What`s the right time to eat breakfast? Eating for every two hours, is it good?

Mariana O.
Eating within an hour of waking up is ideal; your body has been using all the energy and nutrients from the day before without being replenished all night. Eat within an hour. After that, have smaller meals and snacks every 2 or 3 hours throughout the day. Eating smaller portions of healthy foods helps keep your metabolism running all day and you can avoid cravings. I like to have 2 eggs and smashed avocado on toast with a banana for breakfast and a handfull of almonds and some apple slices a few hours later for a mid morning snack. Every body is different and will function slightly differently, so if you're not hungry, don't eat. If you're always hungry, don't starve yourself but don't overeat. You can play around with your eating schedule for a few days or a week to find what works best for you, but eat breakfast within an hour of waking up. Drinking water as soon as you wake up is a must as well.
Joel E.
It’s early in the morning so you can continue your daily basis without having in my that you already take your breakfast or not
Almirodo N.
I prefer to eat my breakfast when I am hungry, often I feel best with a small snack before a workout and then a big breakfast late in the morning
Kristen O.
I like to eat breakfast after I exercise. During the week I usually pack breakfast with my lunch and eat it post gym when I get to work. It’s more chill on weekends cause my husband wakes up later than I do so I wait until he gets up so we can have the time together
Gorete Q.
Right after you exercise 🙂
Anatole E.
An hour after I wake up so the water can kick start my day plus I take meds in the morning so I like to eat shortly after I get ready for my day
Antonio Z.
I typically eat breakfast about an hour after I wake up. Which is about 7:00 a.m. is when I eat. I then have about a 100 calorie snack 2 hours later.
Melissa L.
Ithink so the best time be early if am student or employer..but if ihave enough time iprefer after drink water & walk in morning .
Around 8 or 9 AM.
Nanna Y.
Best time is to eat shortly after I wake up. If I don’t eat at home I’ll be tempted to eat drive thru or will not eat and be starving at lunch.
Al Xis F.
Although the time to eat breakfast would be best after waking in the morning before mid day. I prefer to have breakfast at 12 as I take my dinner very late. Eating every two hours would not be beneficial for my health with um current habits
Owen F.
The best time to eat breakfast would be in the morning after completing your normal morning routine. There is a myth that eating every 2 hours keeps your metabolism higher, however this is just a myth. The thermic effect of food is relative to caloric intake so eating twice as much food every 4 hours would have the same net effect as eating half that every 2 hours. There are even studies that show health benefits with limiting your feeding time during the day. Studies on intermittent fasting have shown improvements in blood markers for heart disease even in a isocaloric diets.
Baltasar C.
The right time to eat breakfast is whatever time makes you do it consistently. I like to do my morning rituals and then make breakfast. Regarding the nutritional value of your breakfast, starting your day with at least 20g of protein will boost metabolism and make for a more energetic day.
Cl Mence O.
I wake up at 6, then exercise and meditation. Then I will rất breakfast at about 7. I think it's a good time to break your overnight fast 🙂 Every 2 hours, if you're hungry, can have a snack in between with mixed nuts.
Magnus W.
About 30 minutes after i am awake. I like to relax a bit while eating before i go to work.