I am not eating eggs, dairy or gluten. I often have smoothies for breakfast. Any ideas for other options?

Cassidy S.
Oatmeal, or even better overnight oats. You can make the oatmeal the night before and leave it in the fridge where the oats will soak up whatever liquid you leave it in (water/almond milk). Then just top it with some peanut butter, fruit, and honey in the morning and you’ll be good to go.

Татьяна Самойлова N.
I think it's better to eat carbohydrates, proteins and fats for breakfast. There may not be enough nutrients in smoothies.

Folker F.
You can try some oatmeal, fruits, Greek yogurt, chia seeds or nuts. Basically eat something that will make you energetic. Because breakfast is the first meal of your whole day. If you'll eat something great, it will make your day. I don't know much abou this but I just tried to tell my opinion. Hope it'll work.

Gab Nio S.
You can top you smoothie with fruits or almonds, nuts, hazelnuts.
You can also have a vanilla or any flavored yogurt you like with fruits and again some nuts and also cereals that you like for example muesli.
Or there is also thr option of the bowl cake that Is very good again you can add toppings as you like !

Neira A.
Just smoothies aren't best for your health, there should be something that will start your day with a lot of energy, also you need food intake

Sammie Z.
Gluten free porridge made with soy milk (or the product you use for smoothies) that you can add the fruit of the smoothie to for variation

Joel O.
You should try avocado toast, but instead of using regular bread use Sourdough Bread, is gluten free and it has lots of benefits.

Dani Z.
Porridge/oatmeal – you can make it with just water and add ingredients to sweeten or use a milk alternative. Have it with berries or whatever toppings you like really 🙂 if you are allergic to gluten make sure to check the label for oats – there’s some debate over whether they are suitable or not

George E.
Smoothies are a great option for breakfast, in fact a lot of people blend their smoothies for breakfast since they have little time to get ready so it’s fine

Monica O.
Sorry, I couldn't live without milk, no idea what to tell you. But maybe nonlactose milk gluten free bread? Here we sometimes eat toasts with ham or something. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Sophie C.
You can buy some gluten free oats and make you an overnight oats so that you can eat it in the morning you can put some fruits, nuts, seeds, peanut butter an so on in it

Magdalena Q.
Rice crackers with hummus, avocado, tomato, peanut butter. Vegan omelette made with chickpea flour. Baked mushrooms & rice. Porridge. Gluten-free (baked) oats & oatmeal.

Julie I.
I don't eat dairy or gluten, and I don't do a lot of sugar.
For breakfast, I mostly have an organic, instant oatmeal that is maple and brown sugar…but is low sugar still. I top it with some chopped almonds and pumpkin seeds (healthy fat and some protein). If I have a plain oatmeal, I'll add a small amount of craisins too.
I drink a half glass of Ripple Unsweetened milk….which is dairy free (pea protein). This adds some protein…and i just like it!
After that breakfast, I have my 1st cup of herbal tea…which is Tumeric and Ginger tea lately (for my 1st 2 cups!).

Smoothies are a good option too! There are dairy free and gluten free yogurts you could try…alone, or making w yogurt parfait type thing.

Best of luck! 😉

Alex T.
Oatmeal. If you’re not too sensitive, Quaker brand has a Gluten-Free version. You can get the plain oats or they even have Maple and Brown Sugar flavor in Gluten Free packets. I often eat some sausage with my oatmeal.
I also make a potato, ground turkey, bacon, spinach, and various spices mix from Instant Loss on a Budget by Brittney Williams. She has a lot of gluten and dairy free recipes. You can find gluten free bread and have toast with avocados or jam or whatever else you like.

Teresa J.
try some fruit smoothies!! You can add in protein with peanut butter, sweeten with honey and get most of your fruit intake for the day!

Isabella F.
You can try gluten free oats/buckwheat flakes with almond/gluten free oat/soy milk or vegan yoghurt and some seeds and fresh fruits. It's my favourite breakfast option – you can choose many tasty combinations and it's tasty even without sugar!

Nathaniel S.
Nuts are great and there are many options for gluten free protein bars. I like protein bars because they require no prep time. Making yourself a granola or trail mix you like is also a fast easy breakfast. 😒

Bun O.
Hey! I also steer away from gluten and dairy (which are both breakfast staples where I live). I eat a LOT of overnight oats, chia pudding, and granola. I especially love baked oats + vegan chocolate!! 💗

Nallely N.
Something easy and quick in the morning is my usual to go. Overnight oats and granola make a great breakfast. You can also make chia pudding with sliced fruit and honey. If you are tired of smoothie you can also switch it up and make an açaí bowl, add some nuts and granola to give it some texture.