What is your favourite breakfast

Stephen S.
Oats: 420g
Flax seeds: 100g (crushed)
Chia seeds: 15g
Cocoa: 25g
Cinnamon: 5g
Almonds (or other nuts): 100g (crushed)
Dried Coconut: 50g
Optional: Four Sigmatic's 10 Mushroom Blend, Amla Powder

My breakfast recipe (as inspiration for others and to hear if you have suggestions to make it even tastier or healthier):
Overnight oats. Really easy to prepare at night and even easier to eat in the morning. I prepare my mix in batches and then each night simply mash a banana, pour some of the mix, put some frozen berries on top and add soy milk. In the morning I usually cut some fresh fruits as well.

Franklin U.
I would say bacon and eggs but I try to not have too much of that. My go to is yogurt with fresh fruit granola and hemp hearts. Or same thing but replace yogurt with oatmeal
Eduard Y.
I was having the Vega One protein shake but switched to Bulletproof coffee and keto diet recently. So far, so good! Try different healthy options and see what works for you. Adapt healthy options so they fit you and don't be afraid to switch it up to make sure you're getting the results you want.
Lucie F.
Omelette. So fast and easy, and satisfying when it goes right. Fry onions and tomato, make omelette, put onions and tomato back when there is still a little bit of uncooked egg on top, fold over and get it off the pan quick. The omelette will finish cooking on the plate. Delicioooooooous!
Magnus F.
Green smoothie comprised of Frozen fruit for taste, Cucumber, Spinach, and water; sometimes some yogurt as an indulgence.

For protein 2 egg omelette in microwave; pan fried on weekends

Lawrence U.
There are 3 types of my favorite breakfast. The first one is oatmeal with granola nuts and peanut butter, the second one is bread with egg, and the last one is a plate of rice and balado dishes
Allan E.
I love a good omelette. Add a little cheese and hot sauce or salsa and you can stuff it with vegetables, delicious, filling and good for you.
Clara G.
Scrambled eggs and a piece of toast with peanut butter during the week but if I have time I really love a veggie omelette and home made hashbrowns
Roger S.
My favourite breakfast is tonfirst start with a grapefruit, I find that this refreshes my palate and hydrates at the same time, also I love grapefruits. After my grapefruit I’ll normally have some eggs, with spinach and a little lean ham. I find this combination really helps to set me up for the morning and satisfies my hunger until lunchtime.
Henry A.
To be honest I would have to say donuts. But if I want to be a healthier person, I choose 3 slices of bacon and a fried egg with orange juice and tea. There are healthier choices than that, but it works for me.
Frida Z.
I usually eat a big bowl of yogurt with granola. I add protein powder, a banana, shredded coconut, a tsp of mct oil, raisins and cinnamon.
Ramon Z.
I've found that something simple is working best for me. Starting my day with a couple of eggs and an apple or some strawberries has worked great. I'm going to try toast with peanut butter and Greek yogurt too. And of course, cant forget the coffee 😉
Malvina G.
I luv traditional english egg bacon baked beans or mushrooms crispy toast and marmalade sometimes a pork beef or lamb sausage…and cuppachino
Theo E.
Piece of thick grainy bread toasted with laughing cow cheese spread down first. Topped with everything but the bagel seasoning and then add smashed avocado. A sprinkling of chopped tomatoes and you are finished.
Kim Y.
I like Greek yogurt with something added to offset the sort of tart bitterness (usually fruit) with either more fruit on the side or a whole grain blueberry bagel with honey spread on top. 👌