What’s a quick way to make a healthy balanced breakfast for those early rushed mornings when you don’t have a lot of time to prepare or eat?

Sarah U.
I have a powder called Super Greens that I can mix with water. It provides hydration along with plenty of green superfoods. It’s quick to make and drink and then I grab an apple or banana for the road.
Daria C.
The easiest way is to get up early 😉 I noticed I need about half an hour for making and eating a porrige, which came back to my morning routine after a long time. Or, instead of waking up earlier, I can prepare things for the nex day the day before which gives me more time I'm the morning to prepare my breakfast 🙂
Rana J.
To be honest, I usually start my morning by drinking a large glass of water and you can totally enjoy any kind of fruit of your choice, a piece of bread and cheese and I think that'd do for mornings when you barely have time to get ready and create a balanced breakfast. You can also prepare your breakfast the night before, green smoothies are also great if you enjoy your veggies.
Reinhold U.
Overnight oats are perfect, you prepare them the night before, they're quick and easy to make. In the morning you just need to take them out of the fridge and eat them.
Also, fried eggs make an easy and quick breakfast.
Assun O F.
Smoothie! Dates, almond milk, chia seeds, oats, coconut yoghurt, almond butter, frozen berries, frozen bananas, honey and blend. Delicious fast and satisfying!
Javier J.
I’m more concerned as to why you rush your mornings – set your alarm earlier and enjoy the morning! If you really can’t avoid it, prepare a smoothie the night before and keep it in your fridge. You could put it in a bottle and take it with you. A banana and a handful of nuts is great too.
Sylvia C.
i eat something easy to make like sandwiches and apples or tea with milk I'm person don't have any problem with eta the Siam food every day so I know what I'm eta every day and I make it every day.
Ines N.
I make an oatmeal with just a few ingredients and within a few minutes. I can stock up fruits and cereal snacks to choose to eat on the go. Sometimes I buy some pastry or a prepared sandwich at the bakery when I have absolutely zero time in advance for planning and stocking up stuff to eat but that should be the worst case scenario unless I'm up to missing to eat any breakfast at all!
Lorena S.
If you're into yogurt, a few berries and granola in a cup of yogurt is quick. Toast. My personal favorite is just dinner for breakfast. It keeps me full for the whole morning and I much prefer dinner foods rather than sweet breakfast foods. Too much sweet always messes with my stomach. So leftovers from the night before is my quick go to.
Soan T.
Having all non refrigerated ingredients all together in one location ready to go the night before helps. It makes for a quick assembly the next morning. It could also be as simple as a packet of instant oatmeal served with some apple slices or a quick fried egg on half a bun with some walnuts.
Jenny Q.
I boils eggs while I’m doing other things in the morning to get ready so I know I have a protein packed breakfast to eat when I get to work.
Erotildes P.
Preparing the night before is useful! Sometimes I’ll just boil eggs & then will have that as my breakfast followed by something else whenever I get to work.