I’m used to having bread and coffee for breakfast, what’s something I could replace bread with?

Dulce P.
Have porridge or cereal to get calcium and other nutrients from fruits if u put them in your porridge, for the coffee you can make a energising smootie look up some recipes online too <3

Elizabeth C.
Fruit! I love fruit because fun fact; when humans crave sugar it’s actually a craving for the sugar in fruit and veggies! I love yogart mixed with fruit. I like putting slices of bananas in my Frosted Flakes. Maybe some slices of oranges. Just get some fruit in there!

Andre S.
I would try something fruit based, bread isnt bad, its a great source of energy, and will definitely help you feel engerised during the day. However, if you want to replace bread, maybe try eating a fruit. If you know you have a long day ahead, I would eat something with egg in it, since thats also great in terms of energy. If you have a easier, shorter day ahead and dont see the need to stock up on energy to burn throughout the day, try something like a salad. Adding nuts to your breakfast is also a good idea.