What are some healthy breakfast ideas on the go?

Janet G.
This is a bit of a tricky one. I’m celiac so food options can be limited on the go. My go to option is Fruit or grabbing a quick smoothy

Ad Lio W.
For me when I’m running late for work and I need to have some breakfast for fuel I just grab a banana or any other fruit, some sesame seed snap bar as a snack and pack some fruit and nuts to munch on the go. I hope that helps. 🍌🥜 and good luck on your journey. As the app always says “Remember to celebrate the small things, the small things are what build you.”

Genesis W.
Fruit, oat meal/instant porridge in the work space, overnight set granola.

I have also made a tray bake, not sure if its healthy, it has roasted oats and dry fruits and seeds (bought as a mix from Tesco. It has pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds, dried cranberries and dried apricots mixed with melted butter and golden syrup.
And some self raising flour

Francesca T.
At least one fresh seasonal fruit

AND At least a handful of dried fruit
Pine nuts

Sofie W.
Just grab some fruit and go I guess? I've had Weetabix everyday for breakfast for most of my life so I wouldn't really know much about different breakfast ideas