Does anyone have an easy, good, not-too-eggy egg recipe. I don’t love eggs, but know how good they are for me in the morning.

Irma Z.
I know how hard it is to settle for eating a food that you don’t even like. So I suggest trying to make a dish that has a healthy ingredient that you do like, fused with egg to get rid of the feeling or taste. Also I’ve noticed that creamy scrambled eggs don’t really taste so eggy. It tastes more like a creamy cloud. And with the right amount of milk or cream, I think it’ll be easier to eat without secretly spitting it out afterwards.🍳👍

Anna Y.
I love to have egg with sugar. Put a yolk with 3 spoons of sugar in a cup, then shake with energy until you'll have a cream. It's delicious and perfect if you have fresh eggs

Domniki X.
If you add plenty of cheese and tomato, the egg taste really pretty much goes away.
Spice it app with pepper, salt, oregano, mint, all these things that make food tasty and not smelly you know.

Eddie S.
Caramelised onions
Chopped escellion
Grated cheese
Salt & pepper *cayenne
Diced Tomatoe
Add salt and pepper to 1 or 2 eggs and beat
Pour in pan
Ad other ingredients and fold.
The caramelised onions go on top so fry those first.

Doriana N.
I like fried eggs. Put a drop of oil (not too much because it’s not good for your health), let the pan heat, and then you put two eggs. I really like to add a lot of pepe while I beat the eggs in the pan. They’re ready when they’re quite solid.