Does anyone else have a hard time getting breakfast when you have a random work schedule with sudden changes?

Stephanie U.
Yes, and meal prep works out in this case. In my case…pancakes! Pancakes are great to cook and eat, but time consuming and hard to do when you are short of time. Making many ahead of time and throwing a few in the freezer makes a wonderful breakfast for another day. More so on cold days. Maybe that'll work for you.
Eve T.
Yes. I have the same. I end up taking breakfast at 7 am sometimes and then at 11 am the next day. No matter when you have to wake up try to have breakfast everyday 🙂
Nathan E.
Yes. I used to have some unpredictability in my previous job and had started using fabulous + trying to have breakfast every morning.
I would make a container of baked beans and half an avocado in the fridge. This was useful for 3 reasons:
1. If my boss was needing everything yesterday then I could eat it as is, anywhere, because baked beans are already cooked.
2. If I felt I needed something a lil more substantial I would toast some bread whilst getting dressed to take with it.
3. If I had time to have breakfast that morning it would keep until the next day at least.
Nicoline B.
I have great experience with Huel (if you are not familiar, it is a protein shake "like" product). It is easy to prepare (mix powder with water) and fast to consume (it's like drinking a large bottle of water). They also have other products and it is super healthy 🙂
Mitchell O.
I do for sure. The thing that’s really helped me is to have grab and go items prepared beforehand – like hard boiled eggs, cut up fruit, cooked bacon, and overnight oats. If all else fails, a good protein shake is great to have. I like the Atkins brand for low carbs and sugars. Time savers and life savers. 😊
Carl X.
Yes! It is so hard for me to eat breakfast and then having irreguler work hours like overnights messed me up. All I can say is to take it easy and keep it simple.
L Via N.
I personally think breakfast first thing in the morning is overrated and I feel much better breaking my fast later – 2 or 3 hours into my day. Whatever feels good at the moment. So no, I don’t have a hard time getting breakfast I just eat when I feel it or when my schedule allows it.
Gabriel F.
No, in such a case I go for the quickest and easiest possible option – mainly instant oatmeal. It can be prepared even the evening before to save time in the morning.
Iracilda S.
It happens to me sometimes and I’m not able to eat my breakfast at the regular time. I just pick up my routine at a time when I’m able to so I still feel the sense of accomplishment.
M Ximo Q.
Yes I do. My schedule is erratic as I am in consulting. However I recently found "to-go" breakfast packs. E.g. 2 boiled eggs, rice flakes etc. They just need boiled water and can be packed in a luggage. So key is to eat about the same time everyday doesnt matter where.
N Ia P.
Breakfast is easy for me as I walked up hungry. However I have the same problem with exercise before work. Often starting at 6 or 7am.
Lisa Q.
Defineatly. I have a very busy work schedulle. When I sleep less and early morning need to be at time in the workplace than really difficult to make morning ceremony.
Elia P.
Definitely! I've started keeping high-protein snacks in my purse, my work bag, and my car so that I'll have something available no matter what.
Freja P.
Having a random schedule always makes things harder but I've found out that everytime I meditate before getting to sleep I have higher chances of doing my morning routine.
Marie N.
I woke up earlier but if im to late to eat at home, i take the food with me on the way to work. Because i know and can feel how important it is for my energylevel
Nicholas U.
Yes I have that problem. Some days I have breakfast as early as six o’clock & on others could be as late as eleven! When I’m on the run it would usually be a smoothie. I find this has all the nutrients to help me through my day. Also you can prep for it the night before.
Otherwise I’d have a bowl of oats or Weetbix with milk and fruit with honey. On Sundays I have a big relaxing leisurely breakfast
B R Nice B.
You can prepare the night before. Set a section of the table with everything needed or make a smoothie the night before and keep it in the fridge til needed
Andrea A.
I started eating oats overnight. You can get them on amazon. I mix it the night before, put it in the fridge, and grab and go in the morning!!! SO EASY!!!
Bernice P.
Heck yes! I have breakfast and back up breakfast. Backup breakfast is a smoothie prepped and frozen in a mason jar that just requires being put in the blender with milk or whatever liquid base you like. Favorite fruits and veggies usually blend together pretty well, and they store easy, so you can keep the frozen jar for a few weeks, in case you don't know what mornings you'll be encountering. Two scoops of a plant-based protein powder is a great addition to have on standby, and you can get them in single serve packages at any grocery store to try it out. My FAVORITE addition is to make some cold brew coffee, freeze it in an ice cube tray, and pop a few cubes into said smoothie – breakfast and coffee in one!
Cynthia O.
I’m a surgical resident, so that definitely was an issue. I always carry Carnations Instant Breakfast with 15g protein in my bag. It’s a decent breakfast and you can use water – still tasty. Also cheese sticks!
Helfried Y.
Yes, travelling as much as I do for work means that the day isn't set at what it is. I struggle with working through my body's natural rhythm to the seasons or with my menstrual cycle… Which means i crave more or less sleep from day to day. I'll also crave different things, based on my body's needs and what food is in season. I don't always have the right food in stocks, though.
Mario U.
1 – Bagel or bread, peanut butter and sugar free jam. Small glass of juice. Peanut butter holds the hunger away for quite a long time. If you don't like peanut butter, sliced cheddar cheese works, as well. I take a Granny Smith apple for a mid morning snack, as well.
2 – If you like oatmeal, and/ or if you live in snow country, like I, you can make hot oatmeal fast by mixing oatmeal with milk and a pinch of salt in a small covered pot. Put it in the fridge over night. While you are dressing, put the pot on a medium heat. Or after dressing, you can put the mix in a microwave safe bowl. It does not take long to heat it up. If you prefer a sweeter hot cereal, you can put a teaspoon of sugarless jam. With juice and coffee, milk or a preferred liquid to drink. This, too, is quite filling.
3 – You can always have hard boiled eggs handy in the refridgerater. Eggs are a great protein to have on hand. Egg, hard boiled or making a quick omelet with natural cheese in the blended egg or on it before you fold it.
4 – There is always a healthy mixed grain dry cereal with fruit, seeds, nuts, etc in it.
5 – I do not make them for myself because of health issues, but there are many smoothie recipes that are very healthy. You can put the ingredients in a blender the night before, without the liquid, so it needs is for you to add the liquid and ice. Belen away for a short time and you have a fulfilling breakfast.
I hope that I have given you one or two ideas for a quick breakfast. Enjoy and I wish you good health, great happiness and a lot of laughter in your life and in the wonderful The Fabulous programs. Bye bye.
Carter F.
I have a hard time. I also have a hard time eating breakfast when I work early hours but no one else in my household is awake. I like eggs for breakfast but when i work at 5am I cant cook on the stove or use the microwave. The active is hard to use in the dim lighting and the microwave is so LOUD! I dont want a banana or a breakfast bar I want eggs!
Cecilie G.
Actually even with my quite stable schedule sometimes I have hard time with getting breakfast at home. That’s why I started small, with a banana and a few nuts. Now when I can I eat something bigger.
Jovina N.
Absolutely! Just a few snow days causes crazy shifts, talk about priority changes. I always have my coffee though… Usually with coconut milk in it, at least it's something!
Jennifer Z.
I have a set schedule so having breakfast is easy to incorporate in my Fabulous morning habit. I usually prepare and cook meals on Sunday to eat for the following week & bring to work for lunch. I don’t portion per meal but cook several different viands so I simply mix what I want to eat each meal. For breakfast, I stock up on oatmeals, fresh ramen, tofu, eggs & fruits. I bake a lot of omelette muffins & oatmeal muffins maybe one Sunday a month. I freeze most of them. On days I am in a hurry or my schedule changes, I simply pop a couple in the microwave and go. Lastly, I prepare oatmeals in a cup each night: 2 tbsp oatmeal, 2 tbsp chia, 1 tbsp hemp, 1 tbsp flax, 1 tsp cranberry, 1 tsp pumpkin seeds, 1cup almond milk. I can have this for breakfast or snack.
Wladimir Z.
I cook up a big batch of quinoa and freeze it in 1/2 cup containers. I also cook up a big batch of oatmeal and do the same. I have a big bag of frozen blueberries that I can scoop out when needed. I also found an egg recipe that you bake in muffin tins and can also freeze. In the fridge I keep raisins, a container of slivered almonds, a bag of walnuts and a bag of chia seeds. The quinoa, oatmeal and eggs give me variety. The nuts and blueberries I can add as I want. Everything is heated quickly in the microwave for something quick. I hope that helps.
I have difficulty with healthy lunches and dinners. Any ideas?
Hadrien P.
I prepare my breakfast at night so that it's very quick in the morning. Maybe that works for you as well 🙂

My breakfast recipe:
Overnight oats. Really easy to prepare at night and even easier to eat in the morning. I prepare my mix in batches and then each night simply mash a banana, pour some of the mix, put some frozen berries on top and add soy milk. In the morning I usually cut some fresh fruits as well.

Oats: 420g
Flax seeds: 100g (crushed)
Chia seeds: 15g
Cocoa: 25g
Cinnamon: 5g
Almonds (or other nuts): 100g (crushed)
Dried Coconut: 50g
Optional: Four Sigmatic's 10 Mushroom Blend, Amla Powder

Sara Z.
Breakfast is always a priority for me. The trick is to have food in the fridge or cupboard which is quick and easy to prepare and eat
Renee P.
It's always been very important for me with breakfast and I rarely miss it due to excessive work. Obviously, it's more difficult to keep your routines going if you risk being interrupted at random intervals. Maybe have a reserve lunch with you that you can eat while busy, in times of need?
Inaya C.
Yes! The secret is to eat things that can be prepared the night before: like overnight oats. They are delicious and fast
Tim O.
Yes! This is huge for me. I find it helpful to think about morning flow when I am cleaning up after dinner and set out what I’ll need. It also helps to keep quick options close by (yogurt, granola, boiled egg, etc) in case your plan falls through. I like using meal prep apps like plated as they take the planning part out so I can stop thinking and just prepare and eat what’s on the menu.
Kasper Y.
I am a medical resident and my schedule is constantly changing, and because of this I don’t always wake up hungry, and don’t want to eat, so either eat breakfast or take my breakfast with me. Because what I find is that i may not be hungry now, but I sure will be in an hour or so. I think to succeed you have to plan ahead, know what time you have to go to bed to get up early to make or prepare breakfast. It is not allways easy, or convenient, but if you stick with it, the impact that it will have will unlock energy that you had forgotten you have.
Elias C.
I enjoy having breakfast, it's like the best part of the day for me, so I don't find It difficult to plan It even when I'm too busy.
Emilie A.
Yes. You need to plan ahead and shop smart to make sure you always have what you need to hand. Avoid impulse buying breakfast
Marlene C.
I never skip breakfast. If I need to I plan ahead and pack a picnic breakfast. It may be oats and fruit or boiled eggs and spinach. It goes in the fridge the night before
Sebastian O.
In my job I don’t have regular working hours and breakfast is not always available due to the fact that hotels are not open when I get there
Melvin E.
Yes, but I went back and looked at the different suggestions that the app made for “a good breakfast”, and some of them are pretty fast and easy, like grabbing a yogurt
Jeremy C.
Routine is absolutely necessary for me to remember to eat breakfast. It’s the first meal I forget almost daily. Being reminded every day really helps and keeps me on track.