and had a traveling bottle specifically for making protein shakes while I traveled. This kept me full longer until lunch time came around and I didn't miss a meal.
Delia N.
If you are mostly in a car at breakfast time I find most convenience stores (Wawa in my area) offer hard boiled eggs and some fruit or cut up veggies. This is my own go-to when I'm out. If you're going to be in a train station or airport you might be stuck with a protein bar and a pack of nuts
Marlies E.
I would recommend boiling eggs before your work week begins. That’s a easy to-go food that you can either heat up or eat cold. Also instant oatmeal is easy and take a minute and it’s ready. Also morning smoothies with protein. Prepping smoothie bags for the week will also help. Do this every Sunday before you week starts.
Latiffa Z.
Get a single serve blender and make smoothies to go or carry around fruits and nuts! My husband travels a lot too and he has a lunch box that always has apples, trail mix, and a couple water bottles.
Zoe C.
Boiled eggs and a fresh fruit would my go to breakfast. It provides low calories, high protein fibers and vitamins needed to hit the road energized, get the vitamins needed to kick start my day.
Dana Y.
I think oats, overnight oats, masala oats, or any kind of breakfast smoothie. You can even prep some cut fruits a freeze them in a zip lock and blend it in the morning!
Francisco U.
Dont go to all the fast food restaurants there all awful for you even the salad has way to mutch sodium. Got to a local grocery store and grab some fresh fruit or yogurt even if it is a little out of the way
Adam Z.
Take a piece of fruit or cereal bar with you. If there's a cafe or something at a trainstation or on the way to work make time for a quick stop.
La Za Z.
Anything surrounded by bread is a winner for me, some slow burning carbs and convenient. Get some tomatoes and avocado in there. You can always have bacon and whatnot but don't skimp on the veggies. Don't have too much sauce, a little as you can bear. Full of sugar, and more likely to spill out when you take a bite with one hand.
Alexandra E.
use a muffin tin to prepare mini omelettes (put whatever veggies/cheeses you like in the lightly greased tin, herbs and seasonings in the eggs, pour beaten eggs into tin and bake). they are great cold as finger food so you can make them the night before and keep your breakfast bag in the fridge
Elmer A.
I would say the quickest and easiest option would be a fruit and a protein bar. The protein and the slow-processed carbs would make your energy last longer. You could also combine the two to make a morning shake – banana peanut butter protein shake is always a goodie. If still against those, you could always opt to meal prep with making sure the breakfast is personally tasty, healthy and premade so there’s no change of mind to buy a donut or bakery good for a quick fix. Always go to eat protein and slow-processed carbs to fuel up. If you really want to try something new, intermittent fasting has many benefits and could help so you won’t need a breakfast. The BIG key to properly doing that though is making sure you’re drinking enough water to stay satisfied during the morning fast. If you choose to try it, but don’t properly hydrate, it’ll lead to poor food choices later in the day. I hope this helped, but nonetheless You got this!
Duane T.
Hi, I would always go with fruits + pastery. It’s easy, obtainable almost everywhere and also super delicious. Bananas, apples, peaches, apricots, berries, etc.
Noah W.
Fruits that you can grab and go with sre always great options. Small travel sized cereal boxes are also super easy to bring around, if you ever get time to stop and chill out for a bit, over night oats are great too.
Dwayne T.
I typically stop by a Dunkin’ Donuts or a Wawa as soon as we’re on the road. Any quick grab and go restaurant will work though! Try getting something high in proteins and fats and lipids because those will give you more energy and strength for a longer time! Egg wraps from home are always great too (scrambled eggs inside a tortilla and maybe a tiny bit of salsa! It’s actually really tasty!). Other than that try for protein bars or mixed snacks like trail mix. And always bring a bottle or two of water! Happy travels!
Troy Z.
In hotels, usually there are scrambled eggs 🍳 or an omelet station, especially international ones, so definitely use that to have a healthy breakfast. If you don’t eat egg or there’s no option, then you can go for some yogurt. Any flavor will do. 😄 If there is no yogurt, then you can have a biscuit or a muffin (blueberry or banana nut, but not 🍫 chocolate).
Clara T.
Green smoothies are quick to make and also are very nutritious. You could also add protein powder. Overnight oats are also a great option. Just make sure that whatever you eat is healthy as lots of sugar or caffeine will not fill you or help to keep you full at work. Xx
Mafalda O.
What I used to do on the road is having some fruit, muesli and milk or even water or fruit yogurt. It's not a breakfast to keep you fed for too long, but it's great as a day starter.
Dorit F.
I like to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on toasted bread. It feels fancier somehow, and it makes the flavors smoother when you put it on warm. I pair it with some fruit that is easy to eat, like apples or grapes. Add some herbal tea, hot chocolate, or a glass of water, and you're good to go!
Elijah J.
I like to make avocado with hummus or egg sandwich and on the side I will add graps peach or 3 dates with banana for a full nutrition
Don't forget your water .
Bessie E.
I don’t have much experience on travelling but I think that getting Dalia ( cracked wheat ), also called porridge , Upma
Is a good breakfast. You can also try mashed potatoes if you want .