What do you eat in a rush?

Josie O.
Smoothies are good quick meals, or grab some fruit. If i really dont have time ill buy some vegetarian sushi at the store
Juliana Y.
I'm a keto follower, so I prepare a bullet proof coffee when I don't have time to have breakfast. At lunch I always make time, it's a break from work.
Helienay E.
Well because I work early in the morning, I need to eat something fast, so I prepare a cereal with yogurt, or 2 sandwich, sometimes with egg Other with cheese and jam or Arepa, is a Venezuelan breakfast who preparation os realy fast and tasty
Tom L.
What I try NOT to eat is probably most important. Staying away from the quick easy foods is difficult but necessary. How about and apple or preferred veggie and some nuts of your choice. I love almonds.
Aiden U.
During my 3 day challenge which only finished today, I have not been in a rush. I probably would grab a banana and maybe 1 slice of toast with peanut butter to eat in the office.
Kitty N.
A meal replacement shake made with almond milk. It keeps me full and gives me the nutrients I need from a meal without being calorically dense. I did a lot of research and found that Slim Fast is the best one and best bang for your buck.
Patrick P.
Sometimes i eat healty rush like friute or vegetable but sometimes i eat snuks like chips or choclate but its must eat healty food ^^
Darren W.
I try to make a smoothie that I can take in the car with me. I usually try to add all the best things into it, like an avocado and flax seed. Lemon is my secret ingredient that makes most smoothies taste amazing.
Jessica G.
In a rush, I like to eat a banana. It makes me feel full and keeps me from over eating later when I do have time to make a proper meal.
Abby U.
I’d say protein/green bars tend to be my main ‘rush’ food, or some sort of fruit like berries, bananas or oranges. Putting popcorn and chocolate chips in little baggies has worked well in the past as a quick work snack.

This reminds me- I need to get back to prepping meals and snacks in advance, so there’s always something of substance ready to go when in a hurry. I’d also love to remove all the daily time of preparing/cooking/cleaning up for meals, by doing one main ‘meal prep’ session over the weekend. Still have a long ways to go to get there, but this helps get me remotivated! (One small praise from the last few weeks, is that I’ve eaten all of my own groceries and meals from home. No eating out except for two ginger shots I got near the office; that’s a HUGE step for me! Gives me hope and encouragement that I can continue making progress.

Asta X.
Due to my fast pace job I eat anything in a rush; cookie, cake, fruit strip, grapes, anything that is available and easy to eat as I'm walking. I look for healthy options first and contemplate what is around me before making a final decsion.
Estrella M.
I usually take fruit and grab a yogurt cup. Or at the beginning of the week i make oatmeal and have it ready for one of those days that i’m running late.
Gerardo F.
A sandwich made with whole wheat bread, low fat cheese and lean deli meats. Has enough protein to satisfy, is easy to prepare and can be eaten easily on the go.
Killian Z.
If I’m in a rush in the morning , it takes 5 minutes or less to whip up some scrambled eggs and whole grain toast! Avocado toast is just as quick. If I have literally no longer than 5 mins, an oatmeal smoothie will get me by until my next meal.
Thalia Z.
Whatever is quick and easy to grab, anything from a positive bar, granola bar, chocolate bar. Left overs out of the fridge, maybe a PB sandwich. Usually if I'm in a rush I just skip breakfast which is bad but what can you do? These days I keep trail mix around to munch in a rush