I’m not a morning person and I usually wake up slightly nauseous due to my chronic illness. What’s a good way to get some protein and nutrients when eating first thing often makes me queasy?

Laura F.
Personally I highly recommend possibly supplement like a protein powder it will give you a good amount of protein along with nutrients if you choose to use milk it will add extra calories and more protein and calcium however if you’d use water you would be removing calories so if you are on a goal to lose weight water may be a better alternative, finally invest in a good multivitamin to help fill in
Akshainie Y.
I'm sorry I don't relate to this at all. I've only ever woken up nauseous when I was down with a fever.
But, Question.
Why do even eat first thing?
I think first you should do something that helps you feel better and then eat something.
Beans, sprouts, nuts or honey works for me when I want something like that.
Tho I usually have milk or an banana or apple, they only fill me up for a few hours tho.
Ivy A.
Eating eggs cold (hard-boiled or other ways) will make it easier to get down because it gives off less of a stench. (Sorry if this doesn't help I'm not a professional)