Is it good to force yourself to eat in the morning even if you are normally not hungry?

Imaculada W.
Forcing yourself to eat is never ok. If you are not hungry, or just feel bloated try a smoothie packed with vitamins, minerals, and protein instead. You can have most of this set up the day before and just blend it in the morning if needed.

Victor U.
I trained myself to have a breakfast since 2019,when I entered hospitality industry. I used to have breakfast at 11 or 12,like brunch. But, since I work in the hotel and had morning shifts that start from 7, I need a breakfast or I will not able to stand up for hours and talk to people. I thought I'll start to gain weight and lazy or easily tired by eating more food. But I just get energetic, more fresh, and less eat

Ciro F.
It's a hard because I start to feel hingry during the night or very early in the morning. So for me, breakfast is the reason I wake up. Now, if you are usually hungry later than right after waking up, do some other things between your first glass of water and the moment you will eat (low intensity sport, clean up, shower…) after 30/45min you can making a nice breakfast (proper cooking like eggs will open your stomach) and then you can eat! Breakfast will then not be related to your hunger but rather to your routine.

Katarina T.
Yes breakfast is really important and it is not normal to be hungry when you just woke up. But you haven't had food for around 8 hours.

Lea Z.
I think, you should wait a little bit before you eat. Like give it an hour or so but you should always eat breakfast! So yes!

Josephine F.
No, because I like to let my digestive system rest and have a big meal when I'm hungry. Also, my focus is way better when I don't eat.

Gina F.
Its good. It gives you a sense of structure to start your day and breakfasts often have more fiber than other meals. From now on, I'm trying to eat breakfast every day, unless I've had a large meal the night before.

Isaac F.
You can't really force yourself to eat anything big. First you might need to figure out what you wanna eat. Think about if you want some toast or fruit or cereal or even just a cup of tea or coffee. Think about those things first, and then eat. Don't eat to big because you might not feel well afterwards. To start, just have fruit, or just one toast. Good luck! Start small, you'll get there eventually. 🙂

Ronald E.
I think so, sometimes our body feels like it’s not hungry but once we begin to eat it will feel better. I struggle a lot with my eating habits, if you can’t bring yourself to eat in the morning you may want to look into making yourself a Smoothie! Super tasty, quick, and healthy!

Celso S.
Breakfast is considered to be the main meal of the day so according to me it's not good to skip breakfast as we are eating after a long break of 7/8hours, in spite of skipping breakfast you can take a lighter meal,e.g- a fist of nuts or half of an apple or a banana or a glass of smoothie.
I would say that rather than skipping breakfast you can find the alternatives.

Victor C.
Yes, in order for me to get energie, as well as the motivation I need to have a productive day, I have to create the proper mindset by making a healthy, fulfilling breakfast.

Daryl Q.
For me it is very helpful as I can’t eat during the day because I’m at school, so having a nice breakfast helps me to stay full for longer

Julie Z.
it can depend. if you carry on forcing yourself to or are too forceful it becomes a chore and you're less likely to carry on with it

Laura O.
I think the word “force” is very strong to put on a sentence, but forcing yourself to do something is not good because there’s a certain limit that your body have and when it says stop, you have to stop. I will say that breakfast is very important and even if you’re not hungry at anytime your stomach is going to scream that you need to feed him. Think about eating something not too heavy in the morning even if you are not that hungry.

Floor X.
Yes it's good to force yourself. Without food you don't put energies in your body. How is your body supposed to work without energie.

Francilene Y.
Yes. Your body and mind need the energy. It a piece of fruit at least. Bananas are proven to be an excellent energy source. Then build from that; add a peanutbutter sandwich, or some eggs, whatever you like you can eat for breakfast

Katherine E.
If your not normally hungry, when you start drinking the water in the morning I find it boosts your metabolism and you can fit in atleast a fruit and some sort of protein

Ishika G.
Eating a good breakfast is important to kick-start our day. I feel very nauseous to eat in the morning however I try to force myself to eat as much as possible. I try to cook delicious breakfast so that it's more appealing.

No A.
Try to eat something small, and you'll get used to eating in the morning. Definitely don't force yourself to eat something like a bowl of cereal, try maybe and apple or banana.

Benjamin Z.
Yes, it is. Eating in the morning will give you the energy to go by your day and generally it is important for a healthy morning routine. If you start eating in the morning by force after a while you'll get used to eat and be more hungry at the point you won't be able to go on without it.

Shiontae I.
yes, it is okay for you to force yourself because breakfast is an important meal but if you do not want to eat then it is NEVER okay for somebody else to force you to eat.

Cameron J.
Yes it is good to force yourself to eat breakfast. It is the most important meal of the day and would give your enough energy to start your day on a good note.

Kurt T.
You shouldn't force yourself to eat much if you're not hungry, but it is good to eat something, like a handful of nuts to kick off the day.

Zoey C.
I struggle with this sometimes. I think it’s always good to eat something, even if you’re not hungry. Maybe a breakfast bar or a fruit could work. When you don’t eat at all, you’ll get burned out and probably end up getting hungry before you can eat lunch. I think you’re best bet is to eat a little bit at least.