I can’t eat first thing when I wake up. Do you think it’s ok to leave 45 mins between drinking my water and eating breakfast?

Larry C.
Indeed. When i first got up i drink some water then a protein shake. After 1 hour i go for a big breakfast and start intermitten fasting.
Wesley S.
Of course! You don’t have to eat immediately when waking up. The point of a healthy breakfast is to give your body a boost after fasting at night. If you skip breakfast fully you’ll feel tired. But you can definitely wait 45 min – 1 hr as long as you have your breakfast before heading out to start your day!
Francelina E.
No, we should not eat breakfast before 45 minutes after drinking water. It’s Ayurvedic healing. Water cleans our body and increases metabolism rate. It’s good for kidneys, also good for ppl who suffers constipation.
Louis U.
As long as it does not upset your stomach. Ice cold water on an empty belly can sometimes cause an nausea. It might be better to drink room temperature water first thing in the morning.
Signe G.
Sure you can either start preparing an elaborate breakfast (that will get you hungry!) Or use the 45 minutes to meditate/exercise!
Chiara Z.
I think that is perfectly fine. I sometimes wait for an hour or even two before the breakfast as I fell kind of full with water.
Victoria G.
I do not think it is okay. Drinking water helps with your digestion so eating closer to when you drink your water will help you digest your food better. The longer you wait the harder the digestion.
Thea W.
Certainly, there is new data results indicating for some a ‘mini-fast’. For some of us, waiting until 11:00 a.m. or thereabouts, eating sensibly (clean eating or Keto), and ending w your last meal prior to 6:p.m., we utilize our intake more efficiently.
Lotte O.
Yes! If you’re making the adjustment to an earlier routine, then you might find that you can eat earlier as time goes on. But regardless, work with what your body is telling you!
Laila F.
I think so. The trick is to still make it your routine to eat at 45 minutes. You could also perhaps rev up your body to get used to early eating by maybe just having something small, like a tiny tangerine. I just stuffed one down my gullet with a piece of string cheese because I get up extra early on Saturdays for my farmers market. It’s something. 🙂
Abssil O Z.
Unfortunately for me isn't possible to leave all this time without eat something. I habitually eating asap I woke up. So I'll work to change that. I promise!
Ernest F.
I'm not an expert, but, I feel that you could eat ypur breakfast at any time in the morning, it also depends on the time you wake up… for water or for breakfast. Anyway, you could wake up 45min earlier to drink your glass of water instead.
Russel S.
I do believe that it is ok to wait between the two. This will give time for the body to wake up, feel hydrated and be prepared to process food.
Hans C.
I believe the very important thing is drinking your water as soon as you wake up. My fav ritual is lukewarm water and lemon
Julie F.
Totally! I find I like some time in between too if I can get it! Only negative is sometimes I take longer than that and I get tired and grumpy from not eating. 🙁 I guess the key is not letting it get to be too long. 🙂
David E.
I don’t eat right away. I do drink the water but then I get ready for the day and make time to eat breakfast 20 min before I leave for work. By then I’m more awake and make better choices than some real quick whatever.
Edgar E.
I think it is okay not to complete all the habits right away, as long as they’re completed. Today I forgot to drink my water as soon as I woke up, but then I remembered and completed the task during my commute. Normally I would be really hard on myself about this, so I’m happy I can practice self compassion.
Felix A.
I think it’s perfectly fine to incorporate a timeframe like that into your routine. Maybe fill that 45 minutes with other essential actions that help promote productivity and with eventually create that flow that stimulates hunger. And with routine, your body will begin to expect to eat at that time anyway.
Samuel C.
I believe it is okay to eat after you wake up a little. I personally have breakfast on my morning routine at the very end. It typically takes me 1/2 hour to 45 minutes to get to breakfast.
Jeannine T.
It’s actually good. It’s totally fine and I also can’t eat breakfast straight away. You don’t have to do your habits in the same order or time. Hugs, bye
Marilou Z.
It is more about setting up a routine that gets you out the door ready for the day. Including a breakfast that will keep you full.
Hiltrud Z.
Of course, but I would suggest preparing the food, setting it out right after you drink the water—or setting the table. (Completing preparation to whatever extent is possible without turning your stomach.) I have the same issue. I actually can’t even drink the water the precise moment I wake up. There is room for grace. I might set a timer or keep within view of the food to make sure that you do get to it, though. I hope this helps. Onwards ho to delicious food and a delectable day!
Ilaine C.
I think it's important to drink your water first and have breakfast. If you are unable to eat straight away that's ok as long as you allow yourself enough time to eat a healthy breakfast.
Judith S.
I think it’s more than okay, as I know after you drunk water should wait at least 15 minutes before eating, so you can have water just right after you open your eyes and then get up, do some morning routine like shower, grooming etc and then it’s your time for a great breakfast!
Ryan J.
I have to take my meds as soon as I wake up so I take them with water. And I cant eat right away because I have to wait for said meds to kick in so I 5hink its okat to wait.
Ros Ngela Q.
Yes, that’s a good idea. I adjusted the program to broadly mean the first hour of the morning. Gotta brush my teach and use the bathroom before I eat.
Stephanie R.
My physical trainer says it’s important to drink a glass of water first thing. I do that. She also says I should eat within an hour of getting up. Usually I don’t. But I always (almost) have a good breakfast by 8:30 in the morning. We do the best we can.

Maybe try having a granola or Kind bar first thing with your water on mornings when you know you will have to delay breakfast.

Keep up the good fight of conversion and personal transformation.

Nathan U.
Try to eat something. At first it is difficult, but after one or two weeks it becomes a routine. Your body is thriving after night. If you are not eating early in the morning your metabolism slowes down and you are accomolating fat insted of borning it.
Clarence E.
Yes, I think it’s totally fine. I never knew at first thing , I try to eat within the first hour or so after getting up
Ingeborg A.
Something similar has worked for me. I’m supposed to eat 30 minutes after taking my morning medications. I take my meds with the morning water, then set a timer. A couple weeks after starting the morning water habit, it became easier for me to eat breakfast. Good luck!
Marius W.
Yes it’s ok to do that. I don’t eat my breakfast straight away but have a glass of water to take my tablets then I make a cup of tea.
Mehmet F.
I have to because of medical conditions. As long as you are eating breakfast I don't think the exact timing matters. I put other habits in between water and breakfast.
Damaris X.
No, I am able to eat very shortly after I wake up. I would only leave 45 minutes between drinking my water and eating breakfast if there was a proven health benefit.
Felix S.
Absolutely!! I drink a half liter of water, then work out, then drink another liter of water, then have coffee while I prepare breakfast. It’s usually an hour and a half between waking up and eating.
Philip E.
No.. It's wrong.. Because our body need food indha morning..we have so many gap between dinner and breakfast so we should eat earlier indha morning. Thank you
Signe Z.
Yes. I don't go straight to have breakfast, I get up and take my cup or water with my meds, then I continue with my morning routine, and about 45 min to an hour after waking up I take breakfast, giving time to my stomach to start feeling hungry, and also giving myself time to fully wake up and get in a good mood, which motivates me even more to have a healthy and well thought through meal.
Jacob Y.
Yes, I think it's OK. I believe then I drink water some time before eating breakfast I sure feel better. Hear your body!
Jamie S.
Short answer: yes.
Longer answer: pay attention to your body and if it says “don’t feed me now”, don’t feed it. I’ve recently begun 16/8 Intermittent Fasting (16 hours of fasting/8 hour window for food). I eat my first meal at 12 noon and have only tea or black coffee after drinking my morning water.
Ben S.
As long as you eat in the morning – yes! A lot of people have a hard time eating right as they wake up. That time could instead be used to gently work out, get your blood flowing, work up an appetite. Then your breakfast will be awesome. Move a little, dance if you will, jump around just a bit, shake your booty and all those fun things you can do, to make your heart go woo! There are studies also, that the reason you can’t eat in the morning might be because you eat too much at night. Try limiting your dinners to 4 hours before bed. Can’t do that? Try eating lighter dinners! All in all – it’s not a big deal that you don’t eat first thing in the morning. Take your time, find YOUR pace, and you’ll do great!
Isabella O.
I think so. I often just eat a spoonful of almond butter, go workout and then drink a smoothie about 30 min after my 45 minute work out.
Eden O.
I eat maybe 30mins after waking up. I think the idea is to start your day with the energy you need, it doesn’t matter if it’s as soon as you wake up or after you’re dressed. I hope this helps.
Signe Z.
Yes. I think it's important to make systems work for you. If you can eat 45min after you drink water, what kinds of things can you incorporate in that time to set yourself up for success?
Adam E.
Yes absolutely! It's just about making sure you eat breakfast, but not everyone is the same. I have to wait a little before I eat in the morning.
Hugo Q.
Absolutely! Give your body time to wake up a little bit. As long as you’re still eating, waiting a little bit won’t hurt.
Katie J.
It is better to have at least 20-25 min break between drinking water and eating (breakfast or other meal) so you are doing fine, listen to your body.
Sara R.
No: a short pause Is physiological, but usually it tooks from 5 to 15 mins to be ready to eat. In my opinion, 45 mins are too much
Bartholom Us G.
I frequently have that large a gap between the first morning drink and eating. I like to get myself ready for the day before having breakfast. I feel I’m really awake by then and able to enjoy my meal and be more thoughtful about it.
Kristina Y.
That's all right. There's no set time for eating your breakfast, just as long as you eat it in the morning. If your body's not comfortable taking breakfast as soon as you wake up, don't force it.
Daisi Q.
Yes, you totally can. Just do not forget to have breaskfast cause it have all the important nutrients needed for your body to kick start the day. Leaving some time between having breakfast is good because it gave the body sufficent time to fully wake up. You can drink half cup of cool water to wake up your organs and nerves then bath 15 minutes after. Then you can have breakfast without waiting 45 minuates. Recommendation carrot juices and beet juice is the best juice to have on mornings around 10 o' clock your body will feel so much better.
Svea E.
I have that problem too and i think it’s okay you don’t have to force yourself. It’s more important to feel comfortable while you’re achieving your goals you are doing so fine keep going!!
Lucien I.
Yes it is alright to leave 30 – 40 minutes in between waking up and your morning routine. What is important is that you get the energy you need to have a fabulous day!
Dipo P.
Sure, no problem.It takes me at least one hour tot finish my duties upstairs. Then I go downstairs for my vitamines and to prepair my healthy breakfast. Just take your time. No need to rush and almost chocke on your breakfast. Good luck 🤗
Martin Y.
I’m not sure the right answer to that. But if it helps to know what others do, I wait until my kids wake up to make breakfast, which ends up being around 2-3 hours before I eat.
Johanne P.
Yes, of course! You can brush your teeth or make your bed or do other thing and then eat your breakfast. Do YOUR routing on your own time!
Sam F.
Yes And you can do exercise in between so that yoy are not wasting your time as well and these will benefit to your health also.
Monica P.
I would think the same thing, getting up and making my bed and brushing my teeth, or reading… maybe not reading of the cell phone, but reading my book club book. I’m trying to figure out how to give myself 45 minutes before breakfast as well. What I’m struggling with, is that after I drink the water I need to exit the bed. … And I’m making progress. You can too