If you had a private chef who would cook your great breakfast for you, what would you ask him to make?

Nady F.
2 eggs with avocado flashed with black pepper and some chillies. Som spinach with tamatoe and fetta cheese scattered over it and two toasts. Oh and a cup of black coffee
Ian S.
I would ask for: black coffee, english muffins with cream cheese and salmon and a bowl of fruit (strawberries, kiwi, mango, papaya and blueberries)
Danique U.
I would ask him to make me banana on rusk with pancakes. Because my one of my grandparents always gave me banana on rusk and the other grandparents always gave me panacakes. The feeling that that gives me just fills me with delight. And it brings me back to my younger self☺️
Andrea P.
This is actually a funny question being that I am actually a culinary school graduated chef! Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. If I had a private chef I would definitely ask him/her/them to make me tapsilog or longsilog which are native Filipino breakfast meals, consisting of Tocino and Longonisa (sweet pork slices and sweet pork sausages), garlic fried rice, and egg ( I personally love sunny side or over easy eggs).
Robert A.
I'd tell them a few things that I enjoy and ask them to surprise me – im a decent cook and can make many things that I like, but to try something new and really enjoy a true representation of how good it can be takes a talented chefs hand – so it's a good chance for a surprise!
Cindy B.
Sandwich with cheese, ham, salad, cucumber and tomato. The other one with cottage cheese and avocado. Maybe with soft-boiled egg. Glass of freshly squeezed sweet orange juice and maybe a cup of coffee.
Alternative is always nice pancakes with fresh fruits and icing sugar.
An Bal T.
The Grand Slamwich
Caesar Salad
Pork Belly
Sauteèd mussle topped with melted cheese
Pork strips dipped in bulgogi sauce
Brazo de Mercedez
Buko Pie
Alicia A.
A big plate of fruit, every day; changing depending on the season. A sourdough English muffin, possibly with a fried egg to make a sandwich & a small cup of coffee
L A E.
I would ask for rosemary and onion bagels with smoked salmon. Instead of cream cheese I would have Primula Chive. Its much better!
Karla A.
My ideal breakfast would be a bowl of fresh fruit drizzled with honey. And sausage, avocado and cheese in between a warm, buttery toasted bagel. Fresh-squeezed orange juice and a glass of water would be good, too.
Luwam G.
Well Idk, but I know I definitely would not waste the chance by asking him to make a dish I’ve had before. So my answer would be something along the lines of “ something I’ve never had before, something well liked but it’s doesn’t have to be fancy, just something comfortable.”
Ann S.
I would travel with my chef to Miraval resort in Sedona AZ and show him/her the breakfast buffet and say, “Make anything you see here.” I can’t wait to go back to Miraval. I had a trip scheduled that got cancelled because of covid. I’m supposed to go back in August.
Carl W.
Stanley Tucci, and I would ask him to whip me up a mexican style breakfast in whatever way he wishes (maybe with a sangria to help).
Lohan O.
I would ask him to make waffles, bacon, eggs, french toast, with orange and apple juice. I would also say make it for two people so he could enjoy breakfast with me because eating alone gets lonely, and I'm sure he'll get hungry too 🙂
Galina F.
I would like to have 2 hard boiled eggs paired with perfect toast. I also preferred to have a non dairy coffee and a glass of water. It would be great to have a bowl of cut mixed fruits.
Andreea C.
Probably I would make the chef cook for me 24/7 because I'm a foodie. I would ask him to cook delicious vegeterian meals like pasta, pizza, tacos, burritos, burgers, but healthy things too because I want to lose weight.
Mario N.
Hello my dear chef, how are you today, how you feeling, what you well make me today for breakfast, something fresh and vitamin 😊
Kieva W.
Omfg the healthy answer is omelettes.. all the omelettes, varieties of omelettes. Special treats would be french toast with fruit toppings.. chilaquiles..
Reagan W.
I would really love either eggs Benedict with ham and some salty and lemony hollandaise sauce OR a crêpe-omelette covered with the same sauce. Some chocolate milk, or maybe cranberry juice, maybe a raspberry smoothie… To finish just a few chocolate strawberries!
Holly P.
Waffles covered in strawberry syrup with powdered sugar with fatty bacon and eggs scrambled with extra cheddar cheese and hash browns cooked with onions and ham
Danny O.
I would ask him to cook the green eggs from my mom, serve a bug plate of all my favorites fruits. I’d ask him to cook my grandma breakfast speciality: green and yellow plantain with “queso costeño” and “ suero costeño”. I would love to have a glass of freshly juices orange and some tea with salt and pepper.
Sarah F.
i would have gordon ramsey cook a great breakfast for me because he knows flavor and how to get the most nutritious breakfast
Lori C.
Eggs Benedict. I can remember 2 of the best I've ever had, on was in Hawaii with Kalua Pork. The other was in Phoenix, at Chelsea's Kitchen. It was the special of the day: crab! Right now, I'd just take any flavor with that creamy Hollandaise sauce on perfectly poached eggs!
Mike O.
Lim Jae-Beom. I would ask him to cook a simple morning breakfast. Such as two pair of nuggets, a hash brown, and a cup of green tea
Connactconnects N.
A fresh fruit smoothie with my favourite fruit, his preferred egg specialty, some home-made granola with Colombian cacao nibs and a supertasty almond milk latte.
Joris Y.
Washing my face and brushing my teeth, I just never want to. I would never like to take care of myself. I would have him make me sunny side up eggs with sausage links and another thing of his choice
Rui Q.
Anything that I could learn to cook that i never cooked so i can learn how. And surely something healthier. But by now i’m my master chef and i live ok with that!
Martha C.
I would ask him/her to make a healthy breakfast to make sure it carries me through the day with alot of energy..And mostly eggs because i love eggs😁
Uy N X.
A no meat savoury breakfast, such as rice noodles mixed with fried tofu and slided cucumber and chilli soy sauce dressing.
Dolores W.
If a private chef could cook me breakfast – I think my tastes would vary a few times a week. Depending on the day and my mood, I’d ask the chef to make me a healthy breakfast sandwich or wrap with egg, some sort of protein (turkey sausage or bacon), cheese and a good spicy sauce. Other days, I’d ask the chef to make me a nice oatmeal with berries, nut butter and cinnamon. Some days I may ask for a healthy smoothie with different fruit and protein powders. It all just depends!