What kind of food is appropriate to eat for breakfast? And how much should we eat for breakfast?

Jolanthe Emrich
The amount depends entirely on your individual requirements. It is better to eat the largest meal of your day early (if you eat varied sizes). There’s no appropriate food to eat in the mornings honestly. You can eat whatever you like! Feel like having rice, vegetables and chicken? Go for it!

Gertraude Oßwald
I eat the same thing. Everyday to keep it simple. Instant (Trader Joe’s) oatmeal with flax. I always add fresh berries. I sometimes add a hard boiled egg as a side.

Rosina Heidrich
In morning:
A glass water
After an hour: Chia seeds and tragacanth gum
After an hour: Boiled egg
After 15 minutes: almonds
Breakfast: yougrt/tea + 1 wheat breat+ some curry
Then few hours later salad

Laércio Farias
Food that will give good energy and keep the tummy full til lunch. Protein, good sugar, a little caffeine won't hurt. Limit sodium, which is hard for me with grab and go foods. Eat until you're full, if your portion sizes are good. If you eat large portions, try and cut back the amount some. If you still have leftovers, save it for a snack later.

Alexandra Thomas
It all depends on your body's necessities, I recommend you going to a nutritionist, thats what I have done and it have worked for me.

Maeve Gomes
It’s hard to say, but assuming the typical person absent of any diet restrictions. A balanced meal with foods of a low glycemic index(fruits, nuts, vegetables, anything below 10) some fiber source ( like oatmeal or wheat bread) and some protein you enjoy. I like eggs personally. In terms of how much? That’s depends on how fast you eat, but typically the slower the better. When I finish eating I’m always a tiny bit hungry even after my last bite. This goes away as I start to get on with my day and I notice I don’t feel sleepy like when i Overeat. I also drink coffee or tea (but minimal on the cream and sugar).

These are just guidelines I follow, but it’s hard to say, everyone’s different. I hope it helps 🙂

Micheal Dixon
Because breakfast is the first thing you eat after sleeping for eight hours, you should eat enough to get you through the day until lunch time. For me, I like eggs, toast, and fruit.

Brandie Richardson
Anything with lots of protein, nuts, eggs are great, and you just need to eat as much as you need to get the energy you need

Julia Walters
Well you should try to get as much protein as you can to grow your muscles, a delicious idea is avacado toast with egg as both of these have protein, if you need energy in the morning a good idea would be apple and peanut butter. The apple provides natural sugars which are good for you and peanut butter contains quite a lot of protein. You should eat as much of this so that you have a full stomach don’t starve yourself this won’t help you grow it will just make sweets available tempt you. Hope this helped enjoy building healthy habits! Btw I’m a fabulous user just like you I just did research and I feel really smart for answering so fancily.

Alítio Peixoto
Eat protein (eggs, cottage cheese, meat) and a complex carb (fruit, yogurt, wheat toast). Eating smaller meals gets your metabolism going.

Taylor Rivera
Food that gives you energy for the day ahead – whilst also being nutritious, vegan (in my case, hehe), small enough to keep you light on your toes and easily digestible.

Izzie Turner
We should avoid sugar because it makes our energy decrease more faster than breakfast with less sugar. I ussualy eat a bowl of oat meal made with a spoon of sugar and a half cup milk. I also eat bread if i don't want to eat an oatmeal. I haven’t try to eat fruit or veggies for breakfast, but i will try in the future.

Elisa Simon
Protein and complex carbohydrates. For protein you can have eggs, nut butters, lean meats, certain vegetable, etc. For the complex carbs you want to stay away from sugary things, and stick to carbs that will release energy slowly such as oats, grains, fruit, etc. Eat as much as you need to feel satisfied but not sluggish or stuffed.

Silvester Ahlers
I try to have protein in the morning instead of carbs. Protein helps to make you feel fuller and sustain that feeling longer than carbs as well.

Maureen Garrett
The best kinds of foods for breakfast are lean proteins and foods that are low on the glycemic index. This ensures you have plenty of energy to get you through your morning without having a sugar crash. The best foods include eggs, apples, a handful of nuts, or a low-carb/sugar protein bar for a quick idea. I can't remember how much…? I do recall that it doesn't need to be a large amount of food…

Bella Allen
My breakfast is usually small. It consists of yogurt topped with granola and a banana. I walk to work everyday, so it gives me the right amount of energy to work through the morning.

Shelly Harrison
On general raw food is the best for our body – fruits, seeds, nuts. But vegetarian is also good one. I think we should eat half stomach food, one quarter water, and one quarter empty for gases.

Klaus-peter Bachmeier
Food that provides stable energy and a full stomach to start the day. Proteins such as eggs, carbs like oatmeal, fruits and veggies via a smoothy.

Katrine Poulsen
What I reach for lately every morning is high protein. That can either be eggs, mixed nuts, or beans alongside other foods. I enjoy plain yogurt where I mix protein powder and coconut shavings for a little sweetness to start my day. Veggie wraps or breakfast quesadillas are also some of my favourite things to eat for breakfast.

Anatole Renaud
If we compare the time amount we eat at breakfast dinner and lunch, the breakfast should take the the first place. Because our body tends to be more stable in terms of insuline during the day if we've eaten breakfast.

Frederik Mortensen
Eating eggs and bacon. Eggs fill you for longer and have more energy than a muesli bar would.
Even having a hand full of almonds is even to sustain your body till your next meal.

Rachel Deschamps
For breakfast i think will be better if you eat all the colours in food. A complete breakfast means that you eat all the nutrients

Gissele Nascimento
I practice intermittent fasting so I typically don’t have my first meal of the day until noon. I drink lots of water and have a small cup of coffee or tea. At noon I eat a bowl of non-fat Greek yogurt with fruit, granola, and almond butter or an egg wrap with cheese and veggies. If I still feel hungry, I try to first hydrate or drink green tea. Cheers!

Travis Palmer
I’m eating keto right now and my go-to breakfast has been 5% Greek yogurt with half a cup of blueberries and strawberries mixed in and a mashed avocado with salt & pepper on the side 🙂 it’s about 500 cals and keeps me satisfied well into the afternoon. Sometimes I’ll make scrambled eggs with the avocado and just have some berries on the side 😋

Alexander Petersen
The type food that is reach in proteins , that is delicious and satisfying.such food s will take long and give you enough fuel for the morning

Caterine Viana
Well it depends on how long you have to make and eat breakfast. If you have quite a bit of time I'd advise having eggs (cooked how you like them) followed by an apple and a handful of nuts(your preference)

Pamela Henry
You should eat for something for breakfast that makes you exited, it is the first meal of the day so why Not start with Some delicious and good for the body to look forward to as soon as you wake up. Your breakfast should be 1/4 of you total calorie in take of the day. Take your Time and have a big healthy breakfast with fruit oatmeal nuts yoghurt chiaseeds and Some cinnamon, I really like green tea instead of coffee to go with it. Enjoy your day!

Cecilie Mortensen
I think a balanced breakfast is very important.
Having some protein and carbs and a few greens. This gives you the required nutrition to kickstart your day.

Apolline Guillaume
I find I alternate between a peanut butter and banana toastie and a bowl of muesli with a banana chopped up in it. High energy and protein, best way.

Alvin Hicks
Egg breakfasts is usually the best. You could always change it. Very versatile. You should always eat until you are satisfied.

Becky Hughes
Proteins, and good fats high in omeg3 polyunsaturates. You feel moee satiated than if you eat carbs and sugars and you will have much more energy throughout the day. I like to eat eggs and sausages with fresh herbs and berries.

Alma Christensen
The kind of food i consider appropriate is one full of vitamins, minerals and fibre. This means fruits and vegetables. Two pieces of fruit like an apple and orange should be sufficient. Also ones that filling and slow releasing energy like porraige or high fibre cereal. Also take about 150gms of the cereal.

Bendavid Souza
High protien, nutrient rich diet is ideal for breakfast and I would say you need to spend some time to figure out what you love to it and experiment a bit by adding a new food like nuts daily. The one breakfast which makes you feel energetic the whole day is your ideal one, irrespective of what other people or websites say. Eating 2 soaked almonds and eggs will be nice addition to any breakfast for me. Eggs will give almost all the necessary nutrients and its a great breakfast. Regarding the quantity, eat up to a point where you feel nearly ful. Do not overdo it.

Liva Nielsen
I truly believe you have to find something that works for you. I like an oatmeal bar in the morning with a small piece of fruit. That could be boring to someone else. Experiment and see what gives you the most energy and keeps you full for the longest amount of time.

Seth Wheeler
Usually it is best to combine protein with good carbohydrates. For example, today after running I ate one boiled egg, one slice of whole wheat bread, a slice of cheddar, a slice of smoked turkey, and one glass of milk. If I have not run before I skip the egg.

Sharon Spencer
Start off with a glass of water. For breakfast i like to eat mostly fruits with egg and maybe toast. Also after that i like drinking a detox water with chia seeds

Rosalinde Adolph
For breakfast we should eat something that can give us some energy like proteins and sugar we shouldn’t eat to much is preferable to eat a portion that is not to big and not to small

Linda Myers
When choosing what to eat for breakfast, you should be looking for foods that give your body the fuel and kickstart that it needs to energize your morning. That being said, you also want to choose foods that won't cause you to crash mid-morning. Foods that provide high energy, with a slow-burn out and that won't leave you feeling hungry mid-morning are more often than not high in protien and low in sugar. These are high satiety foods, such as eggs, oatmeal, granola, greek yogurt, fruit and vegetables and mixed nuts. Foods that are high in sugar, such as waffles, pancakes or sugary cereals, will cause your body to produce a ton of fake energy for about 30 minutes, but will leave you hungry and tired for the rest of the morning.

Maelya Lucas
Eggs are a great choice for breakfast. I also have a couple of slices of bacon. Just dont overdo it. It normally takes about 15 min for your body to realize that you are not hungry anymore so try to savor your food and eat as slowly as you can. I know sometimes that's hard when you are on the go but just do the best that you can. I do keto so I try to stay away from alot of carbs but you do need some complex carbs during the day.

Silje Petersen
I like something with a good portion of healthy fat and protein. My favorite are eggs mixed with veggies, heavy cream and meat. Baked at 350 for about 30 minutes in a silicone muffin tray. 2 egg cups is a low carb high fat med protein breakfast

Marius Sørensen
Lean proteins are ideal for breakfast. It is best to avoid anything with sugar or that registers highly on the glycemic index. Some of the best foods are eggs, apples, a handful of nuts, or a low sugar, high protein bar if it needs to be quick. I can't remember how much, but I think it said it does not need to be a large meal.

Anick Araújo
A natural fruit with a protein to balance out the sugar intake, like nuts or eggs, is an excellent breakfast. Cereals or oatmeal with whole grains and less than 10g of sugar are also an excellent choice.