Do you eat breakfast within an hour of waking up?

Levi O.
Yes, I do. I always make sure to plan ahead and prepare the ingredients, or prepare half of the breakfast the night before, so that I don't miss it. It helps me stay consistent and choose healthy meals made at home instead of eating something outside that won't fuel my body right and enough.
Mina Vlogs19 B.
So when I wake up I do my face routine and washing teeth when I’m done I relax my body for 10 minutes before getting something to eat then when it’s done I search something good to eat so I can cook it at home 🙂
Emma N.
As fas as I know it is recommended by dieticians but sometimes it is 1,5 hour on my end. However, I encourage you to do so, even a small breakfast, because it wakes you up and gives you energy for the beginning of the day 😉
Yasee N.
I eat breakfast few minutes after i wake up,you have to eat breakfast till at least 2 hours after u wake up but the sooner you eat it the better it is for your metabolism
Michelle Z.
Yes, after washing up I would prepare a bowl of cereal which is my laziest meal.. if i'm feeling up to it, I'd go for peanut butter sandwich and if my parents are around we'd go for porridge!
Howard S.
Generally yes, it’s good motivation for me actually getting up and not just reading in bed for hours. I’m not sure if it’s necessarily what you should do – mixed reports – and it will be different for everyone but it’s what I do most days.
Eunice Z.
Nope I start my day by drinking water and then reading some book to stay positive all through the day and then goes for exercise 30 minutes then after that I usually take breakfast because exercise makes appetite increase more, that is good for breakfast. So I usually eat my breakfast after one hour of waking up.
Rosmarie U.
I tend to eat breakfast within 2 hours of waking up because I don't usually wake up with an appetite. I like to eat after a morning walk with a cup of coffee. This helps build up my appetite and gets me more inspired to be creative when making my breakfast.
Miranda B.
Yes I try to, though it is definitely a struggle as I just don't feel hungry that early. I wouldn't say I'm enjoying breakfast just yet!
Vishnupriya N.
No I don’t. If I eat breakfast then I get hungry earlier in the day before my classes finish. And I don’t have time to park a lunch. If you don’t eat breakfast I can go till 4 pm without getting hungry
Henni O.
I try to eat within the hour, but sometimes, well most of the time, when I wake up I'm on my phone. I'm trying not to be on my phone so that I can make most of my day, but it's really tempting. Also, I'm not really used to having breakfast, but I'm building a habit out of it with the help of the app, plus my dad and aunt get really concerned if I skip even one meal. I got a bit carried away, sorry, but in short, I don't have my breakfast within the hour everyday. Again, sorry for this being so long.
Rosa O.
Yes. I have been waking up slowly in bed then when I get up I go have breakfast, when I start my new job I’ll have to work out a new morning routine to make sure I get everything I want done.
Hania V.
Usually I didn’t even have breakfast, but since I’ve started using this app I’ve started to. Some days it’s within an hour, other days it’s within two hours.
Uilian A.
I usually do. It depends if I know what Im about to eat while some other days I find it a bit difficult. Breakfast is important to me because if I dont eat it before going out i wont feel good and might feel a bit dizzy.
Kristel P.
No. I eat breakfast on my first break at work between 10-11am. I wake up at 6:30am get ready and get to work. This also helps extend the time I don't eat for, I try to not eat for at least 12 hours mostly during the night.
Bree N.
I do. I get hungry after about 30 minutes of being awake, so I open blinds, make my bed, and go make breakfast. Usually mostly fruit. On the days when I don’t eat soon, I notice that hunger distracts me from whatever I’m doing. Hope this helps!
Elena N.
Sometimes. It depends on how hungry I am then it how much I have to do in the morning. Just whatever works best for me, and you should do the same!
Autumn X.
I try to eat within the hour but sometimes I'm just not hungry yet. But I always try to eat breakfast before 10am so that I'm still hungry for lunch.
Kurt F.
From what I can gather, I wake up at 5:30am and eat at around about 6:20am or 6:30am. So I just make it in the one hour time of waking up.
Emilie G.
Usually i do, but when I have a Day off i like to drink a glass of water, pee and thenn just take some time to relax before i eat 🙂
Nolan F.
I usually eat two hours after I've woken up because that's usually when I'm hungry for breakfast. Sometimes I feel bad for not doing it as soon as possible in order to form the habit, but I think it's important to make the habit work for you as well.
Chesleigh T.
Usually, I don't. I wake up at 6:00 AM and the rest of my family gets up at around 7:00-8:00. We eat sometime around there.
Lucien W.
I try to eat pretty fast after i wake up so when i drink coffee i dont get jitters but sometimes i cant pull myself out of bed to do it
Suzanne U.
Anything that moves your body and that you enjoy. Walking, dancing, even doing chores around the house at a quicker pace. It’s more important to think of it as moving your body than completing certain “exercise”
Scholarstica O.
No please……usually when I wake up in the morning I eat some fruits and drink water then shower then I eat my breakfast.
Awel E.
Not most days. I normally can't eat within the first hour without felling sick and I usually take around an hour to get ready
Yeet N.
Yes I do actually, and this change happened not so long ago, I think kind of recently , and I hope I can continue having breakfasts like this
Adrian Z.
No I usually Start eating it 45 m. Before leaving the house and wake up 2 h. Before breakfast so as to shower and do morning stuff I'm a bit slow on the morning chores so it takes that long breakfast is not fancy coffee or tea with toast or plain bread maybe a fruit if there's no bread
Emmanuel Q.
I first drink water within the hour and let that set and afterwards eat breakfast then drink a protein shake throughout the day! 🙂
Romain Y.
I normally eat within a half hour. When I do it in a hurry I know I'm prioritizingy eating instead of laying around till it's time for work. Its not a flawless plan but Its worked the past 4 days(I forgot to mark the checkpoint lol)
Rafaela E.
I don't know. I woke up, brush my teeth, Put on my work clothes and start to make my breakfast. I don't really know how much time it takes
Aliciane Z.
Sometimes, usually after waking up I get distracted with my phone like half an hour and then with all the wakeup procesos of going to the bathroom, dressing up and try to clean up some things. So I let the breakfast at last
Sam P.
Usually yes! After I wake up, check the phone for sometime, then brush my teeth and then I go for breakfast! But I wish to check my phone after the habits to be honest!
G Rkem N.
Yes for the weekdays. I wake up at 6 and eat at 6.20. But for weekends it’s different. I wake up, wait for everyone to wake up and go to bakery get some bread, bagel etc. Then after 1-2 hours we eat
Andreas Z.
Stretching is really just for yourself; where do you want to be (more) flexible? I would stretch everyday shortly wherever you want to see a difference, and if you have the time (which you always have, stretching only takes a minute or five), go all in and stretch everywhere and use all exercises you can remember.
Sebastian S.
Definitely on school days and I try to on weekends. Staying off my phone in the morning is the best way to make this happen.
Ma Kenna T.
Not always. This has always been hard for me to be consistent with. A lot of times my breakfast is just grab quick and go.