What are some of your breakfast favorites?

Lo S Y.
Protein shakes (fruit, PB/coconut milk, whey powder, collagen, almond milk)

Premade mini egg bites (Starbucks dupe)

Protein bar & apple in a rush

Rick U.
Milk, fruits, peanut butter. I started enjoying them. Just bring mindful, they're great breakfast items to start your day

Marjorie X.
special k chocolatey delight cereal and vanilla almond milk / eggs, rice, tomato, green onion, avocado / avocado toast / protein shake / bagel w cream cheese / waffles / loco moco

Ashley Q.
I like to make smoothies with protein, frozen fruit (fresh fruit leftover from the week before) and spinach in the mornings. Other staples for me include oatmeal, bagels, an egg over hard with avocado and sautéed spinach or other veggies. And always coffee of course 🙂

Sascha R.
Eggs with peper and organo

Bred roasted with peanut butter and banana’s on top

Fruit bowl every morning

Recipes from rens kroes

Alice W.
Usually work during breakfast but favorite mornings are at Currans or home when I can eat, read the paper and slowly drink my coffee.

Tamara Z.
Fruit smoothie, oatmeal with fruit and brown sugar, peanut butter toast and banana , avocado toast, protein shakes I could go on

William Y.
i absolutely love porridge. it gives u enough strength for the start of your day. you can also top it off with some chopped fruits.

Julian E.
My current breakfast favorite are scrambled eggs. They're so easy, grabbing 3 eggs, cracking them into a bowl, adding some milk and spices, stiring it while the pan is warming with butter. Then pouring it in cooking until it is done. Plus I use a small pan so clean up is more simple! Sometimes my kids will be up with me and they'll join in and it creates some fun bonding moments as well 🙂

Alan T.
Ussualy i don't breakfast, i wake up in 6:40, and the first thing what i do is pick up my phone and check massage or play game, then i leave my house and go to work, i have very phisickly hard work, so i think i should start eating breakfast at home before work, please help me whit that

Neiva P.
I love salty, so anything that is condiment to the saltier side of food. Something like warm baked bean’s or spaghetti in tomato sauce with toast. That’s like a treat of cheat snack. I love egg’s though it’s easy to cook & it’s quick.

Riu E.
I grew up always eating a hot bfast so shudder when offered cold boxed cereal. I associate boxed cereal as junk or at best, a snack. I enjoy having a bowl of steaming hot noodles and broth bfast. There must be some meat protein for me and some green veggies.

Lana P.
I enjoy avocado toast with some other miscellaneous tops like feta cheese and micro greens or ham.
Also I really enjoy egg muffins and ham roll ups where I put a little cheese and some mashed avocado in the center and roll it up!

Jenny J.
I like to eat rice cooked in oat milk. I also add cocoa, honey and when I have them from my garden, fresh strawberry. All with a nice cup of red berries infusion.
I would like to change and experiment, though. I think it would be nice to try new good things, but I'm always afraid to feel sick (or I'm in late to do anything different than routine).

Nuno F.
Apples and peanut butter are my faves especially since I am vegan. I am also transitioning into giving myself more time in the morning for routines and rituals… At that point, I intend to add tea to my routine

Silke W.
Rice milk with some whole grains (Weetabix with chopped flax seeds), raw cocoa powder, chopped raw cocoa seeds and berries or a half banana ✌🏾🤤😉

Heraldo O.
I always work out in the morning so I always have a fruit and yogurt smoothie before I leave. I workout for a while so I’m always starving when I get home. After a workout it’s
important to have protein so I always have something with peanut butter or eggs. My personal favorite is an omelet with cheese and bacon inside but I’m trying to find a way to put fruit in it.

Niviane Z.
A cup of warm coffee in the morning which is then followed by a glass of cool water when I've finished the coffee. The sensation is very soothing.

Sylvia E.
Bagels, fruit such as green apples, blueberries and or strawberries. Homemade waffles and eggs. I also love grits and sausage.

Fatima Y.
Avocado, poached egg and some kind of ham serrano or palma.
Porridge with nutmeg, cinnamon and a variety of dried and fresh fruits and nuts.
Sometimes you just can't beat kippers with capers and a lemon butter fresh herb dressing.
Salmon tartar with poached eggs and asparagus.
Champagne syllabub with summer fruits (only on special occasions)!
Having a bag of 'huel' is always handy! It's a complete food, has a perfect blend of nutrients and is quick to make!
A good ôl fashion fried breakfast once in a while

Piotr F.
I've been making overnight oats for a while now. When I tried them without a whole bunch of stuff the texture really turned me off, but now I prepare tiny Tupperware with sliced almonds, chia seeds, shredded coconut, and if I'm treating myself mini chocolate chips – all of those add a bunch of flavor and texture to the oatmeal (with honey and vanilla)

Keith J.
Porridge with berry compote and Greek yoghurt, French toast with bananas and strawberries, banana porridge with raspberries, and a bagel with dried apricots, bananas and cream cheese!

Justin W.
I like having eggs on hashbrowns (sometimes adding ham or cheese or holendase for variation) with some sliced fruit like orange or pineapple or kiwi based on what's in season or growing in my garden.

Joaquina Q.
Oatmeal! Its quick, versatile and filling. I add various seeds, fruits and nuts to mind. It's my go to breakfast option.

Kristina E.
Porridge, bread with jam, bananas, granola with fruit, ham, bacon, toast with peanut butter and bananas or strawberries, fruit and honey, porridge and fruit

Aaron U.
I like to mix gluten free oats (I have a gluten intolerance) with almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, linseeds add either water or juice and leave for at least 30mins, best overnight. Finally I add chopped fruit, plain yogurt and cocoa nibs. Yum!

Debra C.
Blueberry oatmeal, green smoothies w/avocado, egg and cheese sandwich on blueberry waffle, waffles w/ egg and vegan sausage, grapefruit, green banana porridge, corn meal porridge, salt fish or smoke herring and breadfruit,

Carlos E.
I enjoy a Keto friendly "Bullet" coffee in the morning. Jist add a dollop of coconut oil or MCT oil to your coffee in the blender, add vanilla and cinnamon and press blend for a frothie way to start your day!

Bob P.
Tbh, I kinda like the „traditional breakfast“ in my country. Which is rice porridge, „sayur lontong“, „nasi uduk“ etc.
but now I’m tring to make my breakfast a bit more healthy by adding fruit

Gundi C.
Granola-y cereal; fruit n yogurt parfaits(!); eggs when I have time; waffles with fruit, yogurt, and honey; smoothies mades with oatmeal soaked overnight (extra filling), breakfast skillets

Alexander U.
Steel cut oats cooked in the slow cooker overnight, with a variety of add-ons (bananas and walnuts, apples with cinnamon and pecans, etc.). I like to add nuts for a little extra boost of long lasting energy (protein). Eggs are also good, and the everpresent cup of coffee!

Raul O.
Vegetables and fruits, I prefer it because l'm vegan that make me feel better and happy if no vegetables and fruits I eat falafel , grains and bread

Lucineri N.
Overnight oats, fried eggs, breakfast sandwiches that have egg, ham and cheese, scrambled eggs, and quiches are my favorites.

Charles T.
Some breakfast favorites of mine are bacon and eggs with toast, cereal with toppings, or oatmeal with toppings. There are so many healthy toppings to choose from.

Alma W.
I’ve been asked this question two times previously- makes think this is an automated question which is a bummer considering how expensive this ap is….

Paul S.
A quick granola bar on the way to work. Then I have peanuts and beef jerky there in case I need a small snack before lunch.

Corey S.
Ovesná kaše, celozrnný toast s arasidovym máslem a s banánem, jogurt s musli, smažená vajíčka s avokadem, mozzarella s avokadem

Ernest Q.
Hmm… For me, cheese is one of the must have things in a good breakfast. Also tea. I am Turkish and black tea is essential for a Turkish breakfast. I also love eating green herbs such as parsley, purple basil, garden rocket with lemon and a little bit salt. I’m not fond of eggs but since it stores high amounts of protein I keep in mind eating daily. (But yeah it’s not my favorite though) Oh and there is guacamole. It’s Mexican and I love it in breakfast <3

Nicolas I.
Anything that continues to give me energy throughout the day. I’ve been staying clear of carbs and sweets but having a small amount of it is not bad.

Water and coffee are my morning drinks, but mostly water. Trying to transition back to teas. That’s my next small goal.

B Rbel J.
Nectarines with coconut greek yogurt. Fried egg sandwich with arugula and green goddess dressing. Homemade french toast.

Gottfried U.
Avocado toast with basil and tomato, scrambled eggs, or a green smoothie! (With frozen zucchini, banana, kale, vegan green protein powder, peanut butter, and almond milk)

Sebastian J.
I almost always have eggs in the morning, usually scrambled because I make them for my toddler as well. Fruit is always a go-to. And my cheat breakfast is almost always french toast.

Marilena F.
I like peanut butter and banana sandwiches or oatmeal with chia seeds and dried berries. They both have a good amount of protein, carbs, and vitamins.

Paul Q.
I love bagels for breakfast but they can be super fattening. Oatmeal is a good quick healthy breakfast. I also love to make egg sandwhiches with ham and cheese and on an english breakfast muffin bun.

Dina N.
For breakfast, since I'm a high school student, I always try to get something that will keep me satisfied until lunch. My favorites are oatmeal, eggs, plain greek yogurt with some granola and fruit, or if it was a late night, just toast and some rhubarb jelly and some almonds in my back pack for later. the great thing about these choices is how versatile they are! You can spice them up in whatever way you want!

Melinda F.
I am vegan so a few things I like to eat for breakfast are peanut butter banana and flaxseed on toast, smoothie bowls, and apple cinnamon oatmeal !

Gregory B.
I love to eat a carby breakfast, like sandwiches or rice but when healthy I like to eat oatmeal in milk with a bit of cinnamon, not cooked or anything, and a couple of boiled eggs, and a fruit

Marisvalda P.
i often make up a bowl of cream of wheat with honey and a small handful of pine nuts. and fresh fruit such as strawberries and kiwis. though my favorite breakfast is eggs Benedict

Fernandino P.
I find having two fried eggs with toast is the best way to go if I have time. If not, this morning I had some nuts and dried fruit which felt healthy and satisfying! I also have at least one cup of tea in the morning, it warms me up and keeps me hydrated!

Johan S.
Lots of nuts and fruit! I also like to have tea in the morning, I can't have caffeine but the routine of a hot drink is comforting!

Aubree U.
I really like having a cup of keto bulletproof coffee because I can’t seem to eat solid food first thing in the morning, but desperately need energy. It gives me just what I need first thing to jump start my day. If I do feel up to solid food, I’ll have some eggs with a couple slices of bacon. YUM!
Good luck and always remember Pinterest when in doubt!

Paul Heinz U.
My favorites are common and sometimes weird..but you should try them! They’re delicious!

I like yogurt with berries, such as, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, or bananas!

I also like something called
“ The Short – Cut Snack.”
It’s a piece of bread with cheese and sour cream. You put cheese on bread and microwave it for 30 secs. Then you put sour cream!

I then put water with lemons or I have a smoothie and that’s some of my favorite breakfast foods!

Hope you enjoyed reading!

Your friend,

Abel Q.
Typically I love to eat cheerios or weetabix. Obviously that's not the best idea tho so I'm going to say seeded brown bread and eggs. With raspberries an blueberries after. Either that or porridge with syrup

Walter E.
I enjoy yogurt, eggs, berries, and nuts! Sometimes I like avocado toast but it’s just more time consuming for me since I’m in a rush in the mornings.

Mary P.
I like to have sugar-free, fat-free yogurt with fruit and instant oatmeal for breakfast. It has total calories of 360, protein, fiber, calcium and is very filling as well as easy and quick to prepare; you can even put the ingredients together in a jar the night before for a grab-and-go breakfast.

Frederick G.
Mostly fruits I prefer seasonal ones. This time of year it's guava, mangoes and some yogurt along the way! south-indian foods like idly, dosa, upma and ragi porridge.

Juli O P.
Thanks for asking. I usually have a slice of bread with cream cheese, but recently my top favourites are oatmeal with an orange juice and some grapes for slow sugar.

Mya C.
Always make eggs in any way you like them and I always eat yogurt with granola in it. Wash it all down with a glass of milk

Lauren C.
Scrambled eggs and salmon on a bagel, breakfast burrito (scrambled eggs, sausage meat, turkey bacon, peppers, onions and potatoes in a whole wheat wrap)

Julie Z.
In the morning I love eating a peanut butter toast. Peanut butter keeps me full for a while. Oatmeal is also a great breakfast food or a simple healthy shake when I’m in a hurry. You can add bananas, berries or any frozen fruit with spinach.

Proc Pio G.
Yogurt, with heavy nutritional density additives. Hemp hearts, mixed nuts, fresh or frozen fruit, granola. I strive for a wide gamut of food groups that is easy to prepare and eat.

Bertram Z.
Two of my favorite breakfasts include oatmeal with fruit like bananas or blueberries, and avocado toast. They are very healthy and taste amazing!

Lino Y.
Generally I am having an omelette for breakfast when I can. Usually with 3 eggs. I will add 3 items to the omelette, some meat, and then two from spinach, peas, peppers, mushrooms or cheese.

Rosalyn P.
I need breakfasts that are quick to prepare and portable. Some of my favorites are boiled eggs, avocado toast, yogurt with jam and/nuts mixed in, banana with peanut butter, or scrambled eggs wrapped in a tortilla.

Clairta N.
I like something quick and easy but also something I can sit down with. Cottage cheese on toast, a ham sandwich, tamales, bean and cheese quesadillas. Things that aren't traditional "breakfast foods"