How do you get back on track if you mess up your breakfast timings?

August P.
I work in a factory and while most of the time we go to break on time daily sometimes things go wrong and we will go early so if i eat at a different time it's kind of out of my hands, but the best advice i'd have would be top take it stride.

Anna F.
Hi! I am not sure why they keep asking me to give advice because I do not follow the very reasonable timetables or recommendations that they suggest. I am quite old and have physical issues, whjch often occur with age.
However, I can only suggest what I do. I spent most of my life not eating breakfast. I am never hungry and I don't like to eat early.
What I do is I always drink water from a thermos on my nighttable. I have always done this because if I get out of bed, Then I don't see my medication on the table , as well. It is important that I take the meds. So I drink my water as the 1st thing I do in the morning.
I am limited on what I can eat and what is usually thought of as a "great" breakfast is not my norm. Around 10 A.M., I take one, sometimes two, slices of 12 grain bread. I know it sounds to healthy to be good but, I love the taste and the crunch of the seeds. A personal thing. Then I put a slice of cheese and tomato on the bread, have a small Activia yoghurt with fruit and cereal, an apple and my water thermos. What will change is what I make instead of the cheese and tomato. Sometimes, I use a little cream cheese and an unsweetened jam, or peanut butter and unsweetened jam. Sometimes in the morning,
Rarely, I enjoy cold Special K cereal with berries in it, instead of the bread and jam. If I am feeling that I want it, I might make an omelet with some cheddar cheese! You might have some other things that are easy to do.
If you like hot cereal, then, if time is an issue, you can put the ingredients in a small pot the night before and put it in the fridge over night. I love oatmeal, but it takes a while to cook in the morning. Buy having it pre-soaked, it take only the short time to warm it up. To sweeten it, I use the unsweetened jam.
No matter, the biggest thing It eat in the morning, I start with the yoghurt, bread and whatever, and the water! I don't take juice because fruit, vegetable and protein are very limited in my diet, for medical reasons. For example, I am allowed only "5" OUNCES of protein/day! I eat the apple as a snack at sometime during the day. Sometimes in the morning, afternoon or night.
I hope that I gave you some ideas and that is a help to you. Meanwhile enjoy The Fabulous, it is one of the best ideas that I have ever come across. I just wish the technology and the Fabulous were available 60-65 years ago! Be Well, Be Happy and Have a lot of Laughter in you life. BYE BYE.

Marc J.
Start over tomorrow! Everyone makes mistakes and/or has unexpected changes. That’s just life! It’s all good, don’t blame yourself.

Brandy P.
I try not to worry about it and just make sure I dont miss the next day. Dont beat yourself up about it. Be determined to try again instead!

Javier S.
Just stick with your plan! Don’t change the entire plan just because you did mess up with something it wasn’t in your control. Keep going like you did all correctly and don’t overthink too much how you didn’t complete that specific goal in the morning or any other goal in your plan!

Debra U.
Try to eat a healthy alternative as soon as possible. The earlier you eat the better. You don't want to be heavy when you go to sleep. Try to stick with the schedule the next day.

Astrid F.
I think it’s best to take your time getting back into your routine. You can get busy sometimes and it’s hard to think about your routine when you are really busy or are in a rush. So I think you should take a deep breath and slow down for a bit. Make sure to plan everything accordingly beforehand and then execute it to the best of your abilities.

Gerald T.
Non succede mai ma a volte saltare la colazione mi fa sentire più energetica che farla. A volte ho una tale nausea al mattino che non posso farea altrimenti.

Alison U.
I often mess up my breakfast timings because I really struggle to get up at a specific time if I dont have a reason to be up. When I do mess up I always make sure I still follow my routine and try to get up the next day at the right time. No matter what I always drink a glass if water and go have my breakfast.
Dont be too hard on yourself. It's okay to not get everything right.

Gavin E.
There’s no such thing as messing up with timing as far as I’m concerned. While you might have breakfast scheduled for 7 a.m., sometimes life happens. As long as I stay committed to eating a healthy breakfast and eat before I’m so famished I forget that, then I feel I’m on course whether it’s 7 or 7:30 or 8:30.

Diane O.
Ligt aan hoeveel tijd, als de lunch eraan komt wordt dat de eerste maaltijd. Maar bij ons met jonge kinderen gebeurd dat niet snel. En slecht maar heb tegenwoordig geen echt trek gevoel. Zo wat overslaan kan dat gevoel weer geven, overgewicht?

Wiebke C.
I go with dry nuts and fruits for that day (morning). And try to get back to routine by lunch. Handful of walnut, almond and pistachio are good to get by.

Rabea I.
Just don't be so picky about your breakfast timing, the most important thing is not to break the chain, remember?
Don't make your mind busy with the perfect schedule. Better late than never.

Camila Z.
I make smoothies, since I can still get a lot of nutrients but can prep them even if I just have 5 minutes and eat in the car.

Lou T.
Not sure what you mean by breakfast timings. I find that my morning habits may take me all day, which I feel as though they shouldn’t. I feel as though I just start over the next day.

Emily W.
Some days i'll make a full breakfast, some days I'll have yougurt with nuts. You adjust your breakfast based on the amount of time you have. A full breakfast every morning is unrealistic.

Anton A.
I always have different options so I can adapt to the situation. If I have time I’ll cook, but if I’m running late and need to hit the road I’ll grab a banana, protein bar and a handful of walnuts for the commute. I don’t miss breakfast anymore.

Ninon Q.
Honestly it depends on the day. We had the flu going through our house and unfortunately it hit me too. I keep my notifications on just in case I feel good enough to start it back up. Reminder is big for me.

Jonas X.
Hey, good one. To be honest I personally don't strictly follow breakfast timing. I can shift it hour plus minus. I only stick with how great it is. My rule of thumb is 5 components, olive oil, olives. This sets up greatness of breakfast level and drives other parts – timing, quality, environment preparation. Hope this hepls, best regards.

Almut O.
Try to do some food prepping. I have started doing that in order for me to stay on top of eating breakfast every morning.

Etiene Y.
I struggle a lot with breakfast and gettig into a habit of sitting down to have a good proper breakfast. Because I know I’m used to skipping breakfast when I rush out in the morning I started a challenge with myself, ‘If one day you skip breakfast, the next you HAVE to sit down and make sure you eat’ so far this has helped grow the habit of eating breakfast

Dejalme S.
I have three kids so I dont really worry about timing fofor breakfast. I just make sure to finish eating breakfast by 10:30. Meaning wether it take a long time to prep/cook or it takes a short amount of time, I want to be done eating by 10:30. That gives me atleast 2.5 hours before lunch and you dont want to go more than three hours between meals.

Juli O T.
I try to plan ahead so that getting back on track is the path of least resistance. I make my overnight oatmeal the afternoon or evening prior so it is waiting for me in the morning. That also stops me from choosing an easier to grab but less healthy alternative!

Rabea F.
Just be patient with yourself and get back on schedule. The important thing is not to be hard on yourself for it. Its human nature after all.

Gissele T.
Next day I make a good meal for breakfast.
And the day before I prepare everything I need to make it quick in the morning.

Jordan C.
If I had breakfast too late, I usually have lunch later, skipp the afternoon snack or have a smaller one, and then dinner at my usual time

Ben P.
I always eat breakfast honestly. I got in the habit years ago. It helps to not drink coffee or tea before breakfast so that your appetite isn't surpressed and you're more likely to eat. It also helps to have small healthy "grab n go" breakfasts stashed in your purse