I don’t like wholemeal bread and I never know what to eat for breakfast. Any advice?

Kitty Y.
I would go for some fruits or something that is easy to make like boiled eggs or scrabbled mix it with any sort of protein like avocado or bacon.
Shirlei C.
I love yogurt with fruit and granola or a shake with some sweet fruit, peanut butter or protein powder, milk, and a bit of mild greens. Also works for on the go!
Hermann E.
I am also not a fan of Wholemeal bread. I eat brown bread of I make my own bread because that way you know what's gone in it, you create an experience for yourself and you enjoy the fruits of your labour. Alternatively, you should try other flavoured breads and find which one you enjoy.
Isaac O.
I opt for a protein and fat rich breakfast to fuel my day. I suggest eggs cooked how you like them in grass-fed butter or the oil of your choice, plus nitrate free bacon or sausage to accompany it. Wash it down with Unsweetened (and unflavored in my opinion, but that’s just my taste) Almond Milk which has 40% more calcium than cow’s milk and loads of vitamin D.
Juliane U.
I usually eat some oatmeal, it keeps me full for a long time. You could try to find some recipes or ideas for breakfast online maybe?
Luke Q.
I also don't like wholemeal bread, I recently started using Danish bread! It's a healthier white bread, as enjoying your breakfast is also important! Other foods I like are yoghurt and fruits, oats (either over night or hot) or even high fibre cereals 🙂 if you're in the UK weatabix chocolate minis are surprisingly good for you? As well as chocolate shreddied/ golden nuggets, which was a shock! I just have to be mindful of portion sizes. 25-30 pieces of the chocolate minis fills me up, which is 1.5 servings, but I'd rather that than be hungry still after
Dania F.
you can always eat something as simple as cereal. If you don’t like a big breakfast, eggs and yogurt would be great for you. Make sure to never forget eating the most important meal of the day.
Kristie R.
I'm not that keen on oatmeal but what I have found is if you eat shredded wheat and an orange or any fruit it means you will have a healthy and tasty breakfast!
Hanna P.
Maybe if you want , if you like fruit than that would be an awesome choice with toast with jam on it! Maybe even have some eggs and bacon or. With fruit or anything like I do! But not too much and don’t push your self to eat what you don’t like! 🙂
Ca Co B.
I typically eat oatmeal with a glass of milk, assorted fruit (personally I like granny smith apples, bananas, strawberries and blackberries) and some walnuts for breakfast.
Jeremy P.
I am not the biggest fan of breakfast so this has been hard for me too. I scramble a couple eggs with toast, have yogurt with fruit and granola. Worst case scenario I grab a piece of fruit or cereal bar. I am just trying to build the habit.
Marcus C.
I always drink some green powder to start my day before breakfast. My base for breakfast is nearly always a medium boiled egg (I make about 5 days worth at a time) and two "Aussie bites", which are these little baked things made with mostly oatmeal wish quinoa, sunflower seeds, ground flaxseed, chia seeds, etc. I bought them at C*stco at first, but then I found a copycat recipe online and make them myself when I have the time. That way I usually have the components for breakfast ready to go in case I don't have time or energy to get anything else. I used to do morning oats, and I might do that again occasionally, but having the bites ready to go helps for when I might forget to prepare oats the night before. I also usually have tea, and a couple cookies if I or a family member made some recently. If I work out that morning I'll have a handful of almonds for protein, and I'm starting to include some fruit if I have some.
Wilson Q.
I would try oatmeal! You can eat it warm with some milk, maybe peanutbutter/biscoff -> make a tasty porridge
Or cold: so just the oatmeal flakes and mix in any kinds of fruit you like! Eg. Banana, apple, mango, red fruits (can be from a freezer bag!), plums… if wanted you can add nuts/seeds/honey
Liv R.
Depends a lot on what you like and how much time you have. There are a lot more options besides wholemeal bread though. Have you tried sourdough? If you'd rather not eat regular bread, you can also use things like English muffins, bagels, pancakes, waffles (there are ways to make all of these healthy if you look it up!). If you're not into bread at all, maybe breakfast burritos? Or just protein heavy stuff like eggs, bacon, sausages. If you're into lighter, smaller breakfast, maybe something like a yogurt parfait could be a good idea. Or something fruit or vegetable based – rice bowls are a good option too, you can load it up with veggies and protein of your choice and it's easily prepped in advance if you're on the go. There's lots more options I'm probably not thinking of – I'd recommend looking on places like Pinterest for breakfast ideas, searching specifically for the type of breakfast you might like (for example "healthy breakfast", "protein rich breakfast" "quick healthy breakfast"). You'll find something that works for you!
Vandana N.
There are tons of different brekkie options depending on your preference. I’m a vegan but I do take Yogurt. So for me I try to have as much seeded fruits and nuts in the morning. It really helps to alkalize the body. Up until noon that’s all I eat. Then I go for green veggies and pulses for lunch. Let me know if you want certain recipes for quick fix that are nutritious and yummy and won’t break your wallet.