How can I exercise my back?

Paula P.
There are plenty to choose from and it depends on how difficult the exercise is. A more straightforward way of doing the exercises would be to do them laying on your tummy. For the upper back you can raise your arms and chest off the floor. Arm position would affect how difficult the exercise is. Arms at the side would be easier, then arms with the shoulders at 90 degrees from your body is a little harder, and with the arms stretched out like Superman is the hardest. For your lower back, you can either raise a leg off the floor with the knee bent (easier), or straight ( a little harder) or raise both legs (hardest) while laying on your tummy.
Romain S.
I would advise you to do some yoga. It is great for every part of your mind and body. I suggest Yoga with Adrienne in Youtube. She is awsome and also has some great videos about Yoga for the back, or back pain.
Lillie C.
There are many ways you can stretch and work your back muscles. Some stretches you can do are cat stretches, where you go on your hands and knees and bend your back up and down to get a stretch. You can also do some abb workouts, which will activate your back muscles as well. There are good core workouts in this app as well as other apps. Hope this helps!
Erin J.
Well there's a number of things you can do to excersize your back that I learnt from my dad. You can use a roller and do number of stretches that uses your back and if it feels sore and stiff go to a chiropractor they will help. Use excersizing apps to help you learn new ways to excersize your body. One quick tip from me, Never give up keep trying and you'll succeed!