Is coffee a good breakfast choice?

Chris Z.
Coffee is not a good breakfast. You should eat something or drink a good smoothie not coffee. You can drink coffee an hour after you had woken up, never right after you had woken up.
Alvarim F.
What time is "breakfast"? Is it the first meal of the day regardless of whether it is at noon? What if you practice intermittent fasting?
Henni O.
It may be if it is taken with very little sugar and only if in combination with other food like eggs or oatmeal and maybe also a fruit if you skipped the sugar.
Huyen G.
I dont really drink coffee so for me it wouldnt be a great breakfast. Overall i dont think its good to just supplement a meal with some cup of coffee that is only water and caffeine
Nanna X.
Coffee contains caffeine. So it will help you to be energetic and fresh. You can take coffee as your breakfast drink but not regularly
Aly E.
yes but in small amounts. Coffee can actually have positive effects on your body as long as an addiction to caffeine doesn't take hold. but be careful as it can dehydrate you, so make sure you have water as well