What do you eat every morning?

Liva E.
I have to admit that some mornings it's tough to eat breakfast. On those mornings I grab something small like a piece of fruit or a piece of whole grain wheat toast.
Jess S.
Fruit and yoghurt. I try to make the combination of fruits different every day so that I don't get bored of eating the same things. On Sunday though I treat myself to bacon and eggs!
Tiffany P.
I have a mix of granola and raw oats with banana, raspberries and blueberries with oat milk and a cup of fresh ginger tea
Kylian Z.
Sometimes I eat overnights oats in almond milk with sliced banana on top. Other days I eat a low fat English muffin with eggs and a hasbrown.
Amelia E.
I like to eat a full English breakfast or I have some sort of fruit and a protein shake but once I had spagetti meatballs and it was somehow yummy
Mitshella N.
It varies from day to day. My staples are fruit & cheese, oatmeal, eggs, greek yogurt, a protein bar, or homemade smoothie.
Sohan U.
I usually eat rice milk with cereals, but know I'm adding fruit and eggs, even though it's quite uncommon to eat eggs for breakfast where I'm from (Italy). I'm feeling good.
Elisabeth A.
I usually have more consistency in meals when I am intentional about nutritional intake. This might be oatmeal + peanut butter or an egg white + veggie scramble with whole grain toast.
Oktiadewi X.
I'm trying not to eat the same thing every morning to avoid being bored of out it. But I always try to have a white tea (as this is filled me in pretty good), fruits (banana, green apple, etc.), and healthy & non-preservative cereals.
Helga Z.
Eggs are a typical staple. Eggs, fried or scrambled, with buttered toast. Dried fruits on occasion, oatmeal on occasion, breakfast burritos, country potatoes.
Kathy O.
Usually nothing but in trying to develop healthier habits I have 3 go-to's: spinach omelet, oatmeal with fruit, or a protein bar. All depends on how much time I have.
Erika Z.
Most days I make an egg sandwich. Sometimes I scramble the eggs, sometimes I cook them over over easy. I like to add spinach and mushroom when I can and use sandwich bread, burger buns, or croissants to hold it all together. But other days I eat oatmeal mixed with a trail mix.
Nurbek F.
I keep my breakfast quite simple : omelette, plain yogurt with berries, toast with hummus, and toast with peanut butter are all options I pick from. Whatever I decide to eat, I usually follow it by a cup of black coffee. l
Gen N.
I usually eat a broccoli, egg, & cheese scramble. Sometimes I eat flaxseed oatmeal. I just ate a banana, but will be eating some protein (eggs) next because otherwise it won’t be sustaining!
Brennan O.
I'm diabetic so I eat whole wheat grains . This morning I had a toasted bagel with holidase sauce, a fried egg ( fried in I can't believe it's not butter) and some chedder cheese on it with a side of mixed fresh fruit. ( Usually I just have blueberries though. )
Eva U.
Usually a light snack consist of 2 mixed foods with rice such as scramble/sunnyside/hard boiled eggs, small amounts of beef, chicken, and ham.
Arthur P.
I usually go with reliable crackers along with something else that I feel like that day. If you're looking for something light, I recommend something like berries.
Sofie G.
I have balance plate: fruits, berries, high-fat plant foods, some ground flaxseeds or chia seeds, and a daily Brazil nut.