Should you eat before or after a workout?

Mike J.
Breakfast after workout works best especially when the plan is to do yoga as doing breathing exercises require an empty stomach. Just to keep continuity, I prefer doing cardio or lifting exercises before breakfast as well and I like to drink energy booster with electrolytes so that I don't feel dehydrated from sweating too much.
Eberhard Y.
If YouTube fiel vermutlich hungry and tiered YouTube Shops eat before. But than wait 1 hour or till you dont feel the food inyour stomache
Chiara Z.
It depends on how much energy you have if you and the type of exercise you want to do: if the exercise is heavy I would advise you not to eat right before, it could cause you indigestion
Kyle W.
After, even if you're hungry, probably one of the better ways for fat loss is to workout before breakfast. A short walk after a meal is good, but that's more of an active lifestyle thing than considering it to be exercise. Chances are if you work-out too soon after eating, your body will direct energy away from one or the other, plus no fun to throw up. 🙂 If you're looking more for strength than fat loss, consider working out in the afternoon or early evening. Also check out the benefits for you whether to do cardio or strength exercises first if you mix them. One may fit your goals better than the other.
L On C.
I think it’s better if you eat something before your workout. And I also would eat something after my workout. Nothing big maybe make a smoothie and then finish it after the workout.
Am Lie E.
Before and after as well. Before workout i think it's the best to eat healty food that will load the body with energy so the workout will be effective. Usually i believe the best timing to eat is 1 and i half-2 hours befor3 exercising. Afterwards, after we are done with the workout we should eat a food that is rich with protein so we can regain our strength and build i good muscle base.
Sheryl C.
I don’t think there’s any definitive answer, before will use energy from fat stores, however may make you feel sick or dizzy, I think as long as your not pushing yourself to hard it’s ok. Generally it’s better to do it 2-4 hours after a meal, that way your body is ready for exercise, I like a run first thing and then come back for breakfast, I think it totally depends on what your body can tolerate, try both and see what you prefer 🙂
Erynn U.
I usually eat something small before my workouts that will give me a little energy boost, such as a handful of blueberries or a banana. I also try to drink a 6 oz glass of water before going. Then throughout my workout I continue to drink water. After my workout, once I’ve stretched and showered, I’ll eat a healthy meal balanced with lots of leafy greens, some carbs, protein and healthy fats. Usually a salad with whatever dressing, with a bunch of different veggies (I really like beets, cauliflower, broccoli, avocado, blueberries and tomatoes), some potatoes for carbs and black beans and rice for protein.
Carmen Z.
Eating before a workout could cause you to feel nauseated or even throw up during your workout. Eating immediately afterward isn't the best thing either, but once a half hour or so has passed, eating something with protein in it may be beneficial.
Stephen U.
After, i always find myself starving after a good workout. Although if i need to eat before, it’s something light so it doesnt feel heavy in the stomach
Srishti E.
It depends on if you're talking about a meal. Personally I feel eating a meal after a workout is a great way fro your muscles to gain back the protein and it also helps you feel lighter while doing a workout because your body is not so focused on digestion. However, if you're in need for some energy, then some small snacks like Banana or even a slice of peanut butter on bread helps before a workout.
Macie P.
It depends, personally I eat after my workout because I'm not hungry enough beforehand. I also workout fairly early in the AM, but basically whatever feels comfortable to you. If you're starving first thing when you get up, eat something small that won't make you feel too "heavy" while you work out. If you aren't hungry at all when waking up (like me), just drink a big glass of water first thing and you'll be fine to eat after.
Nicholas J.
I think eating after your workout is better so then you don’t get a stitch in the middle of your workout and definitely have Watters near you as you work out so you stay hydrated. But you do you
L On Y.
Personally it depends on what exercises I'm going to do. I usually start with yoga so sometimes if I haven't got time to digest any food before (20/40 min) I will eat after. But I make sure if I'm doing a workout or long walk/ride that I have allready eaten and started digesting my food. Hope this helps.
Isabella B.
It often depends on the type and length of workout you will be doing. If you are going to go on a long run or do a 1-2+ hour strength workout, you’ll probably want to fuel up before hand. However, if you are going to be completing a short, less intense workout, you’ll probably be fine to eat afterwards. Nonetheless, it’s all about how YOU feel. If you find yourself running out of energy during your workouts, maybe it’s time to start eating a little something before. Note: If your focus is gaining muscle, it doesn’t matter if your are getting your protein before, during, or after your workout, just as long as your getting it.
Karl Z.
After bc if you eat right before you run the risk of vomiting and your body is sending energy to digestion rather than your workout.
Bella Z.
I eat before and after a workout! I have a protein shake before and after I have a high carb fruit! It keeps me energized throughout the day!
Brittany C.
Depends what you need in order to get through your work out. I like to work out fasted, so first thing in the morning. But if you find yourself gassed by the end of your workout and struggling, then maybe you should have a snack at least before you workout
Marisa O.
When you work out the body direct its energy to the movement muscles. Less is available for the digestive system and a need to process food while working out may put unnecessary strain on the body. Once the workout is done, the body enters a slow recovery phase, where good gains from the workout take place. Thats why is better to eat after a workout rather then before it.
Landon O.
I always like to eat a half hour before a workout that way I know I'll have the energy and the fortitude to complete it, depending on my mood sometimes I might eat after if I'm working out early
James F.
I think a small snack right before a strength workout gives your body fuel. I do not like to eat before a run only because it sometimes makes me nauseous.
Renee Z.
I mean it’s up to u want to do. But for myself I tend to eat breakfast after my workout. This is because while i am doing my workout I don’t want to have food jumping around in my system. Also i find that breakfast is much more filling after doing a workout 🙂
Sheryl N.
You should eat before and after a workout because you’re body needs fuel to energize you then after the workout you need to eat so you’re body can get the carbs it needs back and the protein it needs to build and repair muscle
Misha N.
I think it is better to eat before a workout. During a workout you will be tired and exhausted and you can’t exercise without energy. Eat done food right before a workout so when you’re exercising your at your full strength.
Jorge P.
I usually do not eat before I workout as I feel better, lighter on an empty stomach than on a full one. I will usually have a cup of coffee and maybe a granola bar and then after 30 minutes start the workout. I also have a few stomach issues that do not help to workout with a full stomach.
Silke Z.
I am not sure about the general rules but personally I am underweight so I try to eat before and take some compliments after.
Emilie B.
No, from my experiences, eating before a workout can give you a stitch and make the workout more tiresome. I recommend eating a few hours before the workout so your stomach has time to digest the food.
Dimitri E.
I usually only drink celery before my workout. I make a nice breakfast of peppers,onins,mushrooms,spinach all sauteed in avacado oil
Isabella L.
it usually depends on the time of day. in the mornings, i eat after my workout as i'm not doing too much exercise, just some simple cardio. however, i eat before i exercise when i do afternoon workouts. normally i eat around 1 to 2 hours before i do my exercise in the afternoon.
Teodoro S.
I've met people in both camps – some can't exercise if they've just eaten, but I can't exercise nearly as intensely unless I've had a good breakfast!
Maree Q.
Depends on how you feel. I often have an expresso before a workout and a little piece of banana (quick carb sugar hit). Avoid heavy food. If doing morning yoga, keep an empty stomach but drink water or sipping warm water is nice. The most important thing after a workout…especially strength and cardio is to eat protein within 30 mins to repair muscle and assist recovery. Your body will tell you what to eat…however always have these items in your cupboard or workbag ready to go:
Nuts…almonds, walnuts, pepitas
Boiled eggs
Wholegrain bread
Avocado/tomatoes if seasonal
Beans if you don't eat animal protein
Citrus fruit or juice to help absorb iron the body has created
Apples, mandarins, cranberries, berries (darker the better) and some 70%+ dark chocolate (just a small piece) as a treat and yoghurt (full fat, natural or with honey).
Domitille N.
I would advice after. But it depends when you do sport. I do exercise in the early morning and don’t like having a heavy stomach when doing sport. My boyfriend needs something, so I guess it depends on how you feel and how your metabolism is.
Orli N.
I think that it depends on how long your workout is. If it is a short, 5-10 minute workout then you should wait until after you workout. If it is longer then that, you should eat a little bit before and the rest after your workout
Isabella G.
It really just depends! Some people do both, some like fasted workouts (not eating before), and some need to eat before they workout for that extra fuel. I always make sure I have eaten before working out or I get very sick. You have to find what works for you.
Victor B.
I like to eat light snacks that don't make me feel bad. I usually go for banana chips or pita or even a cheese stick. I try to be hydrated before my workout so I'm just moving around with water bouncing around in my stomach.
Cathy P.
If you want to eat breakfast before a workout, aim to do so an hour before hand. Eating before can improve your performance and stamina as your body has new fuel. Not eating before a workout is known as faster cardio. Your body relies on stored fat and carbs as fuel. It can also use stored protein as fuel. Consult a doctor before making a choice that is best for you.
Katniss R.
It is advisable to eat after your workout. You may feel bloated or nauseated if you exercise after a meal. Meanwhile you can have something light like a fruit or small portions of nuts before a workout, especially if you are working out in the morning in an empty stomach. I prefer an apple or banana before my morning jog. Also, after your workout have some water and cool down before munching on anything. Take a break of 30mins, freshen up and eat that food.
Danny Z.
People have different needs, but I feel better eating breakfast after exercising. My body uses its fat reserves instead of the energy from breakfast! If you do exercise after you eat, I recommend starting within 15 minutes of finishing your meal!
Adam T.
After! My gym teacher recommended me a banana and a cup of chocolate milk specifically, and to eat afterwards in general because excercise kickstarts your metabolism. Also, this is a bit TMI, but when I'd eat before, I'd get a stomachache more often and sometimes I'd be sick in my mouth.
Sam U.
I should eat after work out, because i will lose energy and I will feel hungry even if i ate before working out. So after it is better
Byron J.
I find that eating before working out often makes feel physically uncomfortable. I try to eat an hour after my workout, so I give myself time to cool down and relax. This is what has worked for me after experimenting for a while. If eating before exercising is somehow inevitable due to your schedule I would recommend doing it at least forty minutes before.
Mason T.
Always eat about 15 mins after you exercise and give your body time to wind down before you replenish your energy levels. But also exercise first thing in the morning, it gets your body energised and readyfor the day ahead!
Dorcaf O.
I always eat after the work-out. I feel sick during the work-out when I eat shortly before. So at least the last meal before the work-out was two hours ago.
Dee R.
Yes you should, but approximately 1/2 an hour to an hour before, so as not to end up feeling sick and having a rubbish workout.
Nina T.
If you're doing light yoga, it's okay to just to hydrate your body. But if ut's an intense workout, it's good to have some food in your system, yet the best solution is to leave a 2-hour gap from meal to exercise.

If you can't give it time, I find it best to have a piece of fruit (banana works best for me) and then eat a full meal some time after the workout.

Maimuna V.
While there's some research to support working out on an empty stomach, it doesn't necessarily mean that it's ideal. When you exercise on an empty stomach, you may burn valuable energy sources and have less stamina. Low blood sugar levels may also leave you feeling lightheaded, nauseous, or shaky.
In general, you'll want to eat roughly three to four hours before you exercise.
Rondolyn O.
I normally eat after working out. I just don’t like feeling full while I’m moving! Plus I see a meal as a reward once I’m done.
Arya F.
No. This is because during a workout, you burn the fat in your body, if you have eaten right before a workout then that food is not yet converted into a fat. So, the body will not be able to burn it.
Mechtild N.
Everybody needs a few calories to start them off right so a piece of fruit or some nuts or some toast is a good start pre-workout. However, one does not want to eat too much.
Angel S.
I thought I had heard after a workout is best. I would think either eating well before you work out or after would be best. Eating shortly before, I believe would make you feel more sluggish, weighed-downvand inefficient. Your body is using energy to process food and work out! It seems like after, you'd be replenishing your energy.
Layla E.
Before and after is the right choice. Just diferent types of food. Before, you should eat protein, mostly. After, is good a few carbs so you retrieve the calories you just lost in your workout.
Ellie W.
After workout is better, because if you eat before a workout you'll feel full and you'll get tired as soon as you start. Otherwise, if you eat healthy food or drink some shakes after exercising , you'll feel good and healthy and you might get muscles and be stronger.
Lester C.
I eat before my workout so that I have the energy to do the workout. But I think it’s whatever works best for you. Experiment with both approaches and see what you prefer.