What are good ways to include protein in my breakfast?

Timothy U.
To include protein in my breakfast, and easy way to do this is to make myself some eggs. Also, there is some protein in bars and even granola.
Nicklas X.
I have oat meal and eggs. That's the easiest way. From time to time having some salami, cottage cheese and peanut butter can be a tasty one too.
William U.
Eggs turkey
Sheila P.
Eggs, turkey bacon, yoghurt, whole grains where you can, with things like toast options. Nuts and seeds can top this up, also, but the first options will provide the most; Turkey bacon gives nearly 18g of protein per 2 slices, for example. Though this I would include once or twice a week, and not much more due to salt content and nitrites.
Alex U.
An egg (can boil the day before and just grab from the fridge in the morning), a spoonful of peanut or almond butter, or even just a palmful of almonds or walnuts.
Paula U.
Eggs. Eggs are high in protein and quick to prepare. You can also try adding some nuts to your meal, they go rather well with yoghurt.
Gustav P.
Eggs are awesome and quick to cook. Further lentils, beans, kale, soja beans, and similar vegetables are great sources for protein.
Krystyna X.
I have oatmeal every morning, but I make it once a week and add protein powder in to give myself the protein boost I need. (I had gastric sleeve surgery 5 years ago.)
Veronica J.
High quality proteins are your best bet – eggs, peanut butter, milk, cheese, etc. The only things to avoid are heavily processed or sodium-laden foods like sausage, bacon, or anything that lists ingredients you can't even pronounce.
Dora F.
Have some eggs and put peanut butter on your bread instead of regular butter.
Landon J.
Im using eggs mixed with peanuts, you know it is easy and cheap, it is also fast, you can cook lentils for lunch and the remaining you can use it for breakfast the next day
Erik N.
Eggs (boiled, scrambled), yoghurt (Greek light or others high on protein), Light cheese or chicken ham, avocados and beans are all good choices for protein.
Wania Q.
Having a large tray of eggs in the fridge at all times. Making yum ‘side dishes’ from protein filled ingredients like lentils, nuts etc… that you can keep in the fridge and add a spoonful to your plate.