What do you eat every morning for a healthy, easy breakfast you don’t have to cook?

Anton W.
Hard-boiled eggs and yoghurt, avocado toast sometimes. I'm not good at healthy eating, but this breakfast is at least tasty. Be kind to yourself
Gata W.
Overnight oats make for an excellent breakfast. Throw some oats into a jar with your choice of milk, add fruit, honey, cinnamon, and leave overnight in the fridge. You can keep them for 3-4 days.
Lisa T.
I always like to go for some healthy cereal with fruit or some pistachios/nuts. Definitely yogurt like chobani. One tip is to pre boil some eggs ahead of time so you can take them on the go.
Urea A.
2 boiled eggs…can be done the day before, together with greek yoghurt with a mix of fruits, nuts, and spices. I look forward to the ritual of making that breakfast every day
Gene Z.
I'm on the carnivore diet, so I usually eat some kind of meat for Breakfast. Sometimes it's just jerky, or leftovers from dinner. Usually I cook eggs & sausage though, it doesn't take long to cook.
Efig Nia F.
If we don't want to cook then for breakfast we can have fruits like Banana, Apple , dry fruits like almonds , cashew nuts, akrod , peanut butter – bread , milk glass ,
Tanya Y.
I usually have some form of a juiced vegetable. I want to say that I have enough time to make some eggs on toast to go with the juice but more often than not I don’t. Lately I’ve been drinking celery juice, which gives me a massive boost of energy in the morning. If not celery then I usually have juiced spinach infused with some fresh orange juice (because of the strong taste of the spinach) which usually does the same thing. I hope this helps.
Marian G.
I try to go with the basic: bread, cream cheese, cheese, coffee, yogurt, granola, fruits. Most of these items require none to almost none preparation which leaves you with more time to spare
Victoria Q.
I drink New Directions meal replacement shakes. They are high in protein and low calorie. A great way to start the day.
Hugo E.
I cook a batch-and-a-half of slow-cook oatmeal at a time in my Instant Pot. I get a good 5 to seven servings from that, and then all I need to do in the morning is put some in a bowl, microwave for one minute, and toss a handful of raisins on top.
Violet F.
I'm really into smoothies. There are some great recipes online, but basically I have yogurt, fruit a small amount of greens like spinach or avocado (the fruit totally covers the taste and they are very good for you), with a scoop of protein powder (I prefer whey). I add a dash of cinnamon and then liquid and blend!
Beth T.
Sweet Earth frozen burrito. The brand makes a variety of frozen burritos that are well portioned, highly nutritious and tasty. They are all vegetarian too!
Layla T.
"Huel" complete nutrition powder blended up with frozen mixed berries, 1/4th of a banana, and chobani Greek yogurt. Delicious and fast.
Mikkel Z.
A favourite fast and easy breakfast for me is a cup of fruit (I prefer blueberries – I always keep some handy in the freezer), a generous 1/2 cup of low fat cottage cheese, a sprinkle of cinnamon to taste and a handful of nuts (about 12 whole almonds or 15 cashews). Super easy and delicious!!
Bernard J.
I love over night oats. I will usually prep all my Mason jars for the week, with the following (Dry) ingredients: oatmeal, chia seed, and chocolate plant based protein powder. Fruits, almonds, cinnamon and other ingredients can be mixed up too, for a change of flavors. I love overnight oats because all I literally have to do is pour milk in the jars and place it in the refrigerator when I want a quick, filling, &nutritious breakfast for the next morning. I personally use almond milk, but any milk is fine.
Eddie X.
My breakfast is a hard boiled egg that I make the night before so I don’t have to get up earlier to make breakfast. I take a fruit and vegetable smoothie every day to work as a snack. During the weekend I make enough for the whole week, that way I don’t have to make one every day.
Logan A.
I make overnight oatmeal. It.s super easy. Oats with milk (I prefer almond milk but you can use any milk or even water), add a bit of honey, mix and then garnish with bananas, blueberries, nuts or raisins. Whatever you prefer. Leave it in the fridge over night and voila. Easy, fast and healthy breakfast
Glen C.
smoothie (usually with banana, blueberries, yoghurt, cacao nibs, nut butter & cinnamon)

Avocado & tomato on whole grain toast

Nut butter and banana on whole grain toast

Overnight whole grain oats with yoghurt, cacao nibs, blueberries, chia seeds, coconut & cinnamon

Smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers, dill & lemon juice on whole grain toast

Homemade granola (whole grain oats, quinoa, nuts, seeds, coconut, etc) with fresh fruit and yoghurt

Alo S T.
The quickest & easiest meal prep is oat’s/cereal. Though I take care & time to dazzle my taste bud’s, usually with tomato sauce in with noodle’s (Spaghetti) you can find that at you’re local supermarket/mall we have Woolworth’s in Sydney Australia 🇦🇺.
Linda C.
I really like savory breakfast so on the weekend I make a big batches that will last the whole week. My favorites right now are savory steel cut oatmeal with butternut squash, spinach, and breakfast sausage OR cauliflower tabouli with a lemon vinaigrette and cooked chicken. You can find recipes for those on the internet. Wishing you many easy delicious breakfasts!
Emil P.
On weekdays I prefer something quick as well. I eat one slice of whole wheat bread or toast with low fat creme cheese and ham or something with little fat and lots of protein. And then I make myself a small portion of a protein shake (I use Herbalife because they have lots of variety – the Café Latte is delicious), 150 ml soy milk with one scoop of the shake powder. That breakfast gets me through to lunch without getting hungry. I make sure to eat at least 20 g of protein for breakfast, so I won’t feel hungry soon after.
Josephine B.
Yogurt, fruits and nuts. I guess it’s not the ideal breakfast but I like the fact I’m eating something, and it’s not sugarly nor starchy.
Sheryl J.
Yogurt (usually homemade) with Trader Joes crystallized ginger (which I dice up), sliced bananas, shredded coconut, honeyed pecans and walnuts, strawberries and/or blueberries.
Liva U.
I often have whole grain cereal with combination of fruits, nuts, chai seeds, and milk; toasted whole wheat bread spread with jam and peanut/almond butter.
Castelino P.
Generally I do cook for a well deserved breakfast I love the most. If not, the cereal option is always available with a banana to fill my eager stomach xp
Rodney U.
I preppare and cook fresh foods. Sometimes oatmeal with berries, walnuts, almond butter and agave. Or Eggs with saugsagw or bacon and gluten free grain bread. plus loose cut green tea.
Johnny P.
Overnight oats and a green smoothie.
Overnight oats are easy, raw oats, greek yogurt, seeds and nuts….mix together and leave overnight.
Green smoothie, baby spinach leaves, cucumber, celery, lemon juice, ginger and basil leaves blend with ice and coconut water. I make up bags of ingredients and throw in the freezer so i just grab and blend…easy!
A balanced healthy easy meal.
Istvan H.
I heat up a small amount of milk for pouring over, a sprinkled pinch of sugar on one WeetBix. Simple and fuels me along with a coffee until lunch (or morning tea depending on the schedule).
August W.
20 g of true Parmigiano cheese or 100 g of light ricotta, 25 g of crackers and one fruit (such as orange, kiwi, apple, tangerines).
Cody O.
Overnight oats with chopped apples are really good. Variety of ways to make them. Protein shake and fruit is a good choice. Yogurt with fruit. I keep frozen fruit like blueberries, strawberries, peaches, and bananas in the freezer for these. Keep a few boiled eggs in the fridge for quick prep.
Charles E.
Either a whole Apple or a whole banana plus either a handful of nuts or a spoonful of peanut butter or if I have time an egg or salmon.
Mathias W.
I almost never have a clear plan for my daily meal, neither its breakfast, lunch or dinner, but i could say that im avoiding excessive carbo in my breakfast. I seldomly cook myself, so i choose to buy food outside or if i stay overnight at my parent house, my mom get it done for me.
L Rke Z.
I usually eat Vanilla yogurt with a sprinkle of granola and some raspberries and blueberries on top. Super healthy and filling, it is also very easy to make.
Querubim Z.
My breakfast recipe:
Overnight oats. Really easy to prepare at night and even easier to eat in the morning. I prepare my mix in batches and then each night simply mash a banana, pour some of the mix, put some frozen berries on top and add soy milk. In the morning I usually cut some fresh fruits as well.

Oats: 420g
Flax seeds: 100g (crushed)
Chia seeds: 15g
Cocoa: 25g
Cinnamon: 5g
Almonds (or other nuts): 100g (crushed)
Dried Coconut: 50g
Optional: Four Sigmatic's 10 Mushroom Blend, Amla Powder