In the morning, do you exercise before or after you eat?

Lebopo V.
personally, i do my exercise in the evening right before dinner. obviously i would’ve had lunch or else that would be unhealthy. i do some morning yoga then eat breakfast so i guess my answer is before i eat.

Di P.
Generally before breakfast but I have a cup of green tea or coffee before working out. On occasions I don't do it before breakfast, I wait at least 2 hours after breakfast before working

Ian Z.
I exercise before I eat. This way there is less chance of a cramp or undesirable outcome as my workouts increase with intensity.

Remi Z.
I usually exercise after I eat because so get more energy from the food that I have eaten and then after I exercise I usually eat something small to keep me going through the rest of my day.

Cameron J.
I'd rather exercise while fasting but in very specific cases. I have a high body % for ectomorph people I recommend eat animal protein and veggies previous to exercise

Hans W.
A nutritionist once said it is better for women to eat a little something before exercise, but for men it's the opposite, so I eat a little shortly before exercise, usually a banana and plenty of water 🍌🥛🥛:)

Melissa L.
Actually, I am still in the process of trying it out to see what works best for me. Some days I exercise before I eat, which increases my appetite, and makes going out for a walk easier. On other days, I exercise after I've had breakfast, then it's easier to immerse in the morning routine and you have fuel for your exercise.

Theodor Y.
I exercise before but that's mainly because I can't eat when I first get up. I usually don't eat breakfast until about 9.30am. ☺

Silv Ria Z.
Yes, I do exercise before I eat. I get scared that I’ll feel sick if I exercise before eating. Not only that, but having a nice meal feels rewarding after working hard.

Debbie P.
I like to exercise before eating, I feel lighter on an empty stomach. Then breakfast can serve also as a replenishing meal.

Delores N.
After. If I exercise without have eaten something before, I start feeling ill. I always have something for breakfast, then I do another activity, and after a little period of time I exercise.

Tisha N.
Before because if you workout after you have to digest the food etc like I go jogging before I have breakfast because my breakfast is big and healthy so exercise before breakfast

Pam Z.
I exercise before eating large meals, to avoid cramping and being too tired to workout, but sometimes if I'm feeling a bit lethargic in the morning before working out I will eat a little snack before working out. Like a few pieces of banana or an energy ball, and then eat more after the workout.

Olivia N.
I usually try to exercise after work, but before dinner. That way it's still early and it builds an appetite for dinner.

Rom O E.
I exercise before I eat personally. But I did read something from a personal trainer which said exercise is like paying bills. You can either put the money in first and let the bills go out, or you can let the bills go out knowing that your overdraft will cover them, then put the money in after. So honestly I think it's personal preference.

Corey U.
Most of the time i usually try to exercise within a half hour of waking up and have breakfast after. I'll drink water, brush my teeth, change into my exercise clothes, meditate, then exercise. I'll shower, get ready for the day, then eat. Sometimes I wake up later than I'd like and I'll have breakfast first, but I try to wait at least an hour after eating before exercising.

Ana F.
I take breakfast before doing exercise because I think it adapts better into my routine actually I have online classes at 7 AM until 10 AM so every day I wake up at 5 AM in order to do some exercise then I take a shower, I take my vitamins and then I eat some fruits. Usually I finish my breakfast at 8AM or 9 AM while I am in class.

I think I’m doing great with this routine I wish I could sleep more but the way I am solving this is by sleeping earlier every night so it’s more easier to wake up in the mornings.

Also I discovered that I have more energy than before doing this routine so I’m happy for that 😁