Are there more options of breakfast that are simple and quick?

Juan Z.
I usually eat fried eggs and toast in the morning but sometimes when I’m in a rush I’ll just have a yogurt and a banana. Or I’ll make porridge and have toast with that.
Donna A.
I eat cereal bars or rice bars that doesn't contain sugar and has a few calories or natural yogurt always with cereals in it
Neila E.
1.Try overnight oats, there are tons of yummy recipes avalible online.
2. Baked oats in the over are a good one and lasts yoi for multiple days.
3. Bread with peanutbutter and banana.

Hope this helps you on your journey to a healthy lifestyle!

Gary J.
Egg muffins (butter, egg, sausage in the oven)
Yogurt and granola
Banana oat chocolate chip muffins (more involved, but delicious)
Meal prepping is key!
Emma X.
A sweet and salty nut bar is easy to put in your pocket and eat quickly when you have a moment. You can also hard-boil eggs and peel them the night before, then season them and put in a ziplock in the fridge for the morning!
Tessa F.
Usually I go for a vegan breakfast burrito filled with beans, avocado, tofu and combine it with fruit. Or sometimes I heat up some oatmeal and add some fruit on top
Norman F.
Fried eggs on whole wheat toast
Oatmeal with fruit
Peanut butter and apple slices
For my fellow Indians who love a traditional brekkie – the humble dish of dosa/uttapam/idli
Timothee Z.
Yes – porridge is very quick and can be eaten on the go, Avocado on toast is also filling, Bircher muesli can be made the night before
Anna E.
Fruit,nuts,and veggies in raw form are quick. I really like date bars because they are filling and portable. Homemade breakfast muffins are amazing and much better than anything store bought or mass manufactured. Honey and peanut butter is another favorite of mine.
Amanda S.
If you dont have time to eat keep some fruits in your bag and also included some dryfruits!! A glass of low fat milk instead of coffee and oats can do a lot .
Jonathan P.
I buy a big case of protein-rich yogurt, like skyr or oikos, from Costco, a bag of granola, and some honey. Then, in the morning, I grab a yogurt from the fridge, throw in some granola and honey, and head out the door!
Andreas A.
Absolutely! You could do overnight oats, which are quick and easy to prep before bed and then either heat and eat in the morning or take with you, there's the microwave trick with eggs where if you beat them in a olive oil sprayed, round mug and microwave for one minute you have a perfectly cooked egg that's just the right size for a multigrain bagel thin, you could do granola and yogurt (which is also easy to pre-portion the night before) and if all else fails there's always the grab and go failsafe of protein/granola bars!
Dwight E.
Hard boiled eggs that are ready to go. I call that my grab and go. Or, I’ll chop it up and drizzle with hot sauce (use your favorite sauce to make it your own!) Another idea is to prepare egg salad and make a half sandwich, or mix with tuna (and I add capers, mmmm!). Enjoy with a glass of low sodium vegetable juice! Now, you’ve added fiber and vitamins of all of those veggies!
Micheal E.
I've been doing oatmeal with yogurt. I can mix it the night before and leave it in the fridge
It's ready to eat in the morning!

Low sugar protein bars are great too! Just make sure if you have any intolerances the bar is free of them. I am gluten, lactose, and legume intolerant. So I can't have soy, whey, or protein. I have to read the ingredients carefully when I'm buying one.

Banana and peanut butter is a quick and delish fix. Same with apple slices and peanut butter. Bonus points if the peanut butter is natural with no sugar added.

A dense wholegrain loaf of bread with raw peanut butter is great too. Two slices is better than 1. Add sugar free jam to sweeten if you need to, or even better would be smashing some berries or banana slices.

Amelia G.
Yes, a quick protein shake that can be prepped overnight and ready to blend in the morning is one option. I sometimes like a bit of veg with sweet potatoes and egg whites.
Lucimeri Q.
Overnight oats is pretty simple. You just measure everything into a mason jar and put it in the fridge the night before. I find that eating them feels pretty different to eating regular oatmeal. I typically do hard boiled eggs and fruit though.
Caroline C.
Eggs. Poached, fried, boiled (real time saver if you pre-boil, store in fridge and just have to unshell in morning!) Do yourself a favor and eat the yolks! All sorts of great vitamins!!
Bas Lio E.
Smoothie. Takes some prep and the right equipment, but it can be fast. Set it up the night before. Put dry stuff together in one container: examples are fruit, veggies, nuts, protein powder, cocoa, matcha, chia, etc. Put wet stuff together in another container: water, nut or dairy milk, yogurt, Maple syrup etc. In the morning, dump 'em both in the blender. It takes a minute to blend. If you make enough for two or three mornings, then you get to do all the work less often!
Jacira S.
Eggs, smoothies, avocado toast, parfait, yogurt, grapefruit, and protein shakes are some options. Hope that helps. Stay Fabulous.
Veli J.
Breakfast is hard because you have to make time for prep. One option is a peanut butter and banana sandwich. Relatively quick and you can take it on the go. To make healthy use natural peanut butter with no added sugars or oils and a good whole wheat bread. You could even toast it if like me you want something warm in the morning.
Carlos Y.
Yes, there are options for healthy breakfast that are also fast and easy to prepare. Eggs are great option for a healthy meal as they are rich in protein and other essential nutrients, also they are easily available and different dishes can be made from them. Muesli and oats are other healthy options as they can be taken just like that as a snack and will make you feel full for a longer time.
Nathaniel U.
Yes there are a ton of options for breakfast. From toast and peanut butter fruit smoothies oatmeal overnight oatmeal one of my favorites
Bryan J.
Whole wheat bread + tuna salad in mayonnaise + boild egg

Tuna​ salad in mayonnaise
Cook only 1 time but it can keep to 1 week

Laszlo J.
I have had a lot of success with intermittent fasting and as such I have been making my breakfast a healthy green powder drink.
Tobias Z.
Healthy smoothies
Avocado toast
Cereal topped with fruit and wheat germ, flax, or chia seeds
Make ahead mason jar breakfasts
Make ahead crustless egg tartlets
Jolanta C.
I like to make up porridge servings with quick oats, nuts, seeds and favourite dried fruits so that all I need to do is add boiling water and go. A small teaspoon of coconut sugar is good if you're not normally a porridge eater and making the transition…
Dantela P.
The options of a grape breakfast that are simple and quick are oats overnight oats with yogurt and berries I can grab it and go. Boiled eggs just things that you can Grab & Go are probably the best in the easiest
Rebecca Z.
I eat either a fried egg or mashed avocado on toasted bread. Both are simple, delicious and full of protein to fill me up
L Onie Y.
I prefer to eat in my car on the way to work, so having something packable and transportable is really important to me. I love bagels with cream cheese. When I’m home in the morning, I love yogurt with berries sweetened with honey!

Try to stick to whole grains, and fruit. If you enjoy larger breakfasts, try to incorporate protein to stay full for longer. A lot of my friends will make-ahead egg cups in a muffin tin (add peppers or cheese as you like) and grab one or two a day.

Fabio E.
Overnight oatmeal
Takes 5 min to make the night before and you store in the fridge before eating it the next morning. You can look up recipes online
Ant Nia P.
The best breakfast, in my opinion, is plain yogurt with honey, nuts, raisins and white oats. Plus a cup of coffee with milk. Or you can just grab a cappuccino and a croissant from a local cafe while making plans for the day 🙂
Antonin Q.
eggs are always good you can eat them almost any way imaginable they're filled with protein and many other things spinach is also good if you don't like spinach that's alright I love spinach personally almonds and yogurt are delicious smoothies for when you're on the go and some cereals are okay actually granola bars are easy to make and delicious just make sure you include some Dairy and fruit in your breakfast it's as simple as putting in an extra bit of butter the pan and fats are good for you it just depends on the fat avocados and butter are filled with fats that are extremely good for you a good breakfast can be small or big it just depends on how much you want to eat just get something in your body!!!!!
Andrea Z.
Hello there, I hope that you are doing great. Well I have a couple of advice on how to eat healthy breakfast in no time.
The Golden role prepare the food before ahead, before you go to bed just spend 10 mins getting things ready.

However here are my favorite recipes (they contain healthy carbs, protein and vitamins) for the meal:
This is the best granola to pair with yogurt and fruit.

Mango, strawberry, raspberry, or green SMOOTHIES. YUMMY and still rich in fiber, protein if u add milk and delicious.

Eggs 🥚 they are pure and strong protein sources, you can boil one wile getting dressed or fry one which takes less than 5 mins combined with fresh vegetables or green leaves ( Cucumber, tomatoes, lattice… Etc)

To make it even easier a large apple 🍏 or a medium size banana with two to three teaspoons of oatmeal and you are ready to run a marathon hehehe.

Make a big sheet pan of this almond and oat granola bark and you'll be set for breakfast (and snacks!) throughout the week.

Pineapple, Ginger, and Walnut Oatmeal. Get them slightly cooked add 🍯 honey and keep them in the refrigerator take 3 to 4 spoons in the morning and you are ready 😍

Chilled Overnight Chia
Go ahead and sleep in, because these creamy oats literally cook themselves overnight in the fridge.
You will need small plates half a cup of milk for each 1 big tables spoon of chia 1 big table spoon of oatmeal a handful of nuts and slices of 🍌 bananas.
Heath the milk mix the ingredients let it cook in the fridge sleep tight and enjoy them in the morning.

Slice of toast, low fat white cheese , and greens.

I hope that I was able to help.

Duarte C.
I usually have different kind of breakfast every morning. Since I'm more a night owl and I really like to sleep in mornings, I need some organization.
So, here my options:
– tea with a teaspoon of honey, two slices of whole bread with my favourite jam
– a banana and raspberries smoothie, really easy to make
– banana and oatmeal pancakes and a glass of juice
– milk and whole wheat cereals, maybe with chunks of dark chocolate
– oatmeal and nuts bar, I made them by myself once a month, so I have 12/15 bars ready to go
– sometimes I like english breakfast, so toasted whole wheat bread with scrambled eggs and soft cheese and a glass of juice or tea

This is it, hope this is useful for you!