How much time do you allot for breakfast?

Louanne P.
Hey! Hope you are fine. It doesn't take much time to prepare and eat the breakfast: About 10 minutes to make the breakfast ready and then about 15-20 minutes eating it. I usually make tea before starting to exercise and it will get ready once I have finished. Hope this was helpful, With love.
Ruth G.
At least half an hour, although I can be disorganised or distracted in the morning so I try to leave an hour sometimes!
Breakfast itself is all done in 10 minutes, but allowing flexible time to do ensures I don’t skip it!
Anna Lena Y.
It depends, but at least 30 minutes. Most of the time I just eat a toast, so it doesn't take too long to make. Other times, if I want to cook something more complex like an omelette or some vegetables, I want to make sure I have plenty of time to cook and eat. In any case, I never want to rush things, so I just take my time and enjoy this wonderful part of the day.
Daniela Y.
On weekdays I give myself around 30 minutes before school and on weekends I can wake up late so I give myself as much time as I’d like.
Guimar Q.
I like to give myself half hour to eat breakfast in the morning. I don’t like to spend time cooking, so I usually prepare overnight oats in advance.
Madate Q.
I don’t particularly eat a heavy breakfast because it makes me feel nauseated so I usually eat something light like tea with yogurt and some kind of fruit and toast