What is your great breakfast to eat for fuel and to be full?

Christoffer N.
A great breakfast to eat is a breakfast with protein for example eggs,you should also avoid sugary foods and they wear off in about 2 hours. If you are vegan or vegetarian and good selection is a hand full of walnuts,fruit and things like that

Sandra E.
If its on week days I eat some fruits and eggs with some milk it really gets me going but if it's on Sundays or Saturdays I eat something heavy like an egg sandwich, a hotdog or some cereal with fruit juice

Emily C.
To make sure I stay full and start my day off with energy, I like a good mix of protein and carbs. Something like eggs and breakfast sausage for the majority of my meal makes sure I stay full until lunch and reduces my snacking. And then a little something fun like a croissant or pastry gives me a boost of energy and lets me add some variety to my breakfast, I like eggs so much because there’s so many ways to mix it up with them.

Amanda P.
Anything with lots of fiber. Fresh fruit, yogurt,smoothies, eggs, avocado. Simple carbs tend to make me have the “food coma” feeling so if you don’t want to feel fatigued avoid that in the morning to stay as energized as possible

Chayton E.
Definitely some oatmeal. It keeps me full till lunch time, and it is so versatile. I can put whatever I want into it like banana and cinnamon.

Theresa Z.
Granola, even better if it's home made. In the winter I like to mix it with warm applesauce and maybe top with a little yogurt.

Mal Na J.
Good morning, what kind of breakfast is best to not gain weight?
I've noticed that when i eat a fried egg everyday for breakfast I gain weight though I exercise daily.
Any advice for alternatives?
Have a nice day!

A La Y.
A rich oat meal contains oat, plant based milk, almonds or wallnuts, apple, chia seeds and flax seeds with matcha or green tea.

Amanda W.
I have a couple answers that are healthy, but also filling.
1. Chia pudding
Chia seeds are really good in general but when you combine them with milk/youghrt they become a really easy grab n go if you make them the night before.
2.Toast w butter/lettuce/an egg
Again easy and filling, quick. A basic.
3. Porridge
There are so many different types and with toppings it can be really yummy. Not that fast but if you have time then defo a good one.
4. Something combined with a fruit.
If you want to be extra healthy and have the time then also a fruit is good to have in addision to these.