Do you keep a cup of water next to you when you wake up?

Kasper C.
No, I keep it in the kitchen. I drink it while taking my vitamins. It’s a good system!

Victoire O.
Yes I keep a cup of water next to me when I wake up. If I don’t have one, I’m less likely to drink water right when I get up, if at all in the morning.

Frankie F.
I keep a Brita pitcher and a glass in my bedroom. I used to fill a glass jar and keep a lid on it. I found the Brita was easier.
Room temperature water is best. Cold water shocks your internal organs.

Edgar Y.
No, I usually don't think about it.

Yvonne J.
I do. It helps give me a singular thing to focus on one the alarm goes off. After downing the glass, I'm usually awake enough to force myself out of the bed and into my morning routine.

I have still gotten up to get a cup when I forgot to fill up the one by my bed but it's significantly harder to get from in bed to out of bed without it at arm's reach.

Amelia Y.
When I remember! I wish that I did this more often. Using my insulated water bottle is the best, as it is still cold. I have been getting up, having a coffee, doing a 20min run on my treadmill, then drinking my water. I am pretty happy if I start the day that way, and it’s more water than I used to drink!!

Gertraud O.
I started out keeping a cup next to my bed, but now I find that I have the energy to just pour one in the morning. Whatever works for you.

Vicki U.
Yes I do! Each morning I drink my water-straw helps. Then I refill it and put it in the fridge so I have a cold one for later that night when I get home from work or my day.

Frederik W.
Yes I do. I try to keep a bottle of water beside my bed every night.

Bendita Y.
I got a S'well Water Bottle that i fill every night before bed and keep it next to me so i always remember to reach for it first thing when I wake up.

Brad P.
Yes. In fact, I keep a bottle of water by my bed. The bottle is stainless steel with an insulated cover. Stainless steel is better than plastic because the BPA ? can break down in a plastic bottle. I have to take medicine in the morning and I have to wait for 30 minutes before I'm able to eat. I usually take this opportunity to read. Also, your body dehydrates overnight and drinking water begins to hydrates your body. A headache maybe a signal that you are dehydrated. Fabulous doesn't tell you how much you should drink. Drinking water before a meal can curve your appetite, so you won't eat so much. I hope my suggestions help you out.

Silke C.
I have three 3-cup Contigo water bottles. I use one during the day so I have water with me at all times; I fill one in the evening and keep it beside my bed for first thing in the morning; and I fill the third one and keep it by my computer for use in the evening and while working.

Frederikke C.
Yes I take a mug up with me every night. I down that in the morning when I first get up, then I go downstairs and drink a hot lemon water

Lucile O.
Yes. I fill a 3-cup water bottle every night and put it on my bedside table. That bottle is the one that I carry with me throughout the day.

T Nia Q.
Yes, it’s better to have a cup of water next to you because it’s an easy way to remember to drink water. It is also recommended to keep the water at room temperature.

Everett T.
I have a water bottle next to me every night and drink pint of water before i go to bed and and a pibt in tge morning to help me stay hydated thoughout the day and night.

Mikkel N.
Yes, I have been filling up a glass at night and putting beside my bed for the morning. This way it's the first thing I think about when I wake up. Just have to remember to put them away after I drink it, I had 6 empty glasses on my beside table last night haha.

Ily S P.
Yes I did in the beginning. Now that it has become a habit to drink a glass of water every morning, I don't need to keep a glass next to me. My body automatically craves it so I don't forget.

Henry P.
Yes that is a habit my momma started when I was a child. Even though people was surprised because I was a bedwetter. She said sheets could be washed but hydration was good health.

Katrine F.
I have, and the days I do get a better start to my morning. In fact I got in bed tonight and forgot my water or to lay out my clothes, but I’m going to get out of bed right now and do both those things.

Ok, check and check, tomorrow morning is going to be a great start to my day!

Feliciano N.
I take a large cup of water to bed with me. Sometimes I wake up thirsty in the middle of the night. I try to finish any that is left in the cup first thing in the morning.