Do smoothies count as a great breakfast?

Ethan Beck
Depend on the smoothie. If is a carb based smoothie I don't is a smart choice because will be too much sugar for a breakfast that goes straight to your circulation.

Franklin Shaw
I mean they are still healthy, but the fruit loses some important minerals when it is made into a smoothie, so is not as beneficial as fresh fruit. There is also the problem of enough protein, so adding nuts is a good idea if you are making a smoothie. Overall, smoothies are healthy especially when they are vegetable smoothies with green veg high in vitamins. Enjoy your smoothie making!

Miguel Garza
No and yes. An all fruit smoothie will be high in sugar, low in fibre and contains no protein. A smoothie with Kale and spinach and a spoon of almond butter would be good though.

Ida Christiansen
Heck yeah!! Smoothies are FULL of nutrition, it’s basically like eating 3 or more fruits at once, you can even add things like coconut shreds and matcha for extra good stuff!

Anthony Morris
It depends on what’s in the smoothies if you put chocolate and other sweet stuff then it’s not really a great breakfast but if you put fruits then it’s a great breakfast hope this helps!

Roland Graham
Yes. So long as they’re accompanied by a great breakfast!
(Seriously though, I think a thick, frozen fruit and veg smoothie plus grains or protein powder mixed in is great (no added sugar though), and accompanied by a handful of almonds or walnuts is awesome!)

Lloyd Porter
Yes, as long as they don't contain added sugar. It's a great way to get some greens in and other supplemented nutrients.

Ann Nguyen
I love smoothies or smoothie bowls for breakfast. If made with fruit, vegetables, yogurt, and topped with seeds or nuts, you get a nutritional boost to start the day.
Try frozen banana, kale, pineapple, and mango blended with yogurt and almond milk, then top with fresh berries, flax seeds, chia seeds, cacao nibs, or whatever you like.

Marianne Wege
Depends on what is in the smoothie. Ice Cream? Probably not. I make my smoothies with non fat Greek yogurt for protein, spinach for iron, banana, frozen fruit, and juice. I count that as a healthy breakfast.

Hugh Robertson
Your diet and its timing should reflect what your body needs and wants based on many factors like your nutrient absorption, activity, and satiety. If you're hungry and able to use this energy source to power your mind and body without any issues, then a smoothie that agrees with your body could be good for you. If you have adverse reactions from high sugar items, consider lowering the sugar intake and increasing the fiber while pairing it with some fats and proteins. You'll know better by trying a few things and professionals (like your doctor and nutritionist/dietitian) may be able to better advise on how to plan your meals and snacks out.

Cassandre Olivier
I would think so depending on what you put in it. Adding some protein (powder or pb) might help you feel full longer. Also try blending spinach into your smoothie. Any fruit you add masks the flavor of the spinach so you are getting a dose of veggies without even tasting it.

Elza Rodrigues
It depends what they're made with. I use coconut or almond milk, protein powder, greens, a half a frozen banana, a small handful of frozen veggies berries, chia, flax, and sometimes healthy additions such as oatmeal or greek yogurt. It can be pretty calorie heavy though, and if you use too much fruit it's also sugar heavy. Healthy ingredients in moderation makes a great breakfast.

Ralph Smith
They totally can be! I have a smoothie most mornings and it helps me get a lot of my nutritional goals met on the fly (fiber, protein, fruit and healthy fats).

Wayne Crawford
I know that they may not be the best idea, because the digestion process starts with the chewing of food, to really use the protein contained in the smoothie. But it's very filling for me

Evelyne Finger
Yes, as long as they are packed with nutrition. I only use fresh ingredients. My favorite is spinach, kale, blueberry and banana. Sounds yucky but makes a sparkly emerald green drink for pennies on the ounce compared to a commercial brand.

Francis Henn
I met with a nutritionist. She said it is almost always better to eat your food than to drink your food, as the chewing and eating up your food helps you with satiety

Rita Pagel
Depending on what you put into your smoothie it may or may not be a good breakfast. Say that you were to put some sort of candy in your smoothie, it would make it a bad breakfast. Now if you were to put fresh fruits and vegetables it would be an excellent breakfast.

Lewis Sanders
Absolutely. Fruit is great and this is a great way to get some into your diet. You can add protein like peanut butter or almond butter, slow carbs like oats, and healthy fats like a splash of olive oil to really round out your morning dietary intake. On top of that it's easy to experiment with different foods and they always taste great!

Soren Hubert
I would say probably, depending on the contents. I try to incorporate protein by adding peanut butter, hemp seeds (you can't really taste them), and animal milk/ yogurt. You can still make them pretty tasty by adding fruit/ mint/ vanilla/ chocolate.

Darryl Dean
I wouldn't say so. there is something about sitting and eating. also it would depend what was in the smoothie. I would say it could be part of a great breakfast though

Ernesto Nunes
I don't think they're that great for a breakfast, I usually drink them at night so as to not wake up feeling bloated the next morning.

Michael Rodriquez
Absolutely. Have fruits such as apples and banana in there to give you healthy carbs. Add avocados and spinach for healthy fats and minerals. And also put some turmeric, ginger and flaxseeds to get the nutrition from the spices and seeds you dont normally consume. Hope this helps 🙂

Dan Owens
If you are making it right it does. I usually make it with spinach and a banana. But there must be more than 50 percent of green vegetable (green leaves).

Bruce Pierce
I think it depends on the ingredients. I blend my own using dietician prescribed whey protein. It's a smoothie NOT a milk shake.

Herminia Kelley
I think smoothies are a great breakfast because they’re easy to make, and they include all the fruits and vegetables you need for the day. Plus you can customize them to your liking and it’ll be a great start for your day!

Frank Stich
Definitely. Most times I find that smoothies are more filling, especially when I make mine with fruit, a pinch of kale, and almond milk.

Johan Thomas
I think it depends on what you put in the smoothie . As long as its healthy ingredients with protein then yes. If the smoothie is just lots of sugar and only fruit then I think you may want to add something else to your breakfast .

Angelika Riemann
Yes as they help you eat more fruit and veg but you need to have them with something else, i.e. protein based such as eggs.

Aldónio Nogueira
It depends on the ingredients. There should be no empty calories. There should be a blend of fiber, carbohydrates, and proteins.

Margaux Charles
Yes, but it depends on what is in your smoothie. I try to use coconut water or milk as the base and then add fresh fruit, leafy greens such as kale, and some wheatgrass or spirullina. If you are starting with orange juice or too many fruits with a high glycemic index then I wouldn't consider that the best breakfast. In any case, it's better than a donut.

Robert Mason
If the smoothie has sugar it’s not a great break fast but if it is just with fruits it’s not bad because fruits are good
But breakfast must include protein

Elaine Banks
Yes! But make sure it is high in protein and low in sugar. Eg I do a spiniach banana blueberry and protein mix smoothie just add ice and a cup of almond milk or coconut water. Or do half cup almond half cup coconut!

Maurice Flores
Yes. But they aren't as quick or easy for me as parfait or a banana because the loud noise of the blender wakes up my son while the others don't

Douglas Fleming
Yes! It’s packed with all the nutrients required. A healthy smoothie bowl for breakfast which is high in protein is the best breakfast!

Johan Thomsen
Yes they can depending on what you put in them! Half a banana, yoghurt, oats and milk would be a fantastic breakfast smoothie. If it’s fruit based just try to balance the sugars with some protein such as a handful of nuts