What is your favourite breakfast?

Janin U.
I have a few favorites. If I have a training ride or bike race, I like eating overnight steel cut oats with whatever fruit is on hand, a tablespoon of peanut butter and some honey. This pretty much fuels me for my rides or wherever the day takes me and it also leaves me full longer.
Vanner P.
I usually start the day with a big glass of water and a black coffee. Once I get to work I will have granola, yoghurt, fruit, seeds and honey or toast with avocado.
Porridge is also a winter classic.
Elmer E.
Fried egg and toast! I melt butter in a hot pan and put a piece of bread to once side and crack and egg on the other. When the egg is mostly cooked, I flip the whole thing over for a minute or two to toast the other side. Served best with Tony’s or Tabasco!
Denis N.
I have chooks and a garden so my favourite of all breakfasts is eggs on homemade sourdough with fresh picked avo, tomato, sprouts/micro greens !
Habacuque G.
An English breakfast of fried eggs, bacon, mushrooms, baked beans and toast. Although that is more of a now and then meal. Generally yoghurt, nuts and seeds with honey.
Harry E.
My shift starts at 6:45am so those days I start with a protein drink and eat fruit or yogurt mid morning. Mornings I don’t work are more challenging because I generally don’t like breakfast so I try to eat a hard boiled egg and fruit. Oatmeal is always my back up any morning.
Leroy P.
Coffee with cream, grapefruit juice, and a crepe with mushrooms and cheese
Andrea F.
I have used these days to learn to make the perfect fried egg. Then, I add various spices to mix it up, and eat tomatoes or fruit on the side.
Thea W.
Something that is not too sweet, fills me up and gives me energy for the rest of the day . Oatmeal is one of my favorites.
Harry J.
My favorite breakfast is probably bacon and eggs. However this can be difficulty to pull off on a weekday morning. So, I generally have a smoothie: oatmeal, milk, two fruits, and some type of nut butter (spinach or vegetable optional). I put the ingredients in five (one serving) containers when I meal prep for the week. Each morning, I take a container and put it in blender, and just like that I have breakfast. It’s also nice because it gives me a lot of leeway for variety.
Linda U.
2 baked eggs with italian spices and a melted slice of cheese, on a piece of toast with ham. That, and a large cup of tea and a bowl of oatmeal with blueberries makes my morning awesome
Storm X.
I like salmon lox, and grits the most! Whenever I can I also add a sunny side up egg.
S Lnior Z.
Microwave 2 eggs after whipping eggs, toast 2 of light pieces of bread, mash 1/4 avacodo on one slice of toasted bread, put a slice American cheese on other side, add 2 slices of turkey bacon microwave and microwaved scrambled eggs. Yum
Talytha P.
Whole wheat bread, peanut butter, banana
Lurdes C.
Chunky Monkey, which consists of chocolate protein powder, oatmeal, peanut butter and half banana. Keeps me full til lunch.
Andr Y.
I love having a granola bar, a glass of milk and a container of low fat yogurt for breakfast. I like the benefits of eating in the morning and I like the fact that these choices are easy. To obtain and affordable enough to keep on a routine.
Johnni F.
Scrambled egg on toast and a bowl of fresh fruit.

The egg is easy because I can whip it up in the microwave. It gives me protein to get my day off to a good start.

The type of fruit in my bowl depends on what is in season but an example might be grapes and slices of orange.

Diana Y.
Good vegan granola with a banana and a cup of green tea, and I shouldn’t feel rushed while eating but take all the time I want
Marcus Y.
Eggs with pepper & salt and toast with kaya & butter. Or a big mcdonald's breakfast. Not necessarily healthy, but these are my favourite breakfasts.
Ricardo Y.
First lots of water about 3-4 cups. It replenishes my body and I feel like it rinses out everything! Than I have 2-3 eggs a bowl of oatmeal with a spoon of peanut butter and finally a Granny Smith apple. After all of this I usually drink a cup of coffee on my way to work. Make sure you relieve yourself of all that water you drank before you leave for work though!!
Ilan F.
It depends, some mornings I’ll have a protein shake with fruit. Then maybe I’ll have rolled porridge oats other days, and sometimes I just like a simple banana or apple.
Oliver U.
I like to have a filling smoothie. I use around 1 cup of unsweetened almond milk, 1/2 cup frozen strawberries, 1/2 cup frozen blueberries, 1 unfrozen medium banana (I think unfrozen ones have better flavor), 2 TBSP ground flax, 1TBSP chia seed, 1 TBSP peanut butter. Sometimes I will throw in Amazing Grass Greens (Immunity blend doesn't make the taste overwhelming greens), and 1 scoop sunwarrior classic vanilla plant protein (especially on days I know I won't eat enough greens or protein).
Thibault E.
Actually i prefer not having breakfest. In this way i dont take Calorie and i can eat almost what ever i want in lunch or dinner
Nora O.
Avocado sandwich:
1/2 avocado 🥑
1 egg 🥚
one slice whole grain wheat bread 🍞

One cup of milk 🥛
One kind of fruits 🍌 🍒🥝🍇
Two spoons of oats
And nuts 🥜 or almonds
also shea seeds

Zoe Z.
Gluten free pancakes and bacon. (I have a lot of food allergies, so I can't have most junk-foods.)
Ceril Nia Q.
Can’t go past eggs. Depends on my mood, but sometimes an omlette, or scrambled eggs. Sometimes just two eggs fried in butter on a piece of gluten free seed toast
Jennifer S.
At first, the best breakfast is when you’re not in a hurry. You have plenty of time to cook something delicious for yourself. Personally I prefer omelette with becon, decorated with tomatoes and lettuce.
Violet C.
My favorite breakfast is hard boiled eggs. Sometimes with toast or a banana. Quick, super easy, don't have to think about it.
Dora S.
My favorite breakfast is non-fat Greek yogurt with one tablespoon of honey and a handful of blueberries. I find yogurt to go down easier when my body is still just waking up.
Valdemar N.
I love to have a big breakfast that allows me to snack on a bunch of different foods. I love scrambled and fried eggs, orange juice, toast, oatmeal, banana, latte, pancakes with a dash of cinnamon, fruit salad… I believe that ideally I would eat a different breakfast every day with different foods and flavors and recipes to try.
Tracy U.
Overnight oats! Oats, slivered almonds, protein powder, flaxseed meal all left to soak overnight in milk (I use almond milk). Add berries in the morning! Keeps me full until mid morning 🙂
Micheal Q.
I love sunny side up eggs, bacon with toast and grape jelly with orange juice and/or coffee.

A treat is waffles or any apple, cinnamon, blor blueberry pastry with coffee.

Loiva P.
Okay firstly I LOVE breakfast foods it’s 100% my favourite meal of the day. 1 of my not so healthy favourites is waffles, any kind (chocolate chip, blueberry, Belgium etc). Often in the morning it’s a really busy time for me so I don’t have time to make fancy breakfasts or necessarily what I really crave but, my go to is plain oatmeal with a a table spoon of sunflower seeds and a splash of maple syrup and milk. However on the weekends I have more time to spend and go for my all time favourite poached eggs on toast with either a tablespoon of peanut butter or avocado!
Silas C.
I like to eat something hot in the morning so I alternate between omelette, fresh ramen or avocado toast with poached egg on top.
Beatrice S.
Scrambled eggs and turkey bacon. I do love a savory breakfast over a sweet one. A sweet breakfast leaves me feeling hungry in an hour or two. But a breakfast of eggs and turkey bacon leaves me feeling fuller longer.
Vincent C.
Scrambled eggs with veggie bacon, toast and marmite. Goes best with a side of fruit and yogurt and a glass of tea with a teaspoon of honey.
Isabella G.
My favorite breakfast is a slow one, with coffee, fruit juice, at least one fruit, bread, butter, cheese and with my family.
D Lia A.
Granola, Whole Fat Yogurt and some fruit. Although I do get tired of it as with anything it’s really quick and easy. It’s ready in 2 mins before I’m really even awake.
Philip Z.
I prefer to eat eggs in the morning because I enjoy them. I also have a fistful of walnuts, a banana and a bottle of water.
Nolhan Z.
While I was pregnant, my OB-GYN had me add more iron to my diet so I decided to buy Raisin Bran cereal and add blueberries with milk. That's a quick breakfast for me before work. Now that I'm on maternity leave I'll make myself a brunch type of breakfast like eggs, toast with peanut butter and jam.
Pauline C.
Eggs with sautéed veggies like onion, bell pepper, or sweet jalapeño peppers. I like to season the eggs with sodium free salt, pepper and either an herb mix, such as Herb de Provence or the 21 season from Trader Joe’s, or Mrs. Dash’s chipotle seasoning.
Isabelle S.
I like to eat lesser in the morning. Ideally I really might like paruppu saadam? Or idly – is there a healthy way to consume waffles?
Jenny F.
My favourite breakfast is omelet. Eggs are very versatile product which doesn’t make my first meal of the day monotonous even if I have them everyday. I usually mix it with vegetables like mushrooms, tomatoes or peppers, leafy greens like spinach, salmon or some feta cheese.
Anthony C.
Cheese bread and franchise breads with ham
Maelya O.
Recently I began eating oatmeel as my routine breakfast. It’s really easy to make and easy to eat on the way to school. I usually put in some bananas and peanut butter. I’m trying to be creative by putting different things in there (such as jams)
Frederikke F.
My favorite breakfast is probably corn beef hash, grits, toast, eggs and bacon. I love mixing easy side up eggs in with all of the grits and hash before slopping it on my buttered up toast and putting the bacon on top. It makes a good sandwich and washing it down with some hot coffee is a great start to my day.
Ravi P.
Pancakes with eggs over easy on the top and bacon on the side. Or the open style BLT on a great piece of thickly sliced bread
Katie O.
Oatmeal with cinnamon and apple! I usually mix 50/50 milk and oatmeal and leave it in the fridge overnight. Then I top it with a spoon of yoghurt, an solle and cinnamon.
Esmirna C.
Overnight oats. 2/3rds cup of oats, 2 tbsp chia seeds, 1 tbsp honey, 1 table spoon maple syrup or peanut butter, 3/4 cup of milk all into a medium sized mason jar and mixed. Then add half a banana sliced and a handful of frozen fruit. I make 4 at a time and leave them in the fridge.
Jerry E.
To be fair, I’m not entirely sure. Eggs are a standard alongside a toast with butter. Some herbal tea is appreciated. Fruit are nice as well. I should probably expand and try porridge and other things
Susie Y.
Probably hash. If I'm trying to be healthier, I replace the potatoes with more vegetables and things like lentils or barley.