What kind of breakfast can be prepared in the evening (except for overnight oats), to save some time in the morning?

S Tiro P.
A sandwich, either with meat or some kind of spread, like fruity jam or chocolate spread. Just pop it in the freezer the night before and warm it up before you leave for the day.

Mireille F.
I'm a fan of savorybreakfasts, so I'll usually try to make a set of breakfast burritos on Sunday, cling wrap them, and freeze them so I have breakfast all week. Another quick morning breakfast for the day of is just a piece of whole wheat toast with cheese or peanut butter. Takes the same amount of time to make as my instant coffee and I won't feel hungry until lunch, adding pre-cut fruits will also make you feel more full for longer, and you can cut those the night before.

David Z.
Scotch eggs! Wrap sausage meat around some hard-boiled eggs and bake them in the oven. Refrigerate over night. Traditionally they're served cold, but I like to warm them up before eating.

Ems Y.
You can peel a satsuma, chop an apple then put it in the fridge, or even, if you're having toast, you can get the jam and butter out, and put your toast in the toaster, ready to press the button! But the most important is that you feel good about what you're eating. It's you ready healthily, but feel sad and jealous of the people who eat fat foods, then treat yourself! When it's a special occasion, eat some cake, or biscuits!

Cielo N.
Let's see I usually make omelets and cut up fruit for myself the next morning so. I suggest maybe whisking the eggs and putting the pan you are using to make them in on the stove. You can cut the fruit and put it in a wrap and place it in the fridge for the next morning.

Lois Y.
I've been making breakfast muffins with oats, blueberries and dates in them. They have lots of energy in them and easy to grab and take with you.

Storm W.
Scotch pancakes can be made, then frozen (with a square of baking paper between each one). Then you can just defrost/heat them through in the microwave.

Nicola S.
Smoothies are always my go to! Blending some fruits and nuts with yoghurt or milk, or orange juice and kept in the fridge overnight to have the next morning is super easy to make and convenient for the next morning, especially if you need to leave for work early.

Mark R.
Fruit Salad. Prepare the fruits that you have available at home like apple, grapes, pineapple, cherries, pears and slice them into bits. Then, mixed the fruits with cream and condensed milk and put it on refrigerator. Good to go!

Veronika F.
Pretty much every breakfast. You can cut your fruits the evening before and just mix it with Skyr, or make your bread with topping ready to eat and place it in the fridge. Only eggs are hard to prepare the night before, so spare them for a nice weekend breakfast.