What are the breakfast necessary parts?!

Allie T.
Good fiber, protein, carb and fat breakfast. Oats prepared with unsweetened Almond milk, raisin is good option
Elizabeth E.
You want something that is going to fill you up but not make you feel more tired. I go with a heavy in protein/fat but light in carbs breakfast. It’s apart of my diet also but you can do with it as you feel. I have two eggs made how I feel like having them that day, with cheese and a side of guacamole. Sometimes I have broccoli or spinach.
Ninon P.
Something that has long lasting properties which will last you though to lunch…instead of sugary breakfast cereals which give a temporary sugar buzz instead carbs and complex proteins which keep you awake and full till your next meal. I enjoy porridge with a wee drop of golden syrup which is satisfying and good for me.
Lorenzo Z.
What kind of grammar is this? Do you mean what are the necessary elements of my breakfast? Like macros? Like foods I can't start my day without?? What is this question? So.. I'm going to assume that the question is asking me about my ideal breakfast. I think protein and high fat is necessary for sustained energy. I also enjoy a caffeinated beverage such as black tea, matcha, or coffee.
Juanita B.
Think about how much time you have first and foremost. I am a shift worker and it is always a bit of a rush to get out the door on time. On my days off, I have a larger, better planned breakfast. I recommend an element of protein, carbs and a bit of fat to balance it out, but sometimes that isn’t possible. I will often have a banana bread slice + a handful of nuts on my working days, but on my days off I like to treat myself to homemade eggs Benedict or healthy pancakes. It’s all about balance and what works in with you as a person; one type of breakfast will not suit all. Learn to start calling yourself a breakfast person too !
Julia O.
Whatever floats your boat…protein will help you throughout the day but some mornings I can’t stomach certain foods so on those days I’ll eat some fruit instead and have a meal later in the day.
Arianna E.
Quick and easy! Making breakfast shakes helps because I can take it in the go and drink it on the way to work. It feels good to out healthy things in my body first thing in the morning.
Marvin G.
I suppose that complex sugar e.g. carbohydrates should be there so to release energy during the morning… So in the old days bread and milk was a common breakfast (at least in Italy).
Now we use cereals and muesli … I suppose they have the same function, with the "plus" of the "good" fat (polyunsaturated) inside the nuts… Actually fruits should be part of the breakfast…but personally, I have problems to mix fruits and coffee…
Lyna E.
I try to combine protein, whole grains, and fruit or veggies (or both). So I will eat steamed veggies with a brown rice/lentil mix and an egg on top. Or I might eat whole grain raisin bran with fruit and milk or nut milk.
Joris C.
You need a balanced meal. Try to get protein, carbs, fat, and fiber as well. Don't be afraid or neglect breakfast it is the most important meal of the day.
Jocemara Y.
The stewed oatmeal and apples are an aruyvedic recommended breakfast. I added cardamom to mine to accommodate my Pitta dosha.
Alberto Z.
The reason we need to eat a healty breakfast is so we can function well and it makes you more alert and more productive drink a glass of milk for protein and calcium
Angie P.
For me it is a whole grain combined with a plant protein or a fruit combined with a plant protein. The plant proteins are nuts or a nut butter.
Bernard Z.
High protien like eggs, along with fruits and veggies.