What are quick and easy breakfast foods that eat on the go?

Ugo Y.
You could make a smoothie, if you pre-prepare bags of frozen fruit then just add dairy free milk or fruit juice in the morning and blend. Or you could make banana bread and have a slice each morning.
Victoria F.
An apple or a banana are my first choice with a handful of almonds. Most snack/breakfast bars have a lot of added sugar and are not “healthy.”
Louise Q.
A banana or an apple will do, cause they will make you full till lunch so you don't go snacking inbetween breakfast and lunch and they are easy to grab along and eat on your way!
Raven W.
I'll grab yogurt with oats, toast grain bread with peanut butter or a morning smoothie with banana, chia seeds and almond milk.
Basti O C.
It's better to grab a fresh piece of fruit, rather than making a stop at your usual coffee shop and grabbing a bagel or donut or whatever's your go to. I always have apples, oranges, and bananas available.
Mathias N.
Granola, yogurt, and berries (strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, etc…) – quick to make, healthy, and filling. Great for on-the-go
Lydia Y.
Smoothies. I make mine with frozen fruit, a little protein powder, spinach, and kefir. Takes only a couple minutes to make and can be put into a travel bottle.
Hector Z.
I keep cereal bars in the house in case I'm running late. My favorite is the Kind™ Maple pumpkin seeds one. Boiled/deviled eggs are also good with an avocado or I'll have a yogurt if I can get to them before the toddler
Maria A.
High protein cereals, especially ones that contain nuts and seeds (you can also add your own goodies). Put in a plastic bag to take with you anywhere. Have some ready to grab and go! No liquid necessary.
Eiman N.
Overnight oats take a little prep time, but than you can just grab the container in the morning. I sometimes heat it up if I want something warm.
Also, smoothie are quick and can be consumed on the go. If you preportion the smoothie ingredients into small containers or bags, it takes a minute to blend up.
L Ia C.
Make a simple sandwich using whole wheat bread instead of white bread or make a healthy wrap, basically anything you can wrap will be good. You can wrap scrambled eggs with some mayo or make a breakfast burrito. Fruits are another good option.
Christiaan P.
Make tuna spreed the evening before, tuna, ketchup, mayo, paprika powder, maybe a onion if you like. Ready to go on breed and easy take with you for breakfast. Boil a egg the evening before, take a banana and apple with you, and some yogurt drink with fruits. Or make oatmeal, with milk, put a banana in it to make it more sweet. If it is not sweet enough…… you need to get just to the taste, take a red fruit juice instead of milk or some sugar. Not the healthiest way. But better then non. Hoop it helps.
Rivana T.
A good fast breakfast helps you to overcome the day.and when you don't have time these are the best ones to be in your choices:a banana,Apple,yogurt,oatmeal,eggs ….
Saki G.
I tend to make smoothies, something like huel (a meal replacement powder with oats) with different fruit. I'll cut up fruit and put it in the freezer so there's lots of fruit ready and I'll prepare it the night before.