I have such a hard time finding the right breakfast meal. Because I’m not hungry and forcing myself to eat breakfast, everything seems dry, too cold, too sweet or not filling. Any tips?

Mildred U.
I used to be like that, you could try waking up earlier so you will get hungry, but for the meal you could start by making some smoothie if you are not hungry, or if it is too cold you can try a hot tea and a piece of toased bread, I enjoy green tea in the morning and it energize me, well that actually worked for me so I hope it fit you as well 😁
Juliette E.
I typically eat 4 egg whites mixed with spinach, or drink a vanilla protein shake with added fruit. These are the most fulfilling breakfasts for me. You can also try oats and blueberries, chia seeds, or flak seeds.
Lisa N.
When you wake up do you exercise, write and/or meditate? When do you stop eating at night? Find out why you might not be hungry? If you stop eating at 5 or 6 pm you probably will be hungry in the morning.
Jelena N.
Try eating a granny smith apple. I myself had a hard time finding a perfect breakfast, I didn’t want to force myself since I’m not really hungry when i wake up, so I tried eating an apple every morning, and it worked for me! It’s not too much, but it’s a filling breakfast. I recommend you try it and see for yourself! Good luck!
Ingrid X.
I usually do 3 egg whites and 1 whole egg. You can change the ways to do it. Scramble with spinach and onion and green peppers (really easy to cook). Or if you can also do it as omelette with healthy cheese. Besides the eggs, I also have 1/2 cup of oatmeal. You can add honey syrup, blueberries and cinnamon to make it tastier.
Simon E.
Remember that it’s ok to have a later “breakfast”!
I often will have a small snack like food for my breakfast when I first get up, and then I’ll eat more filling snack a little later once I start really getting hungry. That way, your body is still getting something in the morning but you’re also not feeling like you’re force feeding it.
Hope this helps! You got this 👍🏼
Rayan T.
If you're just not hungry, it could be your body's way of telling you that you don't need food? Don't eat for the sake of eating. Try eating a smaller dinner the night before, perhaps, and keeping tabs on stress, I'd suggest. 🙂
Michelle J.
Start slow. I wasn't much of a breakfast eater either, but I recognized the importance of giving my body calories so that I could be energized and ready to jumpstart my day. A little bit of plain oatmeal and some blueberries, or just a protein shake. Nothing too heavy, at first. After an hour or two, when my stomach has settled, but before I feel like I'm starving and tempted to binge, I'll eat a heartier breakfast that helps keep me going throughout the day.
Delfino A.
Porridge is one of the best breakfast you can have. It’s healthy, make you feel filled enough until lunch time. You can make it with your favorite toppings like fruits, nuts, chocolates, etc.
Eduardo T.
I think you can try a gourmet product. If your not that hungry give yourself a threat. A regular banana but with really good peanut butter. You will only need a spoon.
Nic S.
Find something you really like and eat that everyday. Something with protein like egg on a piece of toast will make you feel a little more full throughout the day. Don't feel you need to copy others or eat certain things for breakfast. Eat a small amount (so you don't feel bloated) of something you enjoy. Could make you feel happier and more satisfied.
Jeanne A.
A go-to for me when I'm not feeling up to dedicate myself into making and eating breakfast is usually a morning smoothie with frozen berries or fruit, oats, some flavored protein powder and any type of milk or water. It's so easy to mix it up in a blender and I don't really have the same mindset of it as for breakfast. I just put a reusable straw in it and drink while I'm doing any of my other morning activities – like doing my makeup. To boost my nutritional value further I also vary with some frozen spinach, turmeric or any nut butter.

Tip! It's so much better when it's icy cold so if you're using fresh berries or fruit it's nice to have some ice cubes to cool it down.

Elizabeth N.
I like quinoa with a slice of cheese melted in to it. Savory but not too filling. I also like 2good yogurt with hemp seeds and cacao nibs.
Tamara C.
Well I would recommend doing something like a little exercise or just something to get you moving. It doesn't have to be a lot just enough to work up your appetite
Rahad U.
Well sometimes I don't feel hungry as well, so at night I will try and eat something simple like an apple or a banana dont eat a big meal after 7pm because at night when you sleep your not moving much to make your body release all the energy it got from the meal you ate so keep it simple and small so when you wake up you will feel hungry and will be able to eat breakfast.
Hope this helps you ♡
Delores U.
For me, the best solition is milkshakes or anything liquid in general. I also have the feeling that i am completely full when i wake up, even though it's not exacly true but drinking somehow isn't that hard to force yourself to do.
Jonas U.
I change up my meals. That’s what I recommend. I had a good experience keeping my weight down while having smoothies for breakfast. But I like to make fried eggs and put one on a crossiant. So I don’t stick rigidly to a routine. I give myself permission to change my mind.
Roni P.
Smoothies, with honey go down well, smoothies in general add a bit of water or light milk like soy to make them a bit lighter. Drink it as fast or slow as you feel comfortable ! Helps to settle the stomach as well if any upset may be occurring from overnight digestion.
Sara W.
I find that I want many different things in the morning, and sometimes like you I want nothing at all. However, why I found that works for me is making a smoothie. My favorite being a peanut butter and banana one, but you could make it whatever you like.
I find that this helps me since after I get up I might go watch tv, where if I have something to actually eat like toast I will just end up leaving it on the table. But with a smoothie I will end up drinking it and almost not realizing it until it’s gone. Smoothies are flavorful and filing.
But if that isn’t your thing I think you just need to experiment with making or finding different foods. It can be hard to find but I believe eventually you will do it!

If you don’t want something too cold maybe go for oatmeal, or even pancakes. But if those are too sweet I would recommend eggs or an omelet. They won’t be sweet cold or too dry I hope. You can add plenty of veggies making it very filling.
Best of luck!!

Peyton U.
I say why does breakfast have to be breakfast food? If you like a particular snack or food (thats relatively well balanced) go with that instead!
Kevin N.
You could try intermittent fasting. Just drink a glass of water in the morning and whatever warm beverage you prefer. Then have lunch at 12 and stop eating at 8pm ( or 10-6 11-7, 1-9 and so on). Just be consistent! A lot of health benefits.
Faith U.
Sometimes, when I’m not feeling like eating anything for breakfast, I just drink a glass of orange juice. For me, it feels very filling yet I’m not forcing myself to eat anything. Hope this helps!
Abby W.
Protein/ granola bars are great, breakfast sandwiches, açaí bowls, smoothies, yogurt bowls, and you can even eat something as simple as nuts and cheese or toast and fruit! Fruit is the perfect breakfast food!!
Nicoline N.
I like to eat granola cereal in the morning and I mix it with yoghurt , I add sunflower seed, hemp seed to give it flavor and make it more interesting. Sometimes I cut up bananas and apples for extra sweetness