One slice of toast or two?

Julieta C.
Two. I personally feel more full when I eat two, because just one slice will make me feel even more hungry. So two it’s the perfect choice
Anna R.
It depends really when your next going going eat like if you are not going to be eating again until let's say 1:00 then yeah probably have two but if you you will be eating again earlier say like 11:00 then maybe just one.
Evangelos U.
One slice. Toast is carbs. Carns weigh you down eventually. It's better to have one slice of toast and fill the gap with fruit or protein.
Bengt O.
As allways, it depends on your goal. If you want to gain mass or not, need more energy. Also you shpuld check what to put on your toast, i.e. jam ain't that healthy – has more negative effects than positive on your goals (for example concentration decrease).
Ask your self if you really need Toast, or if you may fall back on more healthier alternatives = porridge, a shake/smoothie, fruits and nuts…
I hoped that helped! 🙂
Kyleigh X.
Two of course!! personally i like to have butter on one and avocado with everything bagel seasoning on it. why have one slice when you could have two with variety!!
Leroy F.
Zero at the moment (controlling carbs especially at breakfast), but if toast at all then probably two, one savory or buttered with the main, and one sweetened to end the meal!
Chantal Z.
It depends on how hungry I am, and how much exercise I plan to do that day. If it isn’t much, I’ll have one piece of toast, and have something else that’s more nutrient dense.
Hailey W.
Two because bread is filling even with a small amount of food so if you’re looking to be fuller with less food then bam two pieces