How do you establish your morning routine and get to work on time, particularly if you have to bring children to school?

Paul Laurent
Well personally I’m still in school. But I have learned to do the things that you really like to do. Don’t force yourself to do things that you do t enjoy doing, because you won’t do them and you won’t fell good a out yourself.

Méline Bonnet
I would first get up early in the morning then drink 1 glass of water and then do some exercise and take a bath and then I would prepare lunch for my children and for me too and then wake them up and make them ready for school. Then I would drop them in my car and then go to my office.

Adam Johansen
No kids to bring to school, I measure how ling itll take me to get ready, based on if I washed my hair the might before etc., then I look up how long itll take to get where I have to go in the mor ing and make sure I get up on time.

Jeremiah Reed
I don't now and will never have children, so I don't have any clear concept of the morning routines and stresses of a mother.