Are there any favorite breakfast meals/recipes that you make in advance, to be ready for you in the morning?

Manuel E.
A breakfast that keeps me going would be a smoothie bowl with no nuts and just topped with fruit!! This is healthy and effective!but I recommend not using fruits that are high in sugar!

Matteo P.
I never really like to make breakfast in advanced because I usually get home late and don’t have time. Some of my favorite recipes are acaí bowls, fruit salads, regular avocado toast, toast with avocado & egg, and smoothies.

Hans Heinrich C.
I have glass of milk with a bit of sugar and digestive biscuits mixed in the milk its fast and easy I eat this to stay full in addition I have seen benefits like less digestive problems like gastric but I wanna switch to a healthier breakfast with more nutritions

Hans J T.
I get a thick glass out and start by putting a layer of Yoghurt in and then put Granola on top of that and then fruit on top of that and keep layering it up until the glass is full and to top it off if you want you can drizzle a bit of honey over the top