If you commute to work, do you most often eat breakfast at home, on the way to work, or at work?

Salvador T.
I eat breakfast at home I don't trust restaurants because not everything they put into the food is really real or they are missing something else
Sara W.
It depends on how the day starts for me; sometimes I eat in the car and other times I’ll eat when I get to work. Rarely do I get the chance to eat breakfast before leaving for work.
Paul Z.
I usually eat at home because If I eat on the way I usually feel more rushed and blah. And I get to stressed to eat. I hope this helps!
De Marcus W.
I do a mix of all three depending on if I'm running late or what I'm grabbing to eat.

If I made overnight oats or something cumbersome like that, I'll try to eat it at work so in not trying to juggle a Mason jar and spoon in the car.

Sometimes I'll grab breakfast from a local bakery that's in the way to work and eat it as I'm driving. Usually, however, I'm not super hungry in the morning so I just grab a granola bar and eat it before I get into the car. If in running late though, it joins me on the ride to work.

Nick T.
i usually eat breakfast before work or on the way. usually im able to eat beforehand if i have other people that im going to sit down and eat with. i really find that taking the time to sit down and eat sets a good tone for the day.
Jadwiga Q.
I usually prepare my breakfast at home and take it to office to enjoy the breakfast there. I don't like breakfast at home as I feel it will takes more time to get ready for work and end up coming late to the office.
🦋 E L I N E ✨ R.
Jeg spiser hjemme før skolen, men noen ganger, f.eks sånn som idag så forsov jeg meg så jeg rakk ikke spise noen ting eller drikke noe. Men ellers pleier jeg å spise, men hvor mye kommer mest ann på om det jeg skal spise er godt
Danica Y.
I normally eat breakfast at home. Because I wake up early and I have time to do all of my things at home Im not on a rush like many people.
Kish Y.
In the past I would eat in my way to work depending at work because I didn't really want to eat at my desk. Then I got an office so I felt more free to eat I'm my office.