Have any breakfasts that are easy to prepare and with healthy fats as well?

Dorothee E.
If you buy some fruits and put it in the refrigirador at home. And next day you wake up and you can drink water and grab your fruits and maby some Strawberrys and then do a great exercise
Ian F.
A proper breakfast that usually has a lot of vitamins is some muesli mixed together with yoghurt, it doesn't just taste great but it gives you a good amount of nutrition if you're in a hurry.
Vanessa J.
Healthy things you could include in your breakfast meal are like avocado toast, almonds are always a go to, and maybe a little cheese to your eggs here and there . Thanks for reaching out ! 😊
Hayel O.
anything with avocadoes is always nice, plus you have vitamins. egg yolkes are also high in nutritious values and you can prepare eggs in about five minutes. tahini is a really great source of fat and every nut cream is an amazing option, beware the ones full of sugar, tehey tend to be less satiating. finally I guess all the nuts are a great option.