What can you eat if you’re not even hungry?

Anthony F.
You probably are hungry but you dont know but if you really arnt eat something light so you dont get bloated like pancakes
Inayat N.
Fruits will do if you're trying to stay healthy or a energybar . You can also have cookies or ice-cream. But overdoing something ain't good so it's better sticking to the healthy one more.
Wesley U.
When I'm not hungry too much, I usually like to eat fruit, eating pudding, sometimes just eat proteins. I have digest problem, so I have to each much longer and often than other people. And if I have milk and cereal at my house, I'd like to eat them too
Ang Le A.
I’ll start with something simple, I usually have to drink my coffee first of all, then my stomach will “open up”, like my mind, and I’ll be able to eat. Even though I’m not hungry I try to eat something, maybe a yogurt, although for me it’s pretty filling, or a fruit.
Even nuts, almonds, pecan, ecc are a perfect way to go for me
Yi D.
I love to eat bread. or even desserts, I’m guilty but I love eating sweet stuff, or even fried food

but i don’t eat every day. still i do have cravings everyday

Melquisedeque Q.
You can drink water. Often when you’re feeling like eating or feeling ‘fake’ hungry you’re actually dehydrated. You can also eat gum. It last long and also works if you’re ‘fake’ hungry because you’re bored or something like that.
Abdallah U.
I used to eat a lot of desserts for just getting emotionally delighted, but I learned that I could be more productive in my life to make less time to think of food when im not hungry
Bridgette Y.
Miso soup is amazing, because it is low calorie so it won’t affect a balanced diet, but it also has nutrients and protein! Popcorn is also nice because of the same reasons, and you can eat a lot for low calories.
Gilbert X.
Fruits and Vegetables! It’s always good to snack on some produce to get your vitamins. You’ll also feel refreshed and accomplished after every snack! Good luck
Elouan Q.
Green veggies are excellent if you don’t feel hungry.. a small raw salad is always cool. Also fruits can be great if you want something a little sweet.
Ellie N.
Yogurt, nuts, bananas, dried fruit,and tea are all things you can eat that won't really make you feel more full, but will still give you energy and are very healthy and full of nutrients.
Loivaci Z.
Take a small portion that not to make you full but only feel comfortable. By the time you did in 3 days, your stomach will slowly follow the pace and it will tell you it time to eat 🙂
Ad Rito C.
You can try with small amounts of your favourite food or high energetic components (nuts, almonds, cheese). An other chance is to drink calories, for example you can drink milk as a snack instead of tea
Frank A.
If you are talking about breakfast here is how I do it. I drink a cappuccino as first breakfast like the Italians do and eat a second substantial breakfast 2-3h later when I'm actually hungry.
N Ria W.
Maybe have something light – it depends how long it had been since you last ate I suppose – maybe try having something and you may find your hunger comes back? Hope this helps
Reinaldo Y.
Some crackers, a light salad (without fried chicken), a cookie, basically whatever has low calories and/or is in a small serving
Michelle N.
I find a banana great in the morning. You can eat it on the go, it’s not too heavy and powers you with energy through the morning.
Sophie O.
I'll drink banana milk or eat biscuits with a cup of hot chocolate to reduce the stress of studying. Or it could be chips if I'm watching movie. Last but not least, chewing gum or fruits 🙂