Anyone else not hungry until 10 or 10:30?

Lo C Q.
Im always waking up hungry. But the last few weeks im having trouble with breakfast , not sure how to get my appetite back.
Salvador E.
It usually takes me some time after I wake up to be hungry. I find that when I started eating breakfast regularly I was hungry in the am. If not, I just put some fruit and a protein bar in a bag for when I am!
Megan U.
I believe you have to “force” yourself to drink water and eat breakfast earlier than 10am, to get your metabolism started and the engine running. So I suggest you eat breakfast even though you don’t feel hungry. Good luck.
Javier S.
It’s everything a matter of getting used to changes. Your metabolism is so slowed down that you might not feel any hunger in the morning. In that case I would suggest two things: check with yourself Eating a little savory breakfast after you wake up for two weeks. Be mindful about it and note how you feel after the first week. If you are becoming hungry in the morning – go for breakfasts in the morning. If not, just prepare yourself a nice breakfast for later and have some tea or coffee for the morning to warm up your gut a bit.
Wendy I.
It is good, unlike me, I eats too early and I think that is responsible for my weight gain. Not eating until 10am is a good ideal.
V Nia P.
Of course, I am a night owl and I wake up usually between 8 and 9. In the morning I am able to drink a glass of water while postpone my morning coffee because it's no the healthiest beverage when paired with sugar, but I am rarely hungry before lunchtime, which I eat between 12h and 14h. So I'd say you've got to listen to your body, if you're able to work in the morning without feeling exhausted because of lack of food, then pay no attention to what anyone says. You know you! Then again, I love a good smoothie in the morning, a blend of crushed ice, cranberry juice, blueberries and raspberries can last me hours before I've drank it all. Try that, I've noticed that blended food goes in eay easier and is more enjoyable for some reason. Maybe we're the same there. Good luck
Kaitlin O.
Yes. I work at night (restaurant manager), so I usually eat dinner late making breakfast (and getting up in general) happening later. Trying to change it with snacks at work and packing my own dinner instead of relying on the restaurant so I’m full earlier on and not worried about eating when I get home or right before I leave.