What is the best fruit combination for dinner?

Leon Dio Z.
I would say you make a fruit salad with kiwi, mango, papaya, apple, avocado, lemon juice of one lemon and orange juice. You can put other fruits in it or some, but thats how I make mine. I like that, because it has different fruits in it and it is a change of only one fruit. Hope that was helpful, have a nice day:)
Basile P.
Fruit can be a hard one, I usually prefer waffles with fruit because it has the sweet and kind of nostalgic feel. I also like to make smoothies in my free time because it’s like eating fruit but in a fun way, I like to add some sugar to make it so I’m eating something healthy and sweet!
Tanmaya A.
Mix pieces of apples and bananas together. Add some grapes as well. I know it isn't a fruit but if you add a few pieces of carrot it will taste really good. You can use it as a breakfast recipe too
Alexis O.
I really like fruit cups, you can get any kind you like and they pair well with almost everything, I like the ones in 100% fruit juice best
Emma Y.
The best fruit combination is berries and oranges. Oranges has a lot of water and vitamin c. It’s color also wakes people up in the morning. At least for me. I usually like oranges and berries. They are sweet and sour but not too much. They complete each other.
Arhontoula N.
Tomato and pineapple , I know it sounds super weird but it’s really good , if you don’t like it you can try strawberries and kiwi. Both of the combinations are my favourites.
Thibault Q.
I more often have veg at dinner such as kale, spinach, cabbage, carrots etc. If you're having a Bolognese typeal you can add extra veg like chopped up carrots, celery, peppers, extra tomatoes. Whatever you like really. I have more fruit in the morning such as apple, oranges, mango, pineapple, melon, grapes or berries. You could even make a smoothie with any overripe bananas etc. I think if you are a sweet snacker in the evening then swap the sweets and chocolate for a piece of fruit. Good luck 🙂
Alexis O.
I really like fruit cups you can get pretty much any kind you want and they pair well with almost anything personally I think the 100% fruit just ones are the best
Audrey E.
A bowl of frozen fruit then you pour milk over it,wait for it to freeze over the berries, pour the exsess milk out,drizzle some honey and sunflower seeds and your set for a good breakfast small,healthy snack and a good side to any meal.
An Nisa W.
The best combination will be a fruit salad. Such as strawberry bananas raspberries blueberries peaches oranges kiwis watermelon and etc fruit that you like. 🙂
Alexandra N.
i find for dinner it is best to have a little bit of everything. this will help your body try new things and get a variety of fruits. most fruits are equally as delicious and nutritious so it is best not to only have one fruit. try buying a fresh fruit mix, or making a fun fruit plate!
Sofia C.
a fruit juice along with dinner is always a good choice. another option could be a fruit salad with strawberries, grapes, cantaloupe, and honeydew. tomato, if you consider it a fruit, and fresh mozzarella salad is another way to add a fruit to dinner.
Becky Z.
I prefer banana and blueberries…I feel the banana help with potassium and I believe that helps any leg cramps from happening…then the blueberries… they're amazing antioxidants and taking them at night helps your body absorb that better…because throughout the day you eat and drink more. which means
You could be flushing it out…your body needs these nutrients.
Rose E.
I think oranges and watermelon cause watermelon keeps you hydrated and oranges cause the help the immune system and they both just taste better at night
Floriana Y.
Well, if it's worg dinner,you want to be careful not to choose fruit with a high acidic or sugar content because it could interrupt your sleep. I suggest strawberries in moderation, with plenty of water, as your side. You can even slice them up and toss them on top of your salad.
R Bia Y.
I can say a lot of things, but the best are the things that you like. Mine are strawberries, apple's, pear, mango, banana and grapes. But you can like different things ,but this works for me.
Klaus D F.
Stawberries, raspberries and blueberries. I don’t like fruit salads, so nothing can be chopped. Maybe an orange? But again: either fresh juice or a whole orange that I’d have to eat in pieces. Tangerines and peaches are also great. Maybe plums? I don’t know… Watermelon! I love watermelons.
Zoe G.
I’m not really sure what fruit combination is good for dinner, but after dinner you can have like strawberries and cream as a dessert.