What other items beside eggs are good for breakfast?

Isael F.
I like a good spoonful of peanut butter and a cheese stick. A handful of almonds and an apple. Anything with high protein and low carbs. Something that your body will use slowly to hold you over until lunch
Nicole E.
Yogurt with granola/cereal or fruit can also be tasty. Boiled eggs were easier for me than cooking eggs every morning… I also really enjoy toast with or without avocado.
Amy E.
Fruit can be some of the easiest, freshest, and quickest choices for breakfast. If not a banana, pear, apple, orange or similar 1 step to eat fruit- wash prior, cut and prep for one meal serving. I love to have berries or melon before a workout, quick healthy carb, vitamins, hydration too.
Alexander Z.
My typical breakfast is a pack of low sugar oatmeal, one large piece of fresh fruit, and cup of good black coffee. The idea is small carb for long term energy, small natural sugar for short term energy, and the coffee (can be replaced with non concentrated juice with pulp) helps keep me regular plus the small amount of caffeine helps because I'm not a natural morning person. I really hope this helps you! 😁
Melissa E.
Protein based foods, because they fill you up for longer. So something incorporating: peanut butter, meat, nuts, even smoothies with flavourless tofu and Greek yoghurt.
Tyler E.
Porridge or overnight oats with fresh fruits are great options as they're a complete meal, oats are very good for the digestive system and keep the belly full longer.
Jules T.
I absolutely love a morning smoothie with banana and frozen fruit and yogurt and nuts and ice. If you add spinach you can't even taste it! Great way to start the day.
Ivan N.
I like yogurt with fruit as an alternative to eggs. Eggs do get. Irving after a while don’t they!? I find it also helps to mix up the egg style – scrambled, fried, omelette.
Geert S.
Yogurt & Fruits
Oatmeal with a spoon of Peanut butter with tea.
Steak with sautéed potatoes with veggies.
Salmon with white eggs and Esparagus.
Savannah J.
A cold pressed juice with apples, ginger, carrot and beets or oatmeal with fruit and yogurt on top are two of my favourites.
Keith Z.
Toast for a bit carbos and bacon for a bit salt are the best and tastiest. Dont forget coffee to raise metabolism to burn them all
Valentina T.
I like foods that remind me of sweet treats and my favorite is a fruit smoothie…can be as easy as frozen mixed fruit, splash of almond milk and a scoop of protein powder.
Herman O.
Oatmeal with fruit and nuts, Kashi cereal, yogurt, cheese, meats, rice, sautéed vegetables, or whatever sounds good, has protein and is healthy.
Cathy Q.
Milk and a healthy cereal
Greek yogurt + fruit
Are some options that don’t take too long to make and some of them you can eat on your commute!
Deanna X.
Apples and peanut butter apples for the sugar peanut butter for the protein. A doctor told me that eating sugar is not a problem if it's eaten after proteins because then there is something in the system to absorb the sugar it's only a problem when eating first. If a person eats apple end the peanut butter together it should be okay.
Gab Nio Z.
I like oatmeal, bagels with cream cheese (sometimes peanut butter), applesauce, cinnamon rolls, fruit, and water to drink.
June E.
For Indians – you can have a besan spinach cheela with sprouts ;

Or a boiled egg and some toast;

Or yoghurt with muesli if you are not a morning milk person;

Poha or upma

Rosa X.
I eat one egg with avocado, some sort of breakfast chicken sausage, fruit, and occasionally sauerkraut. You could also replace either of the meat proteins with smoked salmon.
Helma E.
I usually don't eat much so sometimes a banana with peanut butter and some seeds or nuts is enough. oatmeal is also a good option.
Marcia T.
One of my favorite breakfasts is a homemade yogurt parfait. One cup fat free yogurt, one cup berries and a tablespoon of coconut flakes.
Odara Q.
Banana and oatmeal. You can blend oatmeal, banana milk and eggs together and bake them in the oven. It’s very delicious and easy to cook. And it provide you lot of energy so that you won’t feel hungry in at least 4 hours.
Edouard E.
I typically choke down a whey protein shake. But I also like goop’s chia seed pudding with applesauce or the like to sweeten it. PS chia isn’t gross like it looks. Other than that I don’t have any “tasty” healthy breakfast ideas.
Mya Q.
I like the egg and turkey on whole wheat sandwich. It makes me happy, not too full. I hope I can keep this going. Also I would like to go get nuts today, that gives me the protain I need as well.
Salvador W.
I eat low-fat yogurt with blueberries and smoothies with both veggies , fruit, aloe Vera juice, protein powder (Amazing Grass).
Otoniel P.
I eat Kashi and milk. I like that it is a high protein cereal with lots of fiber, and when you add milk, that bumps the protein. I also like to have berries in it for fruit, blueberries are my favorite. Peanut butter toast with bananas is also quick and filling, maybe with milk to bump the protein again.
Elias F.
Other foods that contain protein and iron boost your energy.

We usually have eggs for breakfast because they are a good source if protein.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because you haven't eaten in more than six hours.
You need it to boost your energy for the day.

Bernice J.
Oatmeal, toast, chicken actually and veggies. Really any food that is good for you is good for breakfast, you just have to break from the stigma that its not a "breakfast" food.