What do you do if you’re strapped for time in the morning?

Edvaldo G.
Try waking up slightly earlier, even a little extra time can be the difference of rushing and increasing stress first thing of the day.
Anime R.
If I’m strapped for time in the morning I only do a 7 minute workout (I normally do a 15-20 minute workout) and eat a breakfast that I can make quicker than porridge like maybe toast. But I make sure I don’t skip any steps because even that can affect how often I workout.
Amanda P.
I tend to shorten my tasks. (Example, if I need to shower but don’t have time, I’ll wash the important parts) I also make smaller meals, and spend less time on fun stuff
Victoria S.
Multi-Task. It might seem chaotic but you could be doing lunges or high-knees on your way to the kitchen to make breakfast, or if you drop something, do a squat or two instead of bending down, or do calf raises while waiting for the microwave. That way you can fit your daily low intensity workout into a quick-paced morning. For breakfast, it's kind of hard to get in a fulfilling and healthy breakfast in the morning when it could be a lot easier to throw something in the microwave, or take a granola bar. The best advice I could give is prepare the night before.