How do you keep breakfast healthy and original? Where do you get your breakfast ideas from?

Rolf Dieter J.
I keep my breakfast healthy and original by making sure it has carbs, vegetables and protein in it so I can make sure I get a well-rounded breakfast.
Nora T.
Google is my friend. I like to keep mornings easy, so I either do quick morning stuff or prepare the night before. I use what I know I like to my advantage. I like to bake, so oatmeal bars and breakfast muffins. Do I like to use yogurt in my curry recipes? Well, it’s already in the fridge, so I might as well pop some muesli on the bad boy and call that brekky. I see what’s available and what I like to do, and get creative. Sometimes google gets creative for me. I sometimes put in “breakfast baking recipes” or “quick breakfast ideas” and it typically works with what I have.
Noa Q.
I have a very hard time finding what I have an appetite for especially when I'm hungry in the morning so I've been eating apple oatmeal every morning to start a routine of eating breakfast because it's fast and simple so I don't overthink it