How does it feel to do excercise everyday?

Woldemar Y.
It feels good to get out of my apartment, feel the breeze and the sun, and take a brisk walk around the neighborhood. I get to wave at passing cars, listen to a great playlist, and catch Pokemon! And I don't get nearly as sweaty as I do in the apartment fitness center. I always feel great afterward.

Runnin G Game R N.
Exercise is one of my everyday components to a good day. It creates a new type of waking up with challenge to it, making me feel more accomplished during the day. The harder the workout, the better I feel. As a young athlete, I need to fit some type of exercise to feel content. Out of practice exercise makes me feel more accomplished with putting all of my effort into my craft. With working out, it makes me feel like a new version of me; fierce, competitive, and powerful.

Esmeraldo Q.
Doing exercise everyday seems a hard job for me because I always set a target and forget on the next day. However, if an app or someone push me and encourage me to do , it will be better. Also, they are just like missions for me everyday. I think in the coming weeks or months, I will finish those mission just like the things I do in usual.

Mary O.
Remembering/reminiscing when i did exercise everyday, the adrenaline rush of my endorphins would kick in (that is when i would challenge myself and go beyond my limit) as in everday exercising was in itself the motivator. Now i just do a little/enough. Everyday was too extreme. Besides our daily movements add up, ergo/hence Fitbit 😃

Theresa E.
it's boring and not the best thing at first but i hope it will be worth it in the end and that i could even enjoy it a little at some point

Anthony Q.
It feels great to exercise everyday because it feels good to get your body moving instead of just sitting around all day. It is important to have daily exercise to improve your healthy state and to further yourself in getting healthier and feeling more positively about yourself. If you struggle with finding the motivation to do this, I recommend setting alarms or finding a partner to remind you to do so. It can be as easy as going to pass a soccer ball outside or going on a jog.

Christopher Z.
I feel so healthy within myself I feel like I am ready for the day ahead and makes me feel less tired even if I didn’t get much sleep. I am beginning to lose weight and see such benefits

Marcia U.
It was hard at first to do it so I made myself do a walk, and then exercise videos on YouTube, but I've found that even a week later I don't feel as depressed. I know people throw that word around but I'm clinically depressed so for me that was a huge deal. I pick YouTube videos that are set at 8-10 minutes for things I want, at the minute I'm working on getting the splits.

Mel N.
I love to exercise everyday. I found a passion for boxing so I do something everyday to be working towards my boxing goals. It’s just something I love doing so it doesn’t really even feel like working out. It energizes me. So on days I don’t workout I feel tired and just unmotivated. It also helps with my attitude and an anxiety I have that day. I believe finding something you love to do for physical activity and it will make all the difference.

Domniki X.
When the time passes, it does become a habit and a necessity! You will not need a reminder anymore, you arr gonna need to do it and look for it!
First of all, after months, you see the first results visibly. You will love these results, they will lift your confidence and make you smile. Its a great motive to continue!
Secondly, you are going tp FEEL the results. You are not gonna be as weak, you will find yourself to be stronger, you will feel more flexible and steady in the way you move, walk, your duration will be better! That is trully a huge change in your life.
You will see a change in the way you dress and your overall style, because ypu are gonna feel more keen on experimenting, daring to wear things you wouldn't even think of before. When i didn't exercise, i only wanted to wear mens clothes (im a woman though) that are a large size and i felt comfortable with.
Now i find myself wanting to wear anything, cause i feel able to.
I highly recommend doing that!your mood will be tons higher all day long.

Darian Q.
It feels great and hurts at the same time but I have been doing it for over a week now I wouldn’t follow what I do because I do to much but even just doing some light yoga or a quick workout before breakfast is great. I defiantly have more energy since I started eating better, it’s kind of just burned in my brain to exercise.

Andrzej B.
10 reasons why I excercise everyday:
1. Gives me positive energy.
2. I love the way I feel accomplished when finished.
3. I share the love with my accontable partner.
4. It motivates me to come again the next day.
5. I can have a big breakfast. 😆
6. I feel very happy.
7. My body feels amazing.
8. I enjoy seeing improvement on my workouts.
9. I am very competitive.
10. Because working out everyday helps me view myself in a positive way.

The days I do not excercise I feel like something is missing from my life.
So I try not to miss a beat.

Ian E.
To feel free & energised but also exhausted & very painful – fibromyalgia doesn’t allow me to exercise everyday, it’s frustrating

Alex O.
Haha, it feels great both in the sense that you assert the power of creating your own positive habit (as opposed to letting habits get generated by passive submission to external stimuli or temptations), and in that exercise just makes you feel more energetic and accomplished.

Axel J.
Doing excercise everyday is good in moderation as long as I have low exertion days to recover then it’s fine. Otherwise I’ll burn out if I do to many heavy lifting days

Lexi N.
I feel stronger, and am able to move my body, I have more energy and am happy. I seem to be more at peace and joyful I am constantly sniling.

Cl Mentine C.
It feels great. It makes me feel i have achieved something and helps to to stay motivated. Whenever i complete a workout session i feel im worthy of something.

Mylan Q.
Exercise is my way to start my day because it increases blood flow to my brain and gets my thoughts and creative energy flowing, preparing me to face whatever the day has to offer me.

Gabriela Q.
At first you feel really sore but it also makes the day better, with more energy and this feeling of satisfaction, there are days when I fail to work out but always pick up where you left the next day

Lovely N.
Honestly your first day will be the worst. But once you do it often your body will get use to the excerises and you will feel like you can go longer. It will get your body moving your blood flowing it makes you feel great once you develop a habit of excerising. Especially if you do it in the morning your body get use to it and your body will feel energetic to make you complete your active day😊