What is your favorite quick and healthy breakfast? I like overnight oats.

Victoire Q.
Egg and porridge
Peter Z.
Overnight oats is one of my favorites! So easy to switch up by adding different fruits or spices. I also like making my own egg McMuffin (whole wheat English muffin, egg, avocado, tomato, and one slice cheese).
Dalila A.
I love overnight oats! Especially with blueberries or blueberry flavoured yoghurt. I also had apple and peanut butter for breakfast one morning which was light enough for me to manage without feeling sick.
L Andro Y.
Soft scrambled eggs on a tostada shell. Hard-boiled eggs. Fruits, sliced meats, and toast. Fruit smoothie.
Vid Lio Z.
Definitely fruit! It's so delicious and easy to prepare. Just wash/peel and slice! Plus, it makes a great addition to any other breakfast, maybe try some berries, bananas, or coconut flakes on your oats. If I have a little more time, I love to make a parfait with strawberries, blueberries, honey, and granola. Yum!
Jay P.
Honey Almond Kellogs corn flakes , some times eggs but too lazy to make them as I like my eggs perfectly timed and cooked , sausage for proteins sometimes , and soy milk non sweetened . And organic alovera juice mixed organic amla juice with a full 250 ml of water.
Jeanette Q.
I usually eat hot oatmeal topped with a serving size of raisins and brown sugar along with a cup of tea or coffee on chilly mornings. You can top the hot oatmeal with nuts or mix in Chia seeds.
During the summer when it's warmer and hot, I have one cup of plain Greek yogurt mixed with a high fiber cereal and/or a fruit, fresh or frozen thawed like blueberries, bananas, raspberries and blackberries topping it with a nut. Walnuts are excellent because they're high in Omega 3. I drink either a cup of coffee or tea, hot or iced.
Tammy U.
Grits and some fruit on the side. I also really like bacon
Christoffer P.
I enjoy eggs! Since I don't have time every morning for my favorite sunny side up, I like the mini quiches that Costco has as a substitute.
Herbert C.
My favorite breakfast is a smoothie. Espically when im in a rush. I just put some spinach, banana and more fruits and veggies (green or red), shake it and take my cup with me to drink in class or in traffic.
Meghan Q.
My favorite is over night oats!! I can make 5 mason jars for the week and set it in the fridge. No cooking required! Plus I use nut mills to keep the calories down.
Am Ncio P.
I also love overnight oats. Really easy to prepare at night and even easier to eat in the morning. I prepare my mix in batches and then each night simply mash a banana, pour some of the mix, put some frozen berries on top and add soy milk. In the morning I usually cut some fresh fruits as well. The Mix:
Oats: 420g
Flax seeds: 100g (crushed)
Chia seeds: 15g
Cocoa: 25g
Cinnamon: 5g
Almonds (or other nuts): 100g (crushed)
Dried Coconut: 50g
Optional: Four Sigmatic's 10 Mushroom Blend, Amla Powder
Becky X.
When really pressed for time, a handful of almonds does the trick. When there’s luxury of time, scrambled eggs and smoked ham is heaven.
Flenn F.
I love juicing specially as I’m recovering from a cold! I’m not a morning breakfast person, so a drink is easier for me to have plus I get fuelled with a lot of vitamins and minerals that give me a boost throughout the day 😉
Joaquim Q.
My most recent a favorite breakfast is a turkey sandwich, which I do with the leftovers of my Christmas dinner. It really does taste delicious
Olivia U.
Well, I start off with a poached egg, some peanuts, and an apple. But this is only temporary. I will change it as soon as I fancy another protein rich intake.
Julian Z.
Every week i make egg cups eggs turkey sausage cheese pico de gallo pour in muffin pan..I eat 2 every morning its the protein my body needs